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The Wire Tour

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Further out of the downtown area covered by the tour but still very much within the city limits is [[Baltimore/West Baltimore|Reservoir Hill]]. Forming most of its northern border is Druid Lake. At 901 Druid Park Lake DriveDr, at the corner of Linden Avenue, is the '''Riviera Apartments ''' building, the site of Monk's residence and the exterior shooting location of the infamous Season 5 gunfight between Omar and his accomplice Donnie (played by Donnie Andrews who was the inspiration for the character of Omar Little) and the forces of Marlo Stanfield, namely Chris Partlow, Snoop Pearson , and their protege, Michael Lee. The southeast corner of the building on Linden is where Omar made his spectacular leap from the balcony when his ammo ran dry and improbably disappeared from sight to the utter astonishment of his attackers. Please remember this is a PRIVATE ''private'' residential building - don't anger those who live there by trying to enter the building!

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