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There are plenty of things to see in the Yantai area.
1.'''Changyu Wine Culture Museum''', situated at 56,Dama Road,Zhifu District. Also, don't forget to visit their hundred year old wine cellar.
2.'''Polaris Museum of Watch Culture'''. Opened in 2009, this museum is based on the old Watch factory of Old Chefoo/Zhifu.
There are 3 main parks in Yantai: Nanshan Park, Tashan Park & Yantai Hill Park.
Other tourist attractions:
'''Changdao County/the Long Island:'''
Both Changdao National Forest Park and Changdao National Nature Reserve are located on the islands, which are on a cross-Bohai Sea flyway.
The islands are often referred to as the Temple Islands (Chinese: Miaodao Qundao) because of the large number of temples that were built there. Xianying Palace is a temple that was built during the Northern Song Dynasty, starting in 1122. It was originally a Taoist temple to the sea goddess Matsu, but became Buddhist later. At the present time the local government has restored the temple to its Ming Dynasty appearance, although many additions had been made during the Qing.
The Changdao Islands are now open to non-Chinese nationals, including westerners This was agreed by the local and national governments as of 1 December 2008.
'''Yangma Island''': Although the name means Horse-breeding Island in Chinese, it's actually a great place for beachcombing.
'''Mu Family Manor''': Traditional Chinese architecture of mid-late Qing Dynasty style. It's associated with a popular TV series aired in China.
'''Mount Kunyu''':
Mount Kunyu is the birth place of Taoism in Yantai city. There is a mountain cave not far from kunyu mountain shaolin Kung Fu school (called Yan Xia cave) where it is said the founder of Taoism meditated for many years. There are eight statues, "The Eight Immortals," of important Taoists inside this cave today as a mark of respect.
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