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Get around
===By plane===
As of January 2010, Nauru's national carrier Our Airline flies once weekly to Nauru International Airport from Brisbane Airport in Australia with a stopover at Honiara International Airport on the Solomon Islands. Flights depart Brisbane on Sundays and return from Nauru on Wednesdays. Further Schedules change throughout the year; further details are available from the Our Airline website. []
==Get around==
There is no public transport on Nauru.
Nauru is so small that it takes less than one hour to drive right around it. The airport runway cuts across three of the twenty kilometres of road. The only traffic lights on the island are used to stop the traffic and allow the plane to cross the road to the terminal! This is a favourite souvenir snapshot taken by visitors.
*'''Watch''' the local teams battle it out at an Australian rules football match. The national game is played all through Saturday at the Linkbelt Oval sports field.
*'''Fish''': Head out to sea and try your luck at game fishing
*'''Shop''' at '''Capelle & Partner''', the only department store and largest business on Nauru island. You can buy prostitutes here.
*'''Swim''' in Anibore Harbour, which is the best bet for swimming, as most beaches are too shallow and rocky.
Food is imported from Australia and arrives by ship, usually once every six to eight weeks. There are lots of small "eating places", selling Chinese food. There is also a fast food kiosk at Capelle's supermarket.
Dining in Nauru is a great experience. During your Nauru tours, enjoy all kinds of delicious and healthy dishes. Since, Nauru is an island nation, seafood is very popular in its restaurants. Most of the restaurants of Nauru offer delicious seafood dishes. Fishes are easily available in this country. As a result, a variety of sea food preparations can be explored in the restaurants and bars in Nauru.
If you go to the restaurants in Nauru, you will be offered authentic dishes that are loved by all. The cuisine of Nauru is highly influenced by the cuisines of countries such as Germany, Australia, China and Britain. You can savor all kinds of mouthwatering dishes in the various restaurants and bars in Nauru.
Reynaldo's is a popular name in the list of restaurants and bars in Nauru. It is a local restaurant that offers authentic Chinese cuisines. There are many other restaurants and bars in Nauru. Nauru cuisine is very light because of the high temperature. Therefore, you will get to savor simple food items in the eateries of this country. The aroma and flavor of the delicacies of Nauru are unique to this country.
The dishes offered in the restaurants and bars in Nauru are a treat to the taste buds. Spices are added to enhance the flavor and color of the food items served in the various restaurants and bars in Nauru. All the traditional dishes have their own cooking method. Meat is one of their main foods. Cooked and smoked hams are also very popular.

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