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Most international flights to/from Mozambique use Maputo's airport ({{IATA|MPM}}). See the the [[Mozambique#Get in|Mozambique]] page for more information.
*'''LAM''' [] and Air Corridor [] operate a high number of domestic flights within Mozambique.
*'''TAP''' flies non-stop from Lisbon.
*'''SAA''' [] operates two flights a day from Johannesburg to Maputo and SA Airlink has five flights a week from both Durban and Cape Town.
Taxis from the airport to town should be around 350 500 Metecais (approx US$1218). Hotels generally send their buses to meet flights, but only if they have passengers on the flight with bookings at their hotel. Local SIM cards can be bought at the shop near the exit from the terminal where there is also a bank.
===By train===
Rail services to Maputo are slowly improving, altough the lines currently trafficed operating are of limited use to tourists. An execption exception is the daily service from [[Ressano Garcia]] at the border with South Africa, it is a convenient way of traveling here from [[Johannesburg]] and [[Pretoria]] as daily trains connects with the city of [[Komatipoort]] across the border.
===By car===
The highway from Johannesburg to Maputo is very good. From Johannesburg, take the N4 towards Nelspruit (about 400 km). From Nelspruit, continue following the N4 to Komatipoort, the last town on the South African side (about 100 km). Just past Komatipoort is the KomatipoortLebombo/Ressano Garcia border post. NB: current car registration papers (or good facsimile thereof) and third party insurance are required to get a car past the border. Insurance can (only?) be purchased at the border. On the Mozambican side, just follow the N4 (now called EN4) for a further 100 80 km or so to reach Maputo.
Also easy access from Manzini in Swaziland, around 186 km. With minivan/taxi the cost from Manzini to Maputo is around US$8 with luggage (price per October 2006). The drive time, including getting visa at the Namaacha border post, is 4 hrs. The price for visa is US$2566.
From Durban, on the KwaZulu Natal coast (South Africa), Maputo is 600 km away and best approached via the Golele border post into Swaziland. The shortest route from Golele into Mozambique is at the newly opened Goba border post.
KomatipoortLebombo/ Ressano Garcia Border Control
The border control can be very intimidating to new (and even returning) visitors to Mozambique. As you drive into the Mozambican side of the border, you will have many people rushing to your vehicle (some even looking quite official) and then directing you to perform this or that activity. The goal is probably to intimidate you so that you use their services (expertise) to expedite the border crossing, which they do. They will then suggest that you pay them a fee that you believe is fair for all this.
In essence, the role of these helpers is to "fast track" your queue through the border control, meaning that they kinda bump the ordinary traveller out of the queue. This is done with the tacit approval of the border officials--implying that they are part of the tactic, and they quite possibly also receive some gain from it.
Depending on your standpoint, it may be viewed as encouraging an activity that is nor not entirely legal but expedites your passage, or something you are vehemently opposed to.
===By bus===
*Visit some beautiful beaches, such as Catembe and Ponta d'Ouro. It is very jovial in these atmospheres and are generally safe, but beware of pickpocketing and avoid bringing valuables with you on a beach stroll .Ponta D'Ouro and Ponta Malongane have some beautiful scuba-diving spots, with either campsites or chalets right on the beach.
*Take in a wedding. Beautiful tribal singing and women ululating. Civil ceremonies next door to Avenida Hotel. Several weddings on Saturday morning.
* '''African fabrics''' both waxprint and woven in the fabric shops along the Avenida de Guerra Popular
* '''Cashews''' all over the place, roasted, salted, plain, any which way and nearly anywhere. The number two export of the country, selling for about US$3.20 4 per pound (Mts.140,000 MtN 200 per kg).
* '''Wood''' carvings, boxes, picture frames from curio vendors.
* '''Batik cloth''' ranging from the tacky animal stuff to glorious works of art. Most of what is on offer is on the lower quality end, but persistent searching will yield some gems among the dross.
Do not lose sight of your credit or debit cards or they may be cloned. Rather always pay cash at any restaurant.
*'''Cantinho do Brasil''' Av. Vladimir Lenine 1057. Good Brazilian snacks and feijoada. A good place to enjoy a snack, good coffee and good internet.
*'''Gelati''' Av. Julius Nyerere 794. Good ice cream, on its own or served with Crepes.
The '''wine''' selection is reasonably good, and depending on your budget you can get a range of South African, Portuguese and Chilean wines. Most common are cheap South African and Portuguese wines, but you can find nice wines (for a price) in upper-end restaurants and certain bottle stores or delis. Wine by the glass generally comes from a box.
'''Beer''' is widely available, with 2M ('doshdois-em'), Laurentina (brewed by 2M), Manica, and Raiz being the common selection. Laurentina comes in two varieties, 'Clara' a lager, and 'Preta' a very dark Lager with hints of coffee and chocolate. Locals tend to order the Laurentina varieties simply by saying Clara or Preta, and leaving out Laurentina. Preta is the most expensive beer, followed by Manica and then 2M. Raiz is a newer beer intended for the budget market and is considered a 'cheap' beer. Beer The larger beer bottles are also expensive and should always be returned or purchased. The beer itself is very inexpensive and reasonably good ranging from Mts 20 30 to 50 (US$0.801-$2).
