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Today, with a population of more than 2,500,000, Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey after [[Istanbul]], [[Ankara]], and [[Izmir]]. It is famous for its peach, chestnut, and silk, although lately, heavy industry located in the outskirts of the city has surpassed these traditional industries.
Furthermore, [[Uludağ]]—one of the highest mountains in the Turkey—lies very close to Bursa and is the main winter sports center of Turkey.
==Get in==
===By bus===
Buses from [[Istanbul]] take about at least 3 hours to reach Bursa but the trip can take over 4 depending on the traffic and cost about 10 euros20 TL. Note that the main Istabul bus station (Otogar) can be a bit overwhelming with many companies on site and no central office; rather it is easiest if you know which company you want to travel with when you arrive and then find their offices. Many companies have buses leaving every hour or even half hour including Kamil Koc, Pamukkale, and Nilufer.
There are bus services from all major cities to Bursa such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Prices vary from 10 to 50 Euros based on the distance.
All intercity buses will leave you at the very modern '''Terminal Bus Station''' about 10kms outside the city on the Istanbul motorway. Take the very frequent turquoise coloured mini buses marked ''''HEYKEL'''' (1.25 TL) which will let you off right in the centre of Bursa opposite Ulucamii or the Great Mosque (or alternatively you can take the yellow bus 38 from the terminal into downtown - to return to the bus terminal get on the same bus going in the same direction, as #38 goes in a loop between downtown and the bus terminal - 2 .50 TL to buy a ticket, available at many kiosks on the street).
===By boat===
*'''Orhan Gazi Türbesi''' is the tomb of the second Ottoman sultan, the son of Osman. It's located immediately next to his father's tomb in the Tophane district.
*The '''Muradiye Complex''' surrounding the Muradiye Mosque is a small necropolis filled with tombs of illustrious Ottoman figures such as '''Murat II'''; '''Prince Mustafa''', son of Suleiman the Great; '''Gülbahar Hanım''', midwife of Mehmet the Conqueror and various wives of sultans.
*<see name="Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art" alt="" address="" directions="Part of Yeşil Camii complex" phone="" url="" hours="" price="Free" lat="" long="">Jewelry boxes, vases and pottery, belts an, accessories and clothes, tools, manuscripts, and more. Small, but free museum is worth seeing if you are already at at Yeşil Camii and Yeşil Türbe.</see>
====Historical Trees ====
====Old villages====
*'''Cumalıkızık''' A village founded more than 700 years old. There are 265 centuries-old half timbered houses in the village and approximately 190 of them are still occupied.
Note that Googlemaps has this hotel listed twice with one incorrect location. The correct location is just inside the city gate closest to the covered markets.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hampton Inn" alt="" address="Yeni Yalova Caddesi No 347" directions="Just North of Avrupa Konseyi Blvd" phone="90-224-400 0404" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="69 Euro double or family room (queen bed + queen sofa bed) with breakfast" lat="" long="" email="">Sleek, modern, tower with 10 stories of occupancy. Fitness center, conference room. Very good breakfast buffet too! Also available for 7500 HHonors points.</sleep>
The best budget hotel you can stay is "Hotel Gonluferah", around EUR 70 per night, but having rooms with great views of the city as the hotel is located on the way to the Uludag mountain.
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