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Isla de Ometepe

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==Other destinations==
*'''Reserva Charco Verde''', a nature reserve with abundant wildlife on the southern part of the island, where you can swim, hike and kayak.
*'''Santo Domingo Beach''', the only sand beach easily accessible on the eastern side of the island. During the rainy season, the lake rises and the beach can disappear for several months.
*'''San Ramon Waterfall''', natural fresh waterfall inland that is easily accessible by trail via a 3 hour hike.
*'''El Ceibo museum''', a privately owned collection of pre-columbian artifacts discovered on an old tobacco plantation on the island. The museum includes the country's largest currency collection at the time of April 2012.
* '''Hostal Ibesa''' Owned and operated by a friendly and helpful local family, shared room $3 USD per person, your own private room $4 USD, there is also a dorm room which may be even cheaper, very clean and comfortable (prices in April 2008), laundry service.
* <sleep name="Finca Magdalena" alt="" address="" directions="near Balgue" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Dorm : 2,5 3 USD / Tent or Hammock (bring your own) : 1,25 2 USD">A cooperativly run organic finca. Conditions and food are fairly basic and not that good but the price and the incredible view help to compensate. A hike into the jungle nearby will allow you to witness Howler Monkeys and numerous wild birds. </sleep>
* <sleep name="Finca Zopilote" alt="" address="" directions="2 km before Balgue." phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Cabins :7 USD /Dorm : 4 USD / Hammock 2,25 USD.">Finca El Zopilote is a farm/hostel runned by a italian family from tuscany from 2002 located in Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua.Finca el zopilote offers to the visitors different types of accommodation such as camping, hammocks, dormitory and private cabins.Is equipped with a communal kitchen where all visitors can cook their own meals and is possible to buy handmade organic products in the reception. Three nights a week pizza is cooked in a tradictional traditional wood owenoven. There are compost toilets and greywaters from the showers and the kitchen is cleaned through a system of constructed. The land is completely planted with trees and plants of every kind, there is a nursery and a vegetable garden and are present many works to limit erosion and water harvesting earth work. Have been used and ferro-cement techniques for the construction of water tanks.There are working possibilities for people interested in permaculture and helping in running the farm/hostel.Is possible to visit the farm including the litthe leather /handycraft shop and observe the view from a look out tower. For more informations check</sleep>
* <sleep name="Playa Volcan" alt="" address="" directions="Near Merida" phone="" emailurl="" checkin="" checkout="" faxprice="$1.50 up" urllat="" checkinlong="" checkoutemail="" pricefax="">cheap. Hammocks for $1.50/night, dorms for $3/night. Spanish lessons available.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hospedaje Charco Verde" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$5 - 18 USD per room"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Villa Paraiso" alt="" address="" directions="Playa Santo Domingo" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">Reputedly the nicest place to stay and probably the most expensive. Tours can be arranged. Bicycle rental available.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hospedaje Central" alt="" address="From Procredit Bank, 1 block south" directions="" phone="2569-4262" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$2.50 hammock-$3.50 dorm-$5.50 to 9.50 for room" lat="" long="">Very colorful and friendly atmosphere with free parking lot, internet service, dvd movies, laundry, volunteering opportunities, a restaurant and a bar. Unfortunately the owner is wanted by INTERPOL for Fraud, Kidnapping, etc. Dormitory is basic with bunk beds, its own toilet and shower, lockers and a safe available at reception. Rooms are clean, large, with new beds, fan or AC and private bathroom. However, some travellers report that, despite Lonely Planet's endorsement, theft is a problem, especially in the dormitory rooms where random locals wander in and out through three doors. And the bar/restaurant shares a filthy bathroom with guests and plays loud music until late at night.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hacienda Merida" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">created by a rich nicaraguan family from the city, this place is the principal influence of the Merida locals benefiting so little from tourism. there are several family owned and operated hostel and guesthouses that are not listed in your guidebooks. Feb 2012: The owner will create a slightly hostile atmosphere for some guests (i.e. those that don't share in his bullheaded views and have the audacity to engage him in discussion). Experienced some cold and surly attitudes from some employees. After talking with some Hacienda Merida volunteers, know now that the attitude of the employees likely stems from being severely overworked for very minimal pay, and being treated as servants by the boss while they are at work.. Yes, the owner is responsible for great social welfare programs on Ometepe, but be aware that, like most things, this also comes with a somewhat sinister dark side. The Hacienda also advertises kayak trips to visit 'monkey island', while warning that these monkeys are likely to be aggressive and vicious. The monkeys are so bad-tempered because they were brought by the Hacienda onto a tiny island with no escape, nothing to do and no food (they are fed by hacienda staff) - think twice about visiting.</sleep>
* '''Puesta del sol'''. The community association invites you to come share the rural lifestyle of 16 families in the community of la Paloma, 1,5 km away from Moyogalpa. You will be able to practise spanish and if you want to, protect environment and help them in their projects.
