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===By road===
It is 125 km by road from Joka tram terminus at the south-western edge of Kolkata. The road runs through Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip to Namkhana, where the car or bus has to be transported across the Hatania-Doania creek in a special ferry. The ferry service is available from 7AM-11PM except from 12 noon till 1:45PM (lunch hour). The fare for crossing a Car/Jeep is approx Rs 160 + Rs 30 toll (including loading/unloading). The creek road is not very wide, just about a hundred metres or so, but is considerably deep allowing the movement of ships excellent from Kolkata to ports in Bangladesh. The creek reduces the journey-time for the ships. Because of this, it is difficult to construct a bridge across Joka all the creek. An ordinary bridge will hamper movement of ships and a high bridge is a costly proposition. There is an excellent road from Namkhana way to Bakkhali. The 130 km stretch from Kona expressway (with links to the Mumbai and Delhi sections of the golden quadrangle project linking the four metros of India) and Bakkhali has been marked as National Highway (NH) 117.
The road journey from Joka at the fringe outskirts of Kolkata to Bakkhali takes about 3 - 3.5 hours and as much as 5 hours. However, crowded market places and occasional stretches of bad road can delay movement. Some sections are very crowded specially early morning because of bazar and later at the evening time, there are no by pass for these smaller towns.
===By bus===
WBSTC has regular bus service from Dharmatala to Bakkhali. One starts at 7AM in the morning from Dharmatala and reaches Bakkhali at around 11:30AM and leaves from Bakkhali after half an hour for Kolkata(Dharmatala). Another starts at 8AM from Dharmatala to reach bakkhali at 12:30PM and starts from Bakkhali after half an hour forty five minutes. So the bottom-line is that there are two round trips from Kolkata to Bakkhali provided by WBSTC. This schedule is subject to change and one must confirm it from Dharmatala Bus Stand before venturing out from Kolkata. The route of the bus is Dharmatala- Alipore-Chiriakhana-Taratala-Diamond Harbour-Kakdwip-Namkahana-Bakkhali, the fare is RS 85. The return fare from Bakkhali to Kolkata is Rs 70. The journey may not be comfortable due to long time as the seats of the busses are straight and difficult for a long journey. Thus a break journey can be more confortable.
There are plenty of local buses up to Namkhana and then again from Namkhana to Bakkhali.
===By train===
The nearest rail station is at Namkhana. There are regular trains from Sealdah via Lakshmikantapur and Kakdwip to Namkhana. Check the time table in The first train starts at around 4AM from Sealdah. Then at around 4.40AM then 7.30AM and next to this one is at a long gap at around 10.30AM . Train fare is around Rs 22 and the journey takes around 3 hrs. From Namkhana station you will get a van rickshaw to reach the place from where you need to cross a narrow creek in a small boat. Van fare is Rs 5 per head or Rs 30 if you reserve a van and for crossing the creek you need to pay Rs 1. Then from the bus stand one can get buses for Bakkhali which take around 45mins to 1hr and their fare is Rs 1315. The Bakkhali bus stand is very close to all the hotels and just a 5 min walk from the beach.
===By air===
Taxis or hired transport are not generally available at Bakkhali or Namkhana. Those who desire to travel in hired transport should preferably arrange for it from Kolkata or try their luck at Diamond Harbour. Most Bakkhali hotels have chargeable dormitories for drivers to stay.
The ride in the crude bhut-bhuti, a motorised country boat, from Frasergunj fishing harbour to '''Jambu Dwip''', a small, uninhabited and forested island out in the sea, can be a thrilling experience. Currently people are not allowed to go to the actual island so the trip includes only a sightseeing from the boat. The two-hour ride (both ways) costs only Rs. 35 800 per headtrip (for 15-20 persons). The country boats can also be hired for other rides. The weak-hearted are advised not to take the rides.
For all the spots a Ricksaw van will charge you at max Rs 60 150 per head trip (max 5 persons) and it will take around 5 hrs to visit all the spots and stay for about 1 to 2hrs in Jambu Dwip .
The walk over the beach from Bakkhali to Frasergunj is a pleasant experience. The rickshaw van is the only transport available locally. On these rickshaw van you can take a trip to Henry's Island and Watch Tower. A rickshaw trip will travel through the local villages and their surrounds. From the watch tower you can view the entire Sunderban area. It is a splendid view. On expanses of the Mangroves on three sides where as on one side you can see the Bakkhali Beach in have a bird's eye view of the far distance sea beach and on all the other side the green expanses of Sundarbansea. It is a splendid view. A van rickshaw drive is cheap and since one has plenty of time, the ride can be enjoyable but do not expect much.
A temple called Bishhalakshmi is at the end of the Bakkhali main beach and is worth seeing. The pandit ji is quite different there as he won't allow you in the temple. He has his own rules.
