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Sacred places
== Sacred places ==
{{Seealso|Christian sites and events}}
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Sacred places include constructed religious sites, cemeteries, tombs and memorials, and land significant to indigenous culture. Some of these sites are interesting destinations for travellers.
==Law enforcement==
It's best to show deference to local law enforcement, as in some places they are armed and almost anywhere they have the authority to arrest or otherwise hassle you. Avoid insultingthem, behaviours that could be perceived as threatening, running from them, or otherwise annoying them.
This also applies in particular to border officials since they can easily delay your trip, mess up your luggage or even your body with intrusive searches, deny you entry to their country, and make a note in their computer system that will get you denied if you return.
In some areas, various non-government groups may also be armed and dangerous. See [[War zone safety]].

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