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North Pole

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* '''Arctic Odysseys'''. []. Offers multiple excursion. Travel via helicopter, plane, icebreaker, dog sled, skiis, or a combination for a celebration at the North Pole. Make a phone call from the Pole, enjoy a Pole barbecue, or take a dip in the frigid waters before returning shipboard or to your Arctic expedition camp.
* '''Deutsche Polarflug''', []. North Pole sightseeing flights, starting in May 2007, 11-hour sightseeing flights departing from Germany in an Airbus 330, cruising over Norway and Svalbard, riding low over special sights, and getting all the way up to the North Pole. Most passengers switch during the flight between center-section seats to pairs of outer-section seats, giving everyone in this class a window or next-to-window seat for half of the flight; a small number of tickets are center-section or outer-section only. Informative in-flight programming. €555-€1190 economy, call for first-class. * '''Global Expedition Adventures''', []. Offers a variety of packages, including plane/helicopter directly to the Pole, overnighting at the Pole, skiing "the last degree", and even skydiving onto the polar ice cap. You will typically be looking at a minimum of US$12,000 per head for the trip.
* '''Icetrek''', []. Offers day-trips from Longyearbyen, 3-4 day excursions overnighting at Barneo, and skiing expeditions up to 9 days on the ice. €7,900-€13,900.
* '''Northwest PassagePolarExplorers''', []. Offers packages including plane/helicopter flights all the way to the Pole, last-degree skiing, and dogsledding to the Pole.
* '''Voyage Concepts''', []. Offers a five-day excursion by air, and a two-week (including training) expedition skiing the last leg of the way and flying back. Departs from [[London]] by way of Svalbard. £12,000 and up.
* '''Polar Challenge''', []. Offers the opportunity to take part in a 350 nautical mile competitive team Polar race to the Magnetic North Pole and beyond. Includes full pre-race training in Wales, Austria and the Arctic, equipment and full administrative support. Entry fee £17,500 per person.
* '''North Pole Adventures''', []. Offers standard as well as not so standard North Pole packages from special honeymoon deals to overland ski crossings to vodka tasting at 40 degrees below zero. Flights take off from Moscow and Frankfurt. Trips average about €10,000 per person, although honeymooners enjoy a two for the price of one deal.
===By sea===
There are two commercial sea vessels making regular trips to the North Pole, the nuclear-powered Russian ice-breaker '''''Yamal''''', and '''''50 Years of Victory''''', operated by the Murmansk Shipping Company. They depart from [[Murmansk]] (tour packages beginning in [[Helsinki]] and in [[Moscow]]), making several two-week journeys in the Summer (when the ice is easier to get through). '''''Yamal''''' is equipped with 50 cabins and suites with private bathrooms and exterior windows, fine dining, heated indoor pool, gym, library, etc. '''''50 Years of Victory''''', the largest icebreaker ever built, has 64 cabins in five categories. Voyages are booked by a variety of tour operators (including some of the air-excursion outfits, plus several others), generally at about US$18,000-US$25,000 per person (double occupancy).Vessels are taken on charter from the Russian government and are operated only by two companies in the world: * '''Poseidon Expeditions''', [].* '''Quark Expeditions''', []. There are also agents who resell these voyages:
* '''Adventure Life''', [].
* '''Arctic Direct''', [].
* '''Quark Expeditions''', [].
* '''Journeys International''', [].
* '''Poseidon Arctic VoyagesPolar Cruises''', [].
==Get around==
im gayIt is impossible to buy ''''anything'''' at the North Pole; you should bring ''''everything'''' you might need for your expedition. A small variety of beer, vodka, and whiskey is available in the Camp Barneo dining tent, at reasonable cost given the location (e.g. $5 for a beer, in 2013), as are souvenir t-shirts, until they sell out.
You or your tour operator will have to bring along all of your food. Celebratory caviar is traditional upon arriving at the Pole itself. Camp Barneo, if you stay there, serves three hot meals each day, at specific times. Typical fare is basic, including mashed potatoes, stew, sliced lunch meat and cheese, crackers, pretzels, and coffee/tea. There is usually another item or two for variety.
==Get out==
 Most visitors to As the North Pole head is the northernmost point on Earth, it is impossible to go further north. Everyone heads south, typically via the same expedition team they arrived with.
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