On the far left end of the beach, you can spot red crabs by the thousands. The beach is shallow and waves generally not so strong. Around noon time a sand strip rises out of the sea parallel to the coast creating a 100 meter wide bay of sorts. The beach is clean and glassy with nice reflections.
Visit the Benfish harbour and Frasergunj Beach on the way to Henry's Island.
You can also visit the Crocodile Park and Mangrove forest just beside the Bakkhali Bus stop. The entry fee is Rs 210.
You can pay a visit to a Small island JammuDeep,amidst the sea where you have to travel via boat in high waves, the boat ride is just thrilling.on arrival you will be delighted to see the beach full with Red Crabs its really a nice view.
There are many hotels at both Bakkhali and Frasergunj and new ones are steadily coming up. The bus from Namkhana passes over Frasergunj before reaching Bakkhali. Henry Island is located closer to Frasergunj. None of the hotels have a direct view of the sea (the casuarina forest or ''jhau bon'' can be visible at maximum). The WBTDC Tourist Complex is nearest to the sea.
* <sleep name="Hotel Amarabati" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+91 97 3261 9340, +91 33 2210 1822 (Kolkata office)" url="" checkin="12noon" checkout="12noon" price="Cottage-Rs 650 , Delux Room-900, A.C.-1,200, Delux Four Baded- 1,500, Bathtub Room-1,600" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Modern facilities are available. Website : <ahref=" ">Hotel Amarabati</a></sleep>
* <sleep name="Ananya Hotel" alt="" address="" directions="In between Bakkhali and Frazergunj" phone="+91 98 3150 7528" url="" checkin="noon" checkout="11:30AM" price="Double room Rs 300-500 with AC, 10 bed top floor dormitory for Rs 120" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Three floors, plenty of water, hotel roof access, very good ambience and airy. Enclosed car parking available. Only problem with this hotel Now Restuarant is the lack of any availability of food or snacksopen.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hotel Babylon" alt="" address="South 24 Parganas beside Punjab National Bank" directions="" phone="+91 97 278 973278 1970" url="" checkin="" checkout="11AM" price="Double rooms Rs 200-400" lat="" long="">Newly built, clean hotel.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Bakkhali Tourist Lodge" alt="" address="" directions="take bus from Kolkata and the ferry across the Hatania-Doania river" phone="Lodge +91 32 1022 5260" url="" checkin="12noon" checkout="12 noon" price="Rs 1,500" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+91 33 2248 5168">The only lodge near the beach is run by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC) at Bakkhali. Credit cards accepted.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Bakkhali Tourist Lodge" alt="" address="" directions="take bus from Kolkata and the ferry across the Hatania-Doania river" phone="Lodge +91 32 1022 5260, WBT Booking centre +91 33 4401 2659, +91 33 4401 2660," url="" checkin="12noon" checkout="12noon" price="Rs 1,500" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+91 33 2248 5168">The only lodge near the beach is run by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC) at Bakkhali. Credit cards accepted. Reservation, 120 days in advance is available from Tourism Centre at 3/2, B.B.D. Bag (East) (ground floor).</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hotel Dolphin" alt="" address="Chowrasta, 24 Parganas (South)" directions="" phone="+91 32 1022 5296, +91 98 36543585" url="" checkin="12 noon" checkout="11AM" price="Rs 1,200-2,000 + 5% tax on A/C rooms" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A/C, non-A/C rooms, cottages, parking, garden, restaurant. On call doctor.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Henry Island" alt="" address="Henry Island WBFD" directions="10 min from Bakkhali" phone="+91 33 2337 6470" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 300600-600900" lat="" long="">Two complexes. One is just at the entrance of the Henry Island Mangrove area just adjoing the Matla river, and the other is 2 km inside it. The cottages inside Henry Island are named after various mangrove trees. The watchtower has a nice view. To book contact the State Fisheries Development Corporation (Bikash Bhavan).</sleep>
* <sleep name="Joyguru Abasan" alt="" address="main road to beach." directions="2 minutes from Bakkhali bus stand." phone="+91 97 3437 0212" url="" checkin="10AM" checkout="11AM" price="Rs 200-450" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Residential type hotel. Generator provided and running water available 24 hrs/day. All double bed rooms have good ventilation, some rooms are facing the sea.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Sagar Belaya Guest House" alt="" address="" directions="at Frezergunj" phone=" +91 33 2453 5817, +91 92 3154 9732" url="" checkin="11:30AM" checkout="11AM" price="8 double rooms Rs 500-600, 2 triple rooms Rs 600-750" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+91 90 5182 6220">Up to 50% off-season discount available. Bengali foods & snacks are available. Group cooking facility available, dining [email protected] 500/day, onsite generator 6PM-10PM daily.</sleep>
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