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'''Sevilla International Airport''' ({{IATA|SVQ}}) is located about 25 minutes drive from the city center.
A bus service "Especial Aeropuerto (EA)" [] runs about every 30 minutes from just outside the "Arrivals" hall during most of the day (though with longer gaps from 1PM-4PM) and costs approx. €2.40€4 (€6 for a same day return). Taxis are always available next to the bus stop and run on a fixed fare to Seville center, just under €18 during the day and just under €21 after 10PM and on weekends/holidays. Much controversy has been stirred by some taxi drivers trying to overcharge tourists, so be careful to pay no more than this if you are traveling into the city. Other destinations outside Seville obviously cost more and are metered. Tips are ''not'' necessary, though €1-2 for polite, helpful service is appreciated. You might also want to be aware of the fact that speed limits seem to be considered as kind of minimum speed by most taxi drivers...
'''La Parra Internation Airport''' ({{IATA|XRY}}) in located 10km from [[Jerez de la Frontera]], in the way to Seville.
one way is about 10 hrs 30 min cost around 50.67€
Cordoba - Sevilla Daily at 5:15/8:35/11:00/11:45/16:30/18:45/20:00
Sevilla - Cordoba Daily at 8:00/9:00/13:45/15:00/16:15/18:30/22:01
one way take 2 hrs, cost around 10.63€
Sevilla has a great public transportation system. The buses run frequently and cover the majority of the city in their routes. You can purchase bus cards at many news stands. Trips cost 60c or 70c, and it costs €1.50 to buy a refillable bus card (which can be topped up at many newsstands).
Sevici bikes are available throughout the city with special docking stations that allow you to easily grab a bike and go wherever you need, then drop it off at another station when you arrive. Bikes cost 5 11,50 euro for a week pass, which allows the first 1/2 half hour free and subsequent hours are a euro each. Also, year passes can be purchased for 10 23 euro with each half hour free and additional hours 50 euro cents.
Scooters are available for rent for €30 for the day and €120 for the week. These are a cost efficient way of getting around and a drivers license is not necessary.
A tram system is currently being incorporated into Sevilla's local transportation and is running from the San Sabastian Bus Bernardo Train Station to the Plaza de Nueva but is expanding North and West into Triana.
Taxis are easily accessible throughout the city. Many offer decent rates, but tourists should beware of the possibility of a crooked cabbie.
*The '''Cathedral of Seville''' was once judged the third largest church in the world after Saint Peter's in [[Rome]] and Saint Paul's in [[London]], it is now arguably the largest church in the world when compared using the measurement of volume. Seville's fifteenth century cathedral occupies the site of the former great mosque built in the late twelfth century. The central nave rises to an awesome 37 metres over a total area of 11,520 square metres. The Cathedral is the final resting place of the remains of Christopher Columbus. Adult admission is €8 each.
*'''La Giralda''' is a large and beautiful minaret tower, originally intended for the chief mosque, but now is the magnificent bell tower of the Cathedral and a symbol of Seville. Climb the 34 ramps for a great view of the city. Adult admission to both attractions is €9 each.
*The '''Real Alcázar''' is a beautiful palace in Mudéjar (Moorish) style, built in the XIV Century by Pedro I the Cruel. With its myriad rooms, extravagant architecture, lavish gardens with many courtyards, ponds and secrets to be explored, it is a fascinating place to visit. Be sure to check out the room where Christopher Columbus's journey to the Americas were planned. You can see his coat of arms embroidered on the wall along with many other royals. In the heat of summer it offers a cool retreat from the suns glare and can quite easily keep you occupied for a few centuries, if not all of your life. Adult admission is €8,50 75 - students younger than 25 years pay €2. To see the Upper Palace with audio guide, admission is €4,20. Open Mon-Sun: 9:30-19:00, Closed 1 Jan, 6 Jan, Holy Friday and 25th Dec.
*The '''Jewish Quarter''' (Barrio Santa Cruz) is located around the Cathedral. It is filled with small winding streets and is generally regarded as the most charming part of the city, but it is also fairly touristy.
[[File:Feria de Abril.PNG|thumb|right| 250px| Women in Flamenco dresses at the April Fair.]]
*'''Semana Santa''' — The sombre Easter week processions feature thousands of people and go on all week, a spectacular display of conspicuous Catholicism.
