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==Get in==
There is a RM5 conservation fee to enter the island (, which can be paid at a little kiosk just before departing from the Mersing ferry's pierterminal).
===By Ferry===
[[Image:CoastGuard_Check.jpg|thumb|200px|Coast Guard boards Tioman ferry for safety check]]
There are three services per day in each direction, but tidal issues (or lack of passengers) may cause cancellation. Bluewater Express charges RM 35 (RM 45 on public holiday) for an adult ticket, RM 25 for a child ticket (babies in arm free, as of last info), and departs from Salang at 07:15 am, Panuba at 7.30am etc etc and at noon, and picks up travellers all the way down the coast. It should be noted that apart from the first sailing of the day, the ferry operator tends to leave Mersing when it the tide is deemed that high enough for the ferry to be able to pass through the mouth of the river, there are sufficient passengersaboard, or perhaps they are waiting for a connecting bus. This has the effect Because of making this, it may not always be possible to strictly adhere to the timetables vague at besttimetable. If So, if you are planning onward journeys based on these timetablesthe timetable, then leave sufficient buffers (1-2 Hours).
[[Image:Boat_schedule_mersing_tioman.jpg|thumb|200px|Bluewater Express speed boat schedule]] In [[Mersing]], the main bus terminal is about 1000 metres up river from the ferry terminal. From the terminal face the river and go right. Follow through the commercial centre of Mersing, past the stadium to the ferry terminal. The bus may also drop you off at the corner where a conveniently located travel agent will attempt to sell you accommodation on the island. It may suit some to make a booking in the town before going to the island, others may prefer to take their chances and check out the offering on the island. In the instance where the afternoon ferry (4.30pm) is not running, one may have to stay in Mersing, which can be a fairly low expectation affair, depending on demand. Suggestion is to head straight to the ferry terminal, buy a ticket and worry about other matters later. Alternatively, you simply buy your ferry tickets in advance at Tioman Ferry Tickets [], so your ferry seats are guaranteed. If you are not heading for the island, boats are available for private boat charter, scuba dive, fishing & Islands Tour along Jalan Dato Onn, Mersing.
Some ferries also depart from [[Tanjung Gemuk]] to the north of [[Mersing]].
Please note, if you are coming from [[Johor Bahru]] with the bus of 2.30pm or later, there is a big chance to have no more ferry when you arrive and you will be force to take a night at [[Mersing]]. Enjoy it and take time for shopping as it will be more expensive on islands. Please note, most shops will be close in early morning (before 10am).
===By dive operator===
Many dive operators in [[Singapore]] operate their own trips to Tioman, and this would usually include taking a bus from Singapore to Mersing, then boarding the ferry for Tioman in Mersing. While it might be more expensive, this would probably be one of the most hassle-free ways to visit Tioman.
===By plane===
Local transport is by bike, cars at Tekek, and by boat. A concrete road runs through Tekek, extending from the Berjaya resort in the south, past the airport, and to the northern end of ''Tekek village''. There is a concrete path running the length of Air Batang area. Elsewhere there are almost no roads on Tioman. Cars may charge around RM20 for the short distance from the end of Tekek jetty/parks info office to the airport and up to RM120 for the biggest distance with a minimum of 2 or 4 passengers.
The rough concrete track was started by the Japanese in WWII and was re-opened several years ago. It follows the main electricty cable across to Juara. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is required. When you arrive you may be asked for up to RM175 to charter a whole vehicle to take you across. In May 2012 chartering a whole vehicle from Juara to Tekek cost RM60, but be aware that the savvy tourist usually pays no more than RM100, and the local rate is RM80 (total per vehicle)though individual passengers in shared vehicles were quoted as RM35/head. It takes 45 min and is an interesting, steep and hairy ride. One alternative to paying a vehicle to take you down this road is to walk through the spectacular forest trail instead. The entrance to this trail is part-way up the mountains when coming from Juara (turn right at the sign), or when coming from Tekek (or ABC) simply turn east at the northern end of the airport.
