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* [[Luxembourg]] is the '''only Grand Duchy in the world.'''.
* La [[Antigua Guatemala]] (''pictured'') was '''the colonial Spanish capital of Central America.''' . It is a World Heritage siteSite, and is arguably '''perhaps the most popular tourist destination in [[Guatemala]].'''
* Khan Shatyry in [[Astana]] is a shopping and entertainment center '''hosted in giant transparent tent big enough to hold 10,000 people'''.
* Fishermen used to have their boats blessed in [[Marseille]]'s cathedral , Notre Dame de la Garde (''pictured'') , and '''you can still see many boat models hanging around in the church'''.* At a Howler's Inn in [[Bozeman]] two rooms '''overlook wolf enclosures''', so '''guests can enjoy a '''wolf serenade by moonlight'''.* Originating Invented in [[Damascus]], [[Syria]] over '''2000 years ago''', the only place where the traditional making of '''Damascene''' is still made can be found today is far from its origins, in [[Kyoto]], [[Japan]]
[[Image:Highway of Death.jpg|100px|right]]
* A '''popular day trip''' from [[La Paz]] goes to [[Coroico]] along the scenic '''along the scenic "Death Road"''' (''pictured''), regarded as the '''most dangerous road in the world'''. * At 105 hectares Abuko Nature Reserve is '''one of the smallest''' (if not the smallest) '''protected areas in Africa''', but it still offers a good introduction to the [[Gambia]]n wildlife.'''* Founded by Christopher Columbus's brother Bartolome Colombus in 1496, [[Santo Domingo]] is the '''oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas'''.
[[Image:Police Boat Khao Lak.jpg|100px|right]]
* The Police Boat 813 (''pictured'') in [[Khao Lak]] was '''was swept 2 kilometers inland in the 2004 tsunami''', and it has been left where it was as a memorial and historical landmark.'''
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