*'''Feria de abril''' — A release after the somberness of ''Semana Santa''. To say this is a huge party is an understatement. Most if not all of Seville takes a weeks holiday and they plan for the Fair months in advance. The fair is close to the river and covers a huge area and contains hundereds of private and public "casetas" which are laid out to form streets. Casetas are small marquees and you can only get into the private ones if invited.The public ones are alrge large but just as much fun. The day is naturally split in two and between noon and 8PM the streets of the fair throng with horses as riders and carriages strut their stuff dressed in traditional Spanish robes. After 8 the streets are cleared and "Calle del Inferno" comes to life. This must be one of the best funfairs in Europe and I can testify to having seen it happen that it takes weeks to assemble and pack up. The Fair is one of the best festivals in Spain and appeals to everything thats great about Spain - Traditional dress,Flamenco dancing, guitars, Fino, great tapas and men, women and children who dance with gusto and eat and drink the day and night away.
*'''Go out''' — The nightlife of Seville is fantastic; no other European city has so many bars per inhabitant than Seville. In summer go to Isla Cartuja and find out why the Spanish night doesn't stop before 7AM. There you can find plenty of open-air discotheques. Other nightlife spots include Calle Betis in Triana, La Alamede de Hércules, and Plaza Alfalfa.
*'''Flamenco''' — Flamenco is in fact very popular at the moment in Spain and is not just for tourists, however finding the right place is hard. "Pure Flamenco" is a special tour offered by Sevilla LowCost ( where you can learn the history of flamenco, taste a manzanilla wine, and enjoy a genuine flamenco show. The "Museo del Baile Flamenco" is a museum dedicated to the art and offers a wealth of knowledge, as well as performances at discounted price for museum visitors on Friday and Saturday evenings at 19:30 (, tel.: 00.34.954.34.03.11). El Arenal is another place to consider. The Cultural Centre (C/ Ximénez de Enciso, 28 ''Santa Cruz'', 954 56 06 70) is a good spot to see real flamenco, performances are daily at 9PM, it costs €15, €13 for students and Sevillians, €9 for kids (4 to 10). La Carboneria located in the twisty alleyways in front of the Cathedral offers free Flamenco shows nightly at 11PM
*'''Football''' — Sevilla has two football teams, Sevilla FC and Real Betis. At the Sevilla FC stadium next to Plaza Nervion you can regularly catch the last 5 minutes of a game for free.
[[Image:Seville Bullfighting Arena.jpg|thumb|500px|Entrance to the Bull Fighting Arena, Seville]]
*'''Attend a Bull Fight''' at the ''Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza'' — Bullfighting is not a sport for all; those who are either squeamish or have convictions on animal welfare should stay clear, as the event usually concludes with the killing of the bull. Failing that, a visit to the arena and the attached museum of bull-fighting (€5€7) is well worth the time. While it is not the largest, it is considered the most attractive bull arena in Spain due to its history.
*Wander through an '''open-air market.''' Vendors in many parts of the city sell on the streets, but on Sunday, when everything else is closed, a few spots really fill up. One market is located behind the Alcampo shopping center at Ronda del Tamarguillo on Avenida de la Paz (Bus lines 30, 36 from Prado de San Sebastian), but it is easily outdone by a large flea market, selling clothes, furniture, trash, books, shoes, CDs, food, tools, and probably everything else just northwest of Triana near Avenida Carlos III (off of the left-hand side of most tourist maps).
* '''Take some Spanish classes''' to get in touch with the locals. Babylon Idiomas offers a wide range of affordable and high quality Spanish courses for all levels with experienced native teachers. They also have a combination course for those who want to learn Flamenco and Spanish at the same time. The school is located in the old centre in the neighbourhood Macarena, next to the beautiful square Alameda de Hercules. New courses start every Monday.
*<do name="Sevilla Tapas Tours" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Do a tapas tour - visit some of the best tapas bars in the city. It is a great way to get to know the local food culture. One of the best ones is Sevilla Tapas Tours -</do>
*<do name="Centro de Interpretación Judería de Sevilla" alt="" address="Ximenez de Enciso, 22 Ac" directions="" phone="635719796" url="[email protected]" hours="10:30-15:00/17:00-19:30" price="6,5/5 " lat="" long="">The Centro de Interpretación Judería de Sevilla was founded in September 2012 with the objective of recuperating and publicizing the Sephardic legacy of the city and of Spain.