===By boat===
===By jeep===
There are '''4WD "taxis"''' from Tekek to Juara. They may ask for RM 75 (single person), RM 120 total (two persons) or RM 35 each (min. 4 persons). In May 2012 only RM60 was requested.
Don't be forced into using those who tout directly outside the airstrip. Slow down to local pace and take your time over everything.
There are several jungle treks , following the power lines, which connect the Kampungs. Depending on your condition and preferences, it could be better to have walking/trekking shoes and long pant.
* '''Tekek - Juara''' It is relatively easy to cross the island on foot from ''Tekek'' to ''Juara''. The path up from ''Tekek'' is a well established but unpaved, 7 km long track with occasional stone steps to assist and a few fallen tree trunks to keep things interesting. You cannot lose the trail because it follws the powerline to Juara. It's feasible with a small backpack, but fairly strenuous, so allow plenty of time(at least two hours each way for the trail itself, or three and a half hours if crossing from settlement to settlement). In Tekek, the trail starts north of the airport (sign ''to Juara''). Close to the waterworks, one leaves the road and continues on the trail. On the east side, it's an easy broad concrete footpath with no steps all the way from the summit down to ''Juara''. Allow a minimum of at least 2 hr two hours for the whole thing, significantly more if you want to stop along the way or if you're carrying anything, and take plenty of water (and optionally bug repellent; also bear ). You can refill water bottles in the stream that feeds the Tekek town as drinking water catchment area about half way. Bear in mind that the path is unlit and that it gets dark early in the jungle (especially on the ''Tekek'' side). There is no cheap way to go back. alternative Alternatives to walk walking are speed boat or 4WD, 50-100RM.
* '''Tekek - Air Batang''' It is also possible to walk from ''Tekek'' to ''Air Batang (ABC)'', and the hike path is relatively level. Just follow the power cable. * '''Air Batang - Monkey Bay''' Again following the power cable, the hike is possible, though this is less level. First comes ''Panuba'' resort. Next there is ''Monkey Beach'' which is beautiful (it takes about 70 min to get from ''ABC'' to ''Monkey Beach''). Make sure to follow the established trail by the power cable. Shortly thereafter is ''Monkey Bay''. The two lie next to each other (in fact, one can swim out of the bay of ''Monkey Beach'' and reach ''Monkey Bay'' on the right without problems). There is hut at ''Monkey Bay''. Don't try it with a heavy backpack.
* '''Air Batang - Monkey Bay''' Again following the power cable, the hike is possible, though this is less level. First comes ''Panuba'' resort. Next there is ''Monkey Beach'' which is beautiful (it takes about 70 min to get from ''ABC'' to ''Monkey Beach''). Make sure to follow the established trail by the power cable. Shortly thereafter is ''Monkey Bay''. The two lie next to each other (in fact, one can swim out of the bay of ''Monkey Beach'' and reach ''Monkey Bay'' on the right without problems). There is hut at ''Monkey Bay''.
** '''Monkey Bay''' If you continue along Monkey Beach to it's northern end, you will find a foot path that leads to the side of Monkey Bay, a very pretty hourglass indented beach. The foot pad is subject to treefall so expect it to be hard to follow in places, but panic not if you lose the path, use your head and nut it out. The more use the better the path will get. Both beaches offer very good snorkelling. The other way to reach them is by water taxis. There are ruins of attempts to set up business here, but otherwise no development, but the writer definitely saw a family of monkeys, who ignored the humans and didn't seem to expect any food. Of course don't feed them.
[[Image:Salang_to_Monkey_Bay_Power_Lines.jpg|thumb|224px|Following the power lines between Salang and Monkey Bay (photo by Paul Farr).]]
* '''Monkey Bay - Salang''' Keep following the power cable to get to Salang. Remember to follow the power lines, since the path may be hard to see sometimes. This path is more steep than the previous paths. It may take upto 90 min for this part of the hike. Don't try it with a heavy backpack.
