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Middle East

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*Iranian (Also known as Persian) Carpet
*Iranian Pistachio
*Iranian Saffron
*Iranian Caviar
Planning a visit to the Middle East can be complicated in various ways:
* Some countries and territories in the area, such as [[Iraq]] , [[Syria]], and the [[Gaza Strip]], are in a state of war or civil war and should not be visited. See [[War zone safety]] if you must go.
* Some countries, such as [[Saudi Arabia]], do not issue tourist visas except for a few expensive tours.
* Some countries in the region have very strict Islamic Law, with heavy penalties for [[Gay_and_lesbian_travel#Dangerous_destinations|homosexuality]], adultery and other "offenses". * Many countries in the region do not recognize the state of [[Israel]] for many reasons. These nations may refuse you entry if you have an Israeli visa or an Israeli stamp in your passport, or even a visa for another country that was issued in Israel. The Israeli authorities will generally help you avoid these problems by providing a visa as a separate document so it is not in your passport, however now this has been discontinued; see the [[Israel]] article for details. Only [[Turkey]], [[Egypt]] and [[Jordan]] have official relations with Israelin the region.* For most of the area, suggestions in [[Tips for travel in developing countries]] apply.
==Stay healthy==
* [[Caucasus]] — the lush and beautiful Caucasus is a short hop north from Iran.
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