The Centro de Interpretación is located in the center of Seville’s ancient Jewish quarter, nowadays known as the Santa Cruz neighborhood. The museum features a permanent exposition about the history of the quarter, and a series of cultural activities to suit all audiences</do>
===National and Regional Holidays===
=== Other ways of getting around ===
*<do name="Sevilla LowCost FREE TOURS" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+34 666 394 500'" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="10:30, 17:00" price="">
Local people who would show you Seville in a closer, didactic and funny way. If you want to discover this thousand-year-old city, these tours are designed to let you absorb the essence of the city, without any prejudices or stereotypes. They also have a Pure Flamenco Tour and an Electric Bike Tour. More info in or by phone +34 666 394 500</do>*
*'''Cruises''', an hour in duration, leave from beneath the Torre de Oro and travel a circuit on the Guadalquivir river.
*'''Rent a scooter''' for the day or week, to ride you do not need a license and the traffic rules are relaxed for the most part while riding.
* <do name="Sevilla Bike Tour" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+34 954562625'" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Bike tour around the center of Seville, which also takes you a bit of the beaten path. Will give you a pretty good overview of the city, while at the same time giving you information that could prove useful during your visit, for example,the best restaurants, theatres and bars</do>*  *'''Take a Guided Tour''' with ''Seville Tours'' []. Tours through Triana and the monumental heart of Seville. The old centre of Seville and adjoining barrios are mostly pedestrianized, making a walking tour the most viable option for exploring Seville.  * <do name="Seville tour guide" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+34 667378416'" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">, website of Marta Casals who offers services of Seville tour guide for all kind of groups and private visits in Spanish, English and French. Seville tour guide to discover the hidden and secrets places of Seville.</do>*  *<do name="Sevilla Guided Tours" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+34 616253798'" email="" url="" hours="" price="">Discover Seville with licensed Tour Guides, tours to the most important monuments of the city, sightseeing by horse carriages, tapas and wines tours, bike tours, ranch tours, cruises along Guadalquivir river, balloon tours... for groups and individuals</do>
*'''Massimo Dutti''', Men's and women's fashion chain caters to a more modern feel of clothing. The designs are formal but quite trendy and utilize excellent fabrics with urban and cosmopolitan details.
*'''Stradivarius''', Known for it's its original , constantly changing fashion, the designs follow the latest trends in clothing and accessories.
Another amazing place for tapas is the '''Taberna Coloniales''' located in Plaza Cristo de Burgos 19. The place is cozy and has only a few tables. Go there early to put your name on the board to get a table, then head inside for a couple of beers. Portions are large and food is very very good. Nice homemade desserts, too.
*<eat name="Trees on the street" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Do not eat the oranges from the trees on the street if you are visiting off season. They are extremely sour and have been sprayed to stop the birds from eating them.</eat>
If you would like to purchase your own food, head down to one of the markets close to the center of the city, such as in Plaza Encarnación. El Corte Inglés is a larger more popular department store that you can go to for almost every need.
*<eat name="Levies" alt="" address="Calle San José, 15 41004 Sevilla, Spain" directions="" phone="954 225 096" url="" hours="L-J de 20:00 a 2:00 / V-D de 20:00 a 3:00" price="" lat="" long="">Levies is a set of three restaurants in one small plaza, sharing table space and menus. The original Levies is a great tapas restaurant with great prices and wonderful, inexpensive jarras of sangria. The Taberna has a different menu and offers tapas as well as more mexican-inspired dishes such as burritos and nachos. The third Levies is their wine and drinks bar and is also recommendable.</eat>
*<eat name="Rodilla" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="$" lat="" long="">Rodilla is a great place to get lunch, they serve up sandwiches in the form of tapas. They have a large selection of sandwiches, fresh squeezed oj, and great cafe con leche. There are two locations in Seville, one close to the cathedral and the one I prefer is conveniently located just outside of the Barrio Santa Cruz area. Rodilla is inexpensive, and can also be a great option if you a vegetarian.</eat>
*<eat name="Las Teresas" alt="" address="Calle Santa Teresa, 2, 41004 Seville, Spain" directions="In the central Santa Cruz district" phone="954 21 30 69" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Hanging hams and moderately-priced tapas. Drinks. Tourists and locals. Nice atmosphere.</eat>
*Couchsurfing Sevilla Community meets at least once a week at Revuelto´s Meeting. Every Fridayat 10:00PM in Tha Clan Bar, Calle Adriano, 3 Sevilla. Make sure you ask for the CS discounts ;-) - Update 06/2010, The CS meeting apparently doesn't meet here anymore. It's on Wednesdays elsewhere. Check the CS Sevilla group for current listings.
