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Playa Las Flores

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Do: Lived in ES for 3 years as a travel writer and never heard of the "famous" Intipuca Beach, but I do know the American hotelier who would like it to be famous!
'''{{#explode:{{SUBPAGENAME}}| (|0}}''' is regarded as having one of the best right point breaks in [[El Salvador]].[[Image:Playa Las Flores.jpg|thumb|right|200px|[[Playas Las Flores]], [[San Miguel (El Salvador)|San Miguel]] - One of the best surf spots In El Salvador]]
==Other destinations==
*[[Playa El Esteron]]
*[[Intipuca Beach]]
*[[El Cuco]]
==UnderstandGet in==The Pan-American highway travels through El Salvador and is a safe route for entering the country and travelling between San Miguel in the East and San Salvador in the West.
==Get in==From San Miguel bus terminal there are regular one hour bus rides to El Cuco where you can walk or take a taxi to Playa Las Flores.
==Get around==
*Hotels in '''[[Playa El Esteron]]''' and '''[[Intipuca Beach]]''' offer a free shuttle service to Playa Las Flores or alternatively you can take cheap taxi rides between neighboring beaches.
*'''[[El Cuco]]'''is a quintessential beach with dark sands, lined with vendor huts and seafood restaurants and shaggy palms
*'''[[Playa El Esteron]]''' is a beautiful and secluded beach located on the Eastern side of El Cuco
*'''[[Intipuca Beach]]''' is next to Playa El Esteron and where the river joins the ocean is popular for stand up paddleboarding.
*'''Stand Up Paddleboarding''' at [[Intipuca Beach]]
*'''Boat trips''' around the islands
*'''Water skiing, Tubing, Wake boarding, Para sailing, Jet skiing''' in [[Playa El Esteron]], one of the most beautiful beaches in El Salvador
*'''Kayaking''' through the mangroves
*'''Volcano hiking''' up Chaparrastique - One of the most active volcanoes in El Salvador
*'''Waterfalls and hot springs'''
*'''Nature hikes and lake tours''' to Isla de Olomega on [[Lake Olomega]]
You can find great options for sea food fresh from the coast of El Salvador
'''[[Intipuca Beach]]''' You can also find several bars and liquor stores in '''[[El Cuco]]''' or for party-nightlife you can head to Ave. Roosevelt in '''[[San Miguel (El Salvador)|San Miguel]]''' which has numerous bars and clubs open until the early hours of the morning and is also hosts to the biggest carnival in Central America in November.
see '''[[San Miguel (El Salvador)|San Miguel]]'''
==Get out==
*There are regular busses that leave El Cuco for San Miguel bus station where you can catch a connecting bus to many other destinations inside or outside the country.*Some hotels offer a shuttle service to San Miguel or other destinations inside the country.*La Tortuga Verde offers transport between El Salvador and Nicaragua (skipping Honduras) by private boat $200 for up to 20 people.

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