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Toronto/North York

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* '''Little Moscow'''. Bathurst from Sheppard to Steeles and Steeles from Dufferin to Younge. Known for its Russian populace, with a large Russian Jewish population, one will find various stores with russian signs. As in it's multi-ethnic namesake city, there're Russians, Ukranians, Georgians, and other ethnic groups from former USSR. It has grown significantly since breakup of the USSR and has recently swollen into Thornhill and Richmond Hill.
* '''Korean Strip'''. Yonge St between Churchill Blvd and Steeles. Second largest population of Koreans in Toronto next to Little Korea downtown, it is one of the largest congregation of Koreans outside of their native land. Known for its karaoke Fridays. Large numbers of Chinese live here as well. You'll find the Persian Section bleeds into the Korean strip to the south.
* '''Persian Section'''. Yonge St between Finch and Steeles. Many Persian grocers and restaurants line this section of Yonge Street, while the residential streets house a large Persian population. Some of the cheapest and best Shish Kebabs, Halva, and Baklava can be purchased here. You'll find the Korean strip bleeds into the Persian Section to the north.
* '''Downsview'''. Downsview was originally a farm located in the 1870s near the present-day intersection of Keele Street and Wilson Avenue. It now extends beyond the intersection of Sheppard Avenue and Dufferin Street, in the former City of North York. The area includes several large post-WWII subdivisions. It includes Downsview Airport, the former site of Canadian Forces Base Downsview, recently largely converted into an urban park known as [[Downsview Park]]. The airport is still used as a manufacturing and testing facility for Bombardier Aerospace.

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