*There are quite a few teterias in Triana across the river offering teas, shakes and middle eastern pastries in a cozy cushion filled environment.
*Agua de Sevilla is sometimes thought of as a popular drink in Seville, but you will never see a person from Seville drinking it, despite all the tourists drinking it as if it were something popular.
*<drink name="Levies" alt="" address="Calle San José, 15 41004 Sevilla, Spain" directions="954 225 096" phone="" url="" hours="L-J de 20:00 a 2:00 / V-D de 20:00 a 3:00 " price="" lat="" long="">Levies is a set of three restaurants in one small plaza, sharing table space and menus. The original Levies is a great tapas restaurant with great prices and wonderful, inexpensive jarras of sangria. The Taberna has a different menu and offers tapas as well as more mexican-inspired dishes such as burritos and nachos. The third Levies is their wine and drinks bar and is also recommendable.</drink>
*<drink name="Bar Tapacopa" alt="" address="Amor de Dios, 64 41002 Sevilla, Spain" directions="954 902 234" phone="" url="" hours="15:00 a 3:00" price="" lat="" long="">Tapacopa is a popular bar, which attracts both tourists and locals, located just off the lively Alameda de Hércules. It is often busy on Friday and Saturday nights but there is ample outside seating available. One of the main draws of this bar is that botellínes (275ml bottles of Alhambra or Cruzcampo, depending on availability) are available for €0.70. Draught beer is also available, along with a wide selection of wines and spirits, as well as 5€ Cocktail jugs. In addition, there are a wide variety of tasty tapas, as you would expect from the name.</drink>
* <sleep name="Oasis Backpackers' Palace Seville" url="" alt="" address="Calle Almirante Ulloa 1" directions="" phone="(+34) 954 227 731 " url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Beds from €11" lat="37.392582" long="-5.998560" 954="954" 227="227" 731="731" email="[email protected]" fax=""> Set smack into an ancient Sevillian Palace, the newest Oasis Hostel has it all. Spacious dorms in all sizes that came with up to 2 bathrooms per room, free lockers to put your backpack in and free linen. An amazing roof-top terrace with chill-out bar and swimming pool to overlook Seville, guest kitchen, free breakfast and free internet/ wifi. What else could you want? It is definitely equipped for big groups. Email for group requests.</sleep>
* '''B&B Naranjo''' Address: C/San Roque, 11 - phone +34 954 22 58 40 [] Rooms from 35.- €. Free Breakfast! Internet Corner & Wi-Fi Connection! The best price in the historical and monumental centre of Seville. It is a typical sevillian house, 50 M. from the Fine Art Museum and Sierpes street. Surrounded by the most emblematic monuments of the city. In this B&B you will find private rooms for up to 5 people in Andalusian traditional style, with Private Bath, Amenities, Air conditioning, Heating, Television, Telephone, Piped Music, etc. Public parking is nearby at Plaza de Armas with discounts for clients.
*'' 'Hotel Bellavista Sevilla''''' 'Avenida de Bellavista 153. Tel +34 954 69 35 00. mailto: [email protected] "
Located in the residential area of ​​Bellavista, a 10 minute driving from the center of Seville.
The hotel features 104 rooms fully equipped with air conditioning, LCD satellite TV, telephone and desk. The bathrooms are modern and equipped with hairdryer. We have internet through wireless network throughout the hotel.
The hotel also has a café with outdoor terrace and restaurant, 24 hours reception, meeting rooms, outdoor pool with sundeck and private garage. Pets are allowed.
*'''Pierre & Vacances Sevilla'''. [] Calle Pages del Corro 102. Tel: +34 954 043 846. Located in the charming and vibrant barrio of Triana near the Guadalquivir river, located at 15 minutes walking from the old town. Pierre & Vacances Sevilla is an modern apartment complex with fully equipped air conditionned apartments for 2, 4 or 5 persons. From 65€ per night.
*'''Apartamentos Metropolis'''. [] Calle Bajeles 18 Te. +34 955 541 428. Just 2 walking minutes from bus station Plaza Las Armas, you find theses modern and well-equipped apparments. Accomodation is available for 2 to 6 people with a communal terrace to overlook Seville. For reservations check webpage or email to [email protected]

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