Drink '''water''' from a bottle (25-40 MT/1,5 l), not the tap.
'''Nautilus''' nice western cafe at the end Avenida 24 de Julho. Free WiFi available.
*<buy name="Coconut Club, Maputo" alt="" address="Costa de Sol" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="10PM till late/early" price="301Mts500Mts" lat="" long="">A hip dance club. Expect to be blown away by the architecture, the dancing, the buzz, if not the prices. </buy>
* '''Xima's''' bar, on Av. Eduardo Mondlane, is popular with the locals and has live music on the weekends.
*'''The Base Backpackers''', 545 Avenida Patrice Lumumba ☎+258 21 302723, not so great rooms, balcony with a view over the sea, 1 computer with internet - separate pay, a small room with a tv and news, a self-service fridge and kitchen facilities. Members of the staff can be extremely flaky, and told a guest whose laundry was not returned clean as promised, "It's not my problem, it's your problem." The place needs to be sprayed for bedbugs, and needs to undergo a total renovation, but its one positive quality is its central location. The dorms become very hot during the spring and summer due to a lack of a fan. US$10. Base is small, with only two small dorms, so you should call ahead for a reservation. If you are traveling by yourself, you could walk up and get lucky, but there are no guarantees. If you find their email address online, don't use it to make a reservation. They do not respond to email reservations. Daily shuttle to Tofo $21.
*'''Maputo B&B, Backpackers''', at Triunfo, 4 Avenida, House 98, (''look for saure blue sign with yellow letters''), ☎+258 82 4672230. Clean, small bar, free pool table, restaurant with home cooked seafood, garden space to sit, secure parking in and out. Info on trips to Tofo, diving, culture, and very important '''great poor location close to the beachbut very far from the city'''. Takes long term resident. City tours, Inhaca-Portuguese Island boat trips, live music bar.
* <sleep name="Pestana Rovuma" address="Rua da Sé, 114 Caixa Postal 4376 - Maputo" phone="+55 21 254 86 332, +258 21 305000" email="[email protected]" fax="+258 21 305305" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""></sleep>
* <sleep name="Massala Beach Resort" address="Bilene, approximately 175 km from Maputo" phone="+258 28 244047" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rate Starts at 920.00 ZAR" url="">All rooms equipped with Air-conditioning, Private toilet and shower, DSTV and Refrigerator. Some of its facilities and services are Restaurant, Room service, Conference room and Garden.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Pestana Inhaca Lodge" address="Pestana Inhaca Lodge, Ilha de Inhaca (40 km out of Maputo)" phone="+258 21 305305, +258 21 760003" email="[email protected]" fax="+258 21 305305" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""></sleep>
Also, local radio station LM Radio, broadcasts fully in English, on 87.8Mhz. Mainly play golden oldies.
==WiFi=Wi-Fi===Since in Africa internet connectivity costs are rather high, and hotels might provide it charged extra, or limited complimentary data packages, it might be nice to know that there are a few places in Maputo that offer you free wi-fi access.
Among them, you can find them in:
* '''Nossa @ Cantinho do Brasil''', [] on Av. MarginalVladimir Lenine, opposite the Radisson Hotellarge church on corner with Av. Eduardo Mondlane.
* '''Marisqueira Sagres''', next to Nossa Casa.
* '''Southern Sun Hotel''', on Avenida Marginal - good wifi coverage in the bar and lobby.
* [[Image:uk-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="United Kingdom" address="Av Vladimir I Lenine, 310 (CP 55)" phone="+258 21 356000" email"" url=""></listing>
* [[Image:us-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="United States" alt="" address="Av Kenneth Kaunda" directions="" phone="+258 21 49 0723 (emergencies)" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></listing> * [[Image:ca-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Canada" alt="" address="Av Kenneth Kaunda, 1138" directions="" phone="+258 2149 2623/4" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></listing>
==Get out==
[[Image:Catembe.jpg|thumb|Fishing Boats at Catembe]]
Take the short ferry ride across the bay to visit Catembe. Its relaxed atmosphere is a pleasant retreat from Maputo. It's not recommended on a weekends, however, as it can be overrun with people 'enjoying' the weekend. Day trips out to Inhaca are easy to do on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Just catch the local ferry at 07h30 and after a couple of hours you will arrive close to Inhaca. You may need to pay another small boat to get you closer to the beach, or wade in waist-high water. Order your lunch early as it can take hours out on this relaxed island. The ferry leaves from the same ferry at about 15h00. On the island you can walk up to the Lighthouse, or catch a boat to the southern tip to do some worthwhile snorkelling. A few tour operators also lead other day tours to such places as the Maputo Special Reserve (formally the Maputo Elephant Reserve), Macaneta Beach, and Bilene Beach. These trips can be costly if you do not have a few people to go with.
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