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'''Dominica''' [] is a part of the region of Central America and is a [[Caribbean|Caribbean island]] country between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about one-half of the way from [[Puerto Rico]] to [[Trinidad and Tobago]]. It is often known as '''"The Nature Island of the Caribbean"''' due to its spectacular, lush, and varied flora and fauna, which are protected by an extensive natural park system. The most mountainous island of the Lesser Antilles, its volcanic peaks are cones of lava craters and include Boiling Lake, the second-largest, thermally active lake in the world.
''Should not be confused with the [[Caribbean|Caribbean nation]] of the [[Dominican Republic]].''
Dominica [] was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans, due chiefly to the fierce resistance of the native Caribs. France ceded possession to Great Britain in 1763, which made the island a colony in 1805. In 1980, two years after independence, Dominica's fortunes improved when a corrupt and tyrannical administration was replaced by that of Mary Eugenia Charles, the first female prime minister in the Caribbean, who remained in office for 15 years. Some 3,000 Carib Indians still living on Dominica are the only pre-Columbian population remaining in the eastern Caribbean.
* Canadian Sailing Expeditions - Tall Ship Caledonia [] The Tall Ship Caledonia will arrive in the region in the fall of 2007. Travellers can embark at Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe and sail on to various locations on the island such as Deschaies. The vessel makes a number of stops in the area and visits Roseau & Portsmouth.
Cruise ships increasingly visit. [] A large pier serves many directly in front of the downtown area. If already occupied, ships dock at the industrial port about 1.5 miles away.
==Get around==
*<do name="Nature Isle Explorers" alt="" address="Laudat Village" directions="" phone="767-615-9288" url="" hours="vary" price="varies" lat="15.25N" long="61.27W">Nature Isle Explorers offers some of the best Dominica tours, Cruise Ship excursions and hikes at the Most affordable rates. We cater for all the different visitors to Dominica…No matter who you are, we have a tour to suit your needs... What time is it? Its Exploring time !!!.</do>
*<do name="JC Ocean Adventures" alt="" address="Mero Village" directions="" phone="767-449-6957" url="" hours="vary" price="varies" lat="15.25N" long="61.27W">JC Ocean Adventures offers sportfishing, snorkeling, whale/dolphin watching, coastal cruises, scuba diving, and Discover Scuba Diving. We cater to small groups with personalized service. We provide all needed gear for the trip you choose along with snacks and soft drinks. Come enjoy a relaxing day on the sea with us.</do>
Hiking trip,[] biking, ATV tours, or zip lining- Enjoy nature and experiencing the greenery and wildlife in their own habitat. Dominica offers a trek through the rainforest on some of the best biking or hiking trails. The ATV tours are exhilarating. They are a great way to cover a large area of the island. And, zip lining gets you right in the middle of the forest with an amazing view and a thrilling ride!
Scuba Diving, waterskiing, jet skiing, kayaking or other water sports- Scuba Diving or snorkeling in Dominica allows you to see ocean life from a whole new perspective. Waterskiing and jet skiing are a challenging, fast-paced ride. And kayaking or canoeing provide an alternative to the ocean and let you experience the rivers and inland bodies of water throughout Dominica.

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