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Lake Erie Islands

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The '''Lake Erie Islands''' are in Lake Erie, one of the five [[Great Lakes ]] in [[North America]] and serve as a major tourist, resort or summer home destination. Located north of the southern shore of Lake Erie (also know known as "America's [[North Coast (United States)|North Coast]]" between [[Cleveland (Ohio)|Cleveland]] and [[Toledo (Ohio)|Toledo]], [[Ohio]], the islands are accessible via ferry boat from a number of locations in Ohio. Lake Erie was named after the Erie Native American tribe who lived along its southern shore prior to exploration by Europeans.
==Other destinations==
* [[Hen Island]] -- Property of the Quinnebog Club.
* [[Kelleys Island]]. Tourist destination
* [[Middle Bass Island]]. Tourist destination
* [[Sugar Island]].
* [[Turtle Island]]. Privately owned vacation homes
*'''Glacial Grooves''', located on [[Kelleys Island]].*'''Crystal Cave''', the world's record, largest geode in the world. Located under Heineman Winery on [[South Bass Island]]. Tour of winery included in $5.00 fee to tour. Crystals in lengths of up to 18 inches inside of this geode that you and others can stand up in.
==Stay safeSleep==
==Get out==
* Go back to the mainland and see the shoreline '''Lake Erie Circle Tour''' []. The drive (or boat ride) takes you through the Working Waterfronts around [[Buffalo_(New York)|Buffalo]] NY, [[Cleveland]] OH, [[Detroit]] MI, [[Erie]] PA, [[Toledo (Ohio)|Toledo]], OH, and southern [[Ontario]] is intermingled with beautiful preservations of flora and fauna as well as the history of North America's first westward expansion, the Northwest Territory. {{stubisPartOf|Northwest Ohio}}

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