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Yosemite West

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Chinquapin Ranger Station
[[Image:Yosemite west overview.jpg|thumb|350px280px]]
[[Image:Yosemite_west_sign_smallYosemite west sign border.jpg|thumb|left|180px140px|Entrance signpost to Yosemite West on [[Image:CA-41.png|20px]]]]
'''Yosemite West''' located in [[Mariposa County]], [[California]] is accessed via roads in [[Yosemite National Park]]. It is bordered on the west by [[Sierra National Forest]]. 0n the south, east, and north, Yosemite West is bordered by Yosemite National Park. There is a paved access road from Wawona Road [[Image:CA-41.png|20px]] to enter Yosemite West. It is marked by a signpost shown below.
The elevation of this community, as reported by the USGS, is 5866 feet (1788 m). The GPS coordinates are N 37° 38.938’ W 119° 43.310’. Although appearing to be very near to the community of El Portal this community is part of Henness Ridge, towering nearly 3,000 feet (900 m) above the southern banks of the Merced River and the California [[Image:CA-140.png|20px]] from Mariposa.
==Understand== {| style="width:20%200px; float:right; background-color:{{{1|#FFCC66}}}" border="3" cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3" |+ '''Distance from Yosemite West'''!landmark Landmark !!milesMiles
|Badger Pass Ski Area || 6.5
Yosemite West is a small community, located in the southern area of Yosemite National Park just off Wawona Road, a continuation of California [[Image:CA-41.png|20px]] north of Fresno. It is situated one mile (1.6 km) south of the Chinquapin intersection of Wawona Road and Glacier Point Road at an altitude of 5,100–6,300 ft (1,550–1,900 m). Just outside the western boundary line of the National Park, Yosemite West is not subject to strict Park limitations on development. There are permanent residents in Yosemite West as well as a number of homes, apartments, condos and Bed & Breakfast establishments that are available as rentals for National Park visitors.
Deer=== Chinquapin Ranger Station ===BirdsPinesChinquapin (also, Chincapin and Chinkapin) is a former settlement in Mariposa County, California. It was located 8.5 miles (14 km) north-northwest of Wawona. Also, it is adjacent to the community of Yosemite West . Chinquapin is the midway point between Yosemite Valley and Wawona, a community inside the park.CedarChinquapin was built as a junction of the Old Glacier Point Road, which was built in 1882. Previously it was a bridle trail to Glacier Point (the current Glacier Point Road, which starts immediately north of the old road was built in 1940. On a 1896 U.S. Calvary map it is marked as "Chinquapin Station" It was named Chinquapin after Chinquapin Creek, which is immediately northwest of Chinquapin. Chinquapin Creek is today called Indian Creek.
[[Image:Badger Pass skiing.jpg|left|300px]]
With the close proximity of Badger Pass Ski Area (5 mi.), Yosemite West is in an unique position to access down hill skiing, xcross-Country Skiingcountry skiing, snowboarding and tubing during the winter months. Equipment rentals are available at Badger Pass. The cross-country skiing is very unique with 150 miles of trails in the snow, including many groomed trails like the trail to Glacier Point. During the winter, the visitor center at Glacier Point is converted to a an overnight hut for those that venture to this designation. The facility has a bunk area that sleeps up to 20 skiers in one big room.Badger Pass is a very family oriented facility. For the very young, there is the tubing hill "manned" supervised by Badger Pass staff. A parent can ride along if they wish, to add to the experience. There are also group and private skiing lessons for all ages.For those that just want to watch, the Badger Pass has a cafeteria, lounge and a large seating area on the extended deck. The deck offers a panorama view of the downhill and snowboarding slopes. The flat area in front of the deck is used by skiers and snowboarders as an equipment staging area to prep for the slopes or meet with others.

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