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[[Image: Madona_panorama.jpg|thumb|250px|Panorama view of the town]]
Madona is a small residential town in the center of eastern Latvia (in eastern part of Vidzeme region), home for approximately 9000 residents, is centre of culture, education, trade, sports, medicine in the [[Madonas novads]] region.
The name “Madona” , often confused with “Madonna” comes possibly from lake Madona or the way medieval Germans called the palace of Birži - Madohn. Birži was the official name of the inhabited area before. The name of the town has absolutely nothing to do with the famous singernor the Cristian religious figure.  
==Get in==
===By bicycle===
In late spring/summer/early autumn probably the best way to get around is bicycle. Do not leave your bike unlocked on the street as bicycle thefts are not uncommon.
Bicycle rental is available at Smecere's Sport Complex [].
===On foot===
* Historic buildings on Poruka and Blaumana street
* Town's fountain and the surrounding park, one of the greenest and most beautiful places in town, and right in the heart of it.
* Madona's Regional Museum (Novadpetniecibas muzejs), with variety of events and everchanging exhibitions.
* Saieta laukums - the central square of the town, with a small fountain and lots of flowers in the summer season.
[[Image: Madona fountain.jpg|thumb|250px|Madona's fountain is characteristic landmark of the town. Fountain has been created during the soviet years, then abandoned in 90-ies, and later reconstructed. Operated during the summer season and is illuminated at night.]]
[[Image: Madona_city_hall.jpg|thumb|250px|Madona City Hall and the Saieta laukums ("Gathering Square")]]
=== In winter ===
* Cross country skiing and biathlon at Smecere's Sport Complex, just outside the town [[Image:Smecere houses.jpg|thumb|300px250px|Houses at Smecere Sport Complex]]
* Skiing and snowboarding
* Ice hockey
=== In summer ===
* Beach volleyball - on the beach of Madona lake, two equipped fields are available, often competitions take place there. [[Image: Madona_lake_and_volleyball.jpg|thumb|250px|Madona lake and the beach volleyball fields from above]]
* Rollerskating - on asphalted tracks over small hills and through forests, starts at Smecere's Sport Complex
* BMX track - at Smecere's Sport Complex, one of the most challenging BMX tracks in Latvia[[Image: Smecere_bmx_track_2.jpg|thumb|250px|BMX track]]
* Off-road driving
* Windsurfing

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