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Sisophon is a transport hub that almost every overland visitor to Cambodia will unknowingly visit for at least 15 min. It is located at the junction two fully sealed main routes: National Highway 5 (to [[Battambang]] [80 km south] and [[Phnom Penh]])and National Highway 6 (to [[Siem Reap]] [100 km east] and [[Phnom Penh]]). Highway 5 continues west for 50 km to [[Poipet]] and the Thai border.
The town's main tourist draw are is the '''Banteay Chhmar Temples''', which offer a more remote and atmosheric alternative to the those in [[Siem Reap]].
The town is sufficiently large to benefit from modern technological advancements not found in the countryside but is largely untouched by foreign influences, which makes it an interesting representation of modern Cambodia. There's a smattering of aspiring English speaking students, mentally unsound Khmer Rouge survivors, peasants and provincial townsfolk which give the those who care to spend any time in Sisophon a glimpse of folk that are not found in the more visited, more urbane cities.

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