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The Wire Tour

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You're nearing the end of this long, grandiose tour of the city. ''Go back to Fort Ave and turn left, heading all the way to Light St, and turn right''. Past the Intercontinental, as you are getting into the [[Baltimore/Inner Harbor|Inner Harbor]], look left for the '''Hyatt Regency''', where Beadie stalked Vondas to room 520 on her reconnaissance mission. ''Light St will turn into Calvert St and take you into [[Baltimore/Downtown|Downtown]]''.
Look right down Redwood—it's a one way street so you won't be able to turn right, but note that at the end of the block is the one-time location of '''Werner's Diner'''(permanently closed as of April 2011), a famous old Art Deco Downtown diner, and a recurring filming location to show the politicians meeting up to talk shop.
''Now turn right onto Baltimore St''. At the end of the first block on the right is The American(currently occupied by a 7-11, Edible Arrangements, and other boring businesses), the interior of which was used as '''Kavanagh's Irish Pub''', where the police would have wakes for slain officers. Keep going straight, and between Commerce St and Gay St (really, those are the names of the streets by accident, not irony) is '''The Block''', the infamously seedy one-block stretch of Baltimore St filled with nothing but strip clubs. Despite the look and the business, it's actually quite safe because, as you will see on the corner of the next block, the city put the real Police Headquarters right next to it. It's not clear that any scenes were shot right here, but rest assured that the spirit of The Block made its way into the series.
''Turn right onto the small one-way Frederick St and go one block to Water St''. Just left is the '''Ruth's Chris Steakhouse''' that former Maj. Colvin takes Namond, Zenobia, and Darnell to as a prize for doing well in class. It doesn't go so well, as the students feel uncomfortable and have no idea how to act in this new environment.
''Turn right on Water St, and then right onto Gay St up to a left on Lexington St''. On the right is the exceptionally famous '''Hollywood Diner'''(currently closed), known to ''The Wire'' fans as the diner where drunken McNulty could, um, "get anything he wants." But it is even more famous as the principal location for Barry Levinson's (a co-director for ''The Wire'', no less) classic 1982 Baltimore movie, ''Diner''.
''Take a left on Commerce St'' to find '''City Hall''', used ''extensively'' on the show. ''Turn right on Fayette and go down all the way past Charles St'' to find the fictional location of the '''Police Headquarters''' on the right, which is in actuality an office building.

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