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'''Pursat''' is the capital of western [[Cambodia]]'s Pursat province. It is indistinguishable from Cambodia's other small provincial capitals. This sleepy town has holds marginal interest for non-Khmer speakers, though may have appeal to those wanting be used a base for visits to see Cambodia without touriststhe [[Tonle Sap Lake]] or Cardamon Mountains.
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==Get around==
Central Pursat is easily covered foot. Motodops hang around the market, bus stations, train station, and sometimes along the highway. A ride anywhere in town should cost around 1,000 riel. A day trip to Kampong Luang or elsewhere can be negotiated for $5 or more. The occasional tuk tuk can also be found. The Phnom Pech Hotel rents small motorbikes by the day and half-day.
Pursat is an excellent place to meet local khmer peopleWalking the town will let its provincial dusty chams shine on any visitor. Walk around and there Children will be a lot of children saying scream "hello"at any passing tourist.If you are lucky and speak a bit with the people there is high possibility that they Locals may invite you for some food or karaoke.As in [[Battambang]], there is a "bamboo train".==Buy==
As in [[Battambang]], there is a "bamboo train".
The bread Common to any society that has emerged from food shortages, provincial Cambodia lacks a culture that reveres cuisine and pastries are terribleinstead favours sustanance.In short, don't expect more than a cheap meal rice and some gristly meat. Stalls and cafes around town offer similar nondescript human fuel. 
The Phnom Pech Hotel *<sleep name="Phnom Pech Hotel" alt="" address="Road 1, Pursat, Cambodia" directions="" phone="052951515" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">This hotel is about 200m North from the main bridge on the westbank of the river. The prices range from US$6-15. Rooms usually equipped with Western bathroom, cable TV and fan or air-con depending on the price. There is an attached restaurant serving decent food.</sleep> 
==Get out==
*Pursat offers access to the Cardamom Mountains, giving it potential for eco-tourism.
*28km away lie the floating villages of Kampong Luang on the [[Tonle Sap Lake]], a poplular day trip.
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