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Cape Coast

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Get in
STC buses pull into the Goil Petrol Station (Pedu Junction), about 5km from the town centre. Buses from and to Accra (C5. 3hrs) and Takoradi (C3, 1hr) go twice a day. There is a daily bus to and from Kumasi (C5, 4hrs).
You can also take a trotro from Kaneshie Station in Accra to Cape Coast (8 GHC, as of June 2013) and Elmina (11 GHC, as of June 2013).
==Get around==
Taxi is the best way and is very cheap by western Western standards. Especially shared taxis are very common in Cape Coast.
From Accra the most easiest and most reliable means of transport to cape coast Cape Coast and around vicinity is to charter a 4wheel 4-wheel drivevehicle, a mini van or a smaller cars car that suits will suit the number of people involved in the trip.
Take a Global Mamas workshop on batiking, Ghanaian cooking, fishing, and/or dancing.
If there is a game when you're there, go see the Cape Coast Dwarfs play a soccer match in the stadium. Entrance fee is C3 and it's worth it! The level of play on the pitch may not meet European standards, but the enthusiasm of the fans surpasses those standards easily. Practically all spectators sing along in support of their team, encouraged by drums and other musical instruments. Do yourself a favour though: don't bring any valuables. There is always a risk of pick pocketing in large crowds and you will be feeling uncomfortable with a camera around your neck or your wallet showing through the bulb bulge in your pocket. Do bring some petty cash though, as you probably will want to by some water after a while sitting in the burning sun. Also, little baggies with peanuts and other snacks are being sold by women (and some children...) walking up and down the stands. It can be great fun, although you could be intimidated by a hint of aggression that hangs in the air, but not like hardliners among the fans of some European or South American teams. Intriguing fact though: In the end of the match, the referee is escorted off the field.
1 Gh¢ entry fee for the day. [ Website]</sleep>
*<sleep name="Prospect Lodge" alt="" address="Kotokuruba" directions="Located on top of Prospect Hill on the top end of the side-street near Cornell Internet Café on Kotokuruba Rd. " phone="" url="" hourscheckin="" checkout="" price="US$20-40" lat="" long="" hours="">Located on acceptable walking distance from Cape Coast castle and the beach clubs, Prospect Lodge overlooks the Cape Coast from above, just of the main shopping street. Has a lovely terrace-bar-restaurant with very sweet and good service, although the restaurant service is slow in comparising to their excellent laundry service. [ net/facilities.php Website]</sleep>*<sleep name="Coconut Grove Beach Resort" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Many rooms often frequented by tour buses with golf and horse riding in the resort. </sleep> 
==Get out==
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