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Sagar Island

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Sagar Island is about 80 km south of Kolkata, cut off from the main land by Muriganga river. At present there is no road bridge to connect the island to the main land. The Muriganga river can be crossed by ferry service to reach the Sagar Island. After crossing, the confluence of Sagar (bay of Bengal) & Ganga meeting point (holy river Ganges) can be reached via private taxis also which are generally charging between INR 450 to charges around INR 700 and it takes about 40 minutes to reach that pointthe confluence area from Kachuberia.
[[image:sagar_ferry.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Transport Ferry at Sagar.]]
*After reaching Sagar Island (Kachuberia jetty) one has to cross the whole stretch of Sagar Island (32 Km.) by local bus or shared taxi. Bus fare should be around Rs.10. A private jeep may charge around Rs 800-900. It was Rs 500/- for a 7 seater Maruti/Suzuki Van for both ways in February 2010 including stay at the destination of southern most point. There is no accommodation available on the point of crossing (Kachuberia), so everybody has to travel the whole stretch of the Island and reach the southernmost part, where accommodations are abundant.
*Except Apart from Namkhana and Harwood Point, there is also a direct ferry service is also available to reach Kachuberia (Sagar Island) from [[Haldia]].
*It is possible to go the entire length by private car or hired car from Kolkata. At Harwood Point there is provision to transport vehicle with the help of a barge locally known as LCT. There are no fixed time for the crossings, because it is totally dependent on the water-level and thus, on the timings of the high tides. The charge for a light or medium vehicle is Rs. 250/- as on December 2005. The fare increases at the time of Ganagasagar Mela (The Fair).
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