*<sleep name="Finca del Sol" alt="" address="Santa Cruz" directions="Ometepe" phone="8364 6394" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" hours="">An ecological farm offering 3 private cabins, with private bath for rent. Very private, overlooking Volcano Concepcion and Lake Nicaragua. The Cabins are fully screened, with mosquito netting, purified water, TV and DVD - over 100 movies in English, Spanish and Italian to choose from. We are 100% solar powered and have a composting toilet system. Located a 10 min walk from the trailhead to Volcano Madaras and a few minutes from the best beach on the island, we are a great choice for the adventurer wishing for a little more comfort. On the farm we raise tropical sheep, grow rice, fruits and veggies.Mid price range - We have a maximum occupancy of 10 guests, so reservations are highly recommended. Visit our website for more info </sleep>
*<sleep name="American Cafe and Hotel" alt="" address="Moyogalpa" directions="Two blocks up main street from ferry" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Owners Simone and Robert have created a delightful little oasis on the main drag, several blocks up from the ferry landing. Spotless and spacious, the AC & H is a daily gathering spot for tourists and locals alike. Robert can usually be found somewhere near the front door greeting visitors while Simone commands the kitchen, where remarkable things are created. Simone's Italian, 'nuff said. The rates are incredibly affordable. The exterior of the building is kind of bland. But don't let the outside decor fool you, this is THE place to stay on ometepe for safety, guidance, and a good night's sleep.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hospedaje Soma" alt="Hospedaje Soma" address="Frente Instituto R.Smith Moyogalpa" directions="From the dock head up main street and one block in front of the catholic church turn to the left. Follow the street for about 400m and you will see Soma on the left hand side." phone="" url="" checkin="12pm" checkout="11am" price="$7 - $50" lat="" long="">Hotel Hospedaje Soma is located in Moyogalpa on Ometepe Island. With only a ten minutes walk to the dock of Moyogalpa Hospedaje Soma is a bit away from sometimes noisy ´downtown´ but still in reach of all neccesary services which provides the village. This really quiet place offers a dormitory $7 per person, private rooms $22 with shared bathrooms, $29 with private bathroom and cabins with private bathroom from $40 to $50 with AC. The rate for all private rooms includes a standard breakfast. The Hotel has a nice and cozy tropical garden with some space to hang out and chill and provides free WIFI for its clients. Soma offers a laundry service and tours and hikes can be organized from there.Please note that they only accept reservations by email hospedajesoma(at)</sleep>
*<sleep name="Little Morgan´s" alt="" address="Santa Cruz" directions="300m towards Balgue from Santa Cruz junction" phone="505 861107973" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$3-$30" lat="" long="">Beautiful accomodation, bar and restaurant. Owned by Morgan (the fun Irish guy) and run by a lovely Australian couple. All types of accomodation catered for with hammocks, dorms and private casitas. It is set amongst tropical tress feeling like a real paradise, and is on the lake, so is perfect for a swim and then relax by the bar or in a hammock. The bar has a pool table and is the most happening place at night. The dorms are far enough away though that you can sleep if you need to. Great food and great people. They offer everything from horseriding to remedial massage. A wonderful pace to stay, see for pictures and more information.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hospedaje San Ferndando" alt="" address="Communidat San Fernando" directions="" phone="505 25694876" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">
The nice hostal called Hospedaje San Fernando is found at the beach called Santo Domingo. Only 800 meters from the hotel Villa Paraiso. The place is very central to the most common acitivities activities (inside 4 kms) in Ometepe: swimming at 'Ojo de Agua', the beach with the white sand called Santo Domingo, the good old Finca Magdalena, the 'Humedal de Istian' and the forest 'Nebliselva' of the vulcano Maderas which to walk on is the mayor acitivity major activity for visitors. The privileged position near the rowad road between the tow vulcanos two volcanoes allows you to get around by feed or by public transport.
<li>Breakfast included.</li>
<li>Internet included. Very fast for the island (~800 MBit).</li>
<li>Access to the beach, Rancho, HammoksHammocks, ...</li>
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