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* '''[[Arabic phrasebook|Arabic]]''' for the [[Middle East]], [[North Africa]], [[Somalia]], and [[Djibouti]].
* '''[[Russian phrasebook|Russian]]''' for [[Russia]], [[Belarus]], [[Ukraine]], the [[Baltic States]], [[Central Asia]], [[Mongolia]] and the [[Caucasus]].
* '''[[French phrasebook|French]]''' for [[France]], [[Belgium]], [[Switzerland]], and former colonies: [[Quebec]], [[French Guiana]], much most of [[Africa]] in the [[West Africa|Western]], [[Central Africa|Central]], [[Maghreb]] and [[Sahel]] regions, as well as many of the island nations of the [[Caribbean]] and [[Oceania]] (also useful as a second language throughout much of [[Europe]]).various others
== Using English ==
English is very much a world language — it is spoken in many countries and widely taught as a second language — and it is possible to travel almost anywhere using only Englishand a broad smile.
The map below shows the percentage of English-speakers for various nations. Keep in mind, however, that English-speakers are not evenly spread over a country. In nations where English is not the primary language, English-speakers are more likely to be found in major cities and near major tourist attractions. In [[Japan]], for example, there is a higher concentration of English-speakers in [[Tokyo]] and [[Osaka]], but the percentage drops significantly when you travel to more rural parts, like [[Shikoku]] or [[Kyushu]].
[[Image:World map percentage english speakers by country.png|thumb|center|480px|English-speaking % of population by country (grey=no data)]]
Nearly anywhere, if you stay in heavily touristed visited areas and pay for a good hotel, enough of the staff will speak English to make your trip painless. Nearly anywhere, you can hire an English-speaking guide and translator--especially if you take care of it beforehand. Travelling this way may not be as cheap or as interesting as it could be, but it will be relatively easy.
For a business trip, paying for good hotels and guides or translators may be the best strategy; the convenience and ability to get things done are more important than cost. For a backpacker on a tight budget, this is not a good strategy; coping with language difficulties should be considered part of the adventure. Many travellers fall somewhere between; they may choose a hotel where English is spoken, but they will also have linguistic adventures in the markets.
English differs between its varieties and the variant of English used often depends on which among the US and UK had greater ties to the country in question. Our [[ English language varieties]] article gives you an idea of where which variety predominates and some of the words that differ among variants of English.
==Widely used expressions==

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