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The Wire Tour

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''Make a left onto Patterson Park Ave'' to reach '''Collington Square Park''', where the big '''East-West Basketball Game''' went down. ''Continue north on Patterson Park Ave for two blocks''. The '''Saveland Food Mart''' on the left was used in a particularly disturbing scene, where Marlo stole a lollipop in plain view of the security guard, just to show that he could. The guard went to talk to him outside, asking him why he had to do that, to put his job in jeopardy for no reason. And for that act of bold honesty, Marlo later had him killed.
''Turn left here onto Federal St'', and you will see a very distinctive and beautiful building just behind the Saveland—the recently renovated '''American Brewery Building'''. Just behind the building is an abandoned area where the school kids hung out and played throughout Season Four. ''Turn right onto Gay St to head northeast. Turn left back onto North Ave'' and look left for the building that formerly housed The '''Rim Source''', Marlo's store. (The Rim Source has since relocated to the [[Baltimore/EastBaltimore|northeast of the city]].) ''At the end of the block, turn left onto Patterson Park Ave''.
===Far East===

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