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Washington (state)

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Commuter Airports
====Commuter Airports====
Horizon Air (which links to Alaska Air) has flights to five small cites in or near Washington State. Infrequent with infrequent daily service, with all connections via to Seattle-Tacoma. There's also a couple of commuter flight flights on SeaPort Airlines from to Portland (PDX) to Eastern Oregon Regional Airport (PDT), which is near Walla Walla and Pasco/Tri-Cities.
'''[[Lewiston]]''', Idaho (next to '''[[Clarkston]]''', Washington) (IATA: LWS)Seattle-Tacoma
'''[[Pullman]]''' (IATA: PUW) Seattle-Tacoma
'''[[Walla Walla]]''' (IATA: ALW) Seattle-Tacoma, or Portland via Eastern Oregon Regional Airport (IATA:PDT) in nearby [[Pendleton]]
'''[[Wenatchee]]''' (IATA: EAT) Seattle-Tacoma, Portland (1 stop)
'''[[Yakima]]''' (IATA: YKM)Seattle-Tacoma, Portland
===By train===

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