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A Weekend in Philly

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Start your low key day off around 10 a.m. with a Greek Cypriot breakfast at '''Kanella'''. Before you leave your hotel you can make your reservations and look at the menu online at Make your way to Kanella'; depending on where you are staying will depend on your transportation. Kanella is located on 1001 Spruce Street. Kanella is a casual café filled with brick walls and colors of white and blue that surround you. Kanella is known for their breakfasts; In 2009 Esquire Magazine voted one of Kanella’s dishes as "The 37th Best Breakfast in America". Their food styles are Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Moroccan and Seafood.
After filling your stomachs with breakfast make your way to '''Rittenhouse Square'''. This is only 0.85 of a mile from Kanella. Rittenhouse Square is located in Fairmount Park on 18th and 20th Streets. This square was named after a patriotic leader David Rittenhouse. Enjoy yourself as you explore through the square you will see outdoor art exhibits, several art sculptures, annual flower markets, a reflecting pool, and many people having a picnic or watching their children play.
After getting fresh air from walking through the square hopefully you have worked up an apatiteappetite, as one cannot come to Philadelphia without trying a cheese steakcheesesteak. Why not go to one of the top places that specialize in cheese steakscheesesteaks? '''Geno’s Steaks''' is almost 2 miles from Rittenhouse Square. Geno’s is located on 1219 South 9th St. In 1966 Geno’s was started and has stayed as a family owned diner since then. There is no indoor dining available at Geno’s; however there are tables available under a canopy along the sidewalk. To see the menu click here Geno's is open 24 hours, and the line has been said to stretch around the block no matter the time!
After filling your stomach with a cheese steak cheesesteak make your way to support the '''Philadelphia Phillies''', preorder your tickets here at . The stadium is 2 miles away from Geno’s. It is located on 1 Citizen Bank Way. The Phillies are 16th in stats this season, go Go out and experience the exciting atmosphere of the game. Throughout Citizen Bank Park, there are many activities to do. From ; from Ashburn Alley, The Break, to Cooperstown Gallery. If you have the urge to shop there are 7 merchandise shops. Make sure you don’t fill up at the concession stands though.
After a thrilling game of baseball, make your final spot being heading home to '''Distrito''', to fill up on Mexican food. Distrito is about 6 miles away from The Citizen Stadium, located on the corner of 40th and 3945 Chestnut Street. You can make your reservations and take a look at the menu online at . Dinner starts being served at 5:00 p.m. Distrito is a restaurant that’s full of pink décor that will get your attention. This modern restaurant has unique setting from chairs, booths and taxis. Chef Jose Garces won ''Best Chef Mid-Atlantic'' award and won ''The Next Iron Chef'' in 2010. After dinner, head back to your hotel and start packing.

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