[[Image:MonkeyBeach.jpg|thumb|224px|Monkey Beach with its yellow sand]]
[[Image:Salang_waterfalls.jpg|thumb|224px|A basin of the waterfalls near Juara]]
* At the north southern end of Mrntawak beach there is a turtle hatchery.
* <do name="Juara Turtle Project" alt="" address="" directions="about 30min of crossing to tetek by walk" phone="09 419 31533244" email="[email protected]" fax="(603) 9200 5753" url="" hours="program at 11am & 4pm, else closed open during the day to visitors" price="Minimum donation of RM10 as entrance fee">available volunteer and group programs. sea turtle conservation / sustainable living / habitat protection. privately funded and operated. 1-2h to understand more how live sea turtle and how to preserve them, you may see eggs or hurted injured sea turtle turtles depending on current situation.</do>
== Do ==
'''Scuba''' facilities are readily available, and the diving is reasonably good, especially in view of the proximity to [[Singapore]]. Most villages have a variety of dive shops. Padi Open water courses average at about RM990 (4 day course), and for licensed divers each dive is roughly RM90). You plan to dive and are travelling with small budget? Go to Air Batang (ABC) since accomodation is about RM30 and not RM40 like in Salang.
* <do name="DiveAsia - PADI 5 Star IDC" alt="" address="Salang Village" directions="From the jetty, turn left, walk straight and it's on the left." phone="+60 9 419 5017" url="" hours="" price="RM900 for PADI Open Water course" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Established in 1976. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent dive sites (Salang is best for diving). Helpful with arranging accommodation. The first and only Instructor Development Centre on Tioman Island. Services include boat dives, day and night shore dives, equipment servicing, air/nitrox/trimix refill, hydro testing, PADI recreational dive courses (Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Divemaster and Instructor).</do>
* ''' Tioman Cabana''':[], ☎ +60 13 717 6677, watersport at Tg Saik Beach, Tekek Village.
* ''' Salang''': South of the Jetty the coral begins almost as soon as the water is deep enough to swim in, offering some great views of a variety of fish and even turtles to the less confident swimmer. Following the rocks further out and around the headland gives an even greater variety of marine life. It is also worth swimming out to the small Island just off the headland for the possibility of seeing black tip reef sharks.
For those who are surf junkies, Tioman receives swells up to 2 m from the South China Sea. However, they only come during the wet season which is from November to March and only hit the eastern side of the island.
However, do note that in case you intend to purchase alcohol or cigarettes and carry them into neighbouring Singapore, then you would need to pay duty on these goods and hence the cost advantage vanishes. Refer to Singapore customs website on duty free allowances; the Singapore authorities can be pretty strict, always declare tobacco and alcohol to Singapore customs officials and be prepared to pay high duty or dispose of the items.
ATM is available at Tekek. From the wharf go left, the bank with the attached ATM is on the left of the road about 250 metres on. The ATM is a 10-second walk from the airport.
*<eat name="ThaiFun Restaurant" alt="ThaiFun 2011" address="near Berjaya Tioman Resort" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="24 hr/day" price="" lat="" long="">Thai restaurant opened in 2011. You can watch Thai television there.</eat>
The food in Salang is similarly priced and there is a variety of western and local fare. For those who enjoy seafood there are numerous barbeque restaurants offering freshly caught fish, shrimp, squid and crabs, these begin opening around 7pm.
* '''Mañana''', Juara (''southernmost beach'') []. Wooden open air lounge/terrace at the beach with cushions, very good selection of chilled music in the evening, good food and a nice flair. But don't expect any wild parties going on there. The place is almost in the middle of the south beach. At time of writing (April 2006) there was a volleyball net in front of it on the beach.
* '''Bar RumhaRumba''', Genting Venting (''5 minutes walk north from the jetty''). Newly opened in 2011, cosy cony intimate place right on the beach run by a friendly young local couple who have taken a lot of effort to give the place an individual feel: coral chandalierschandeliers, driftwood construction, amazing tree and swinging picnic table. Drinks are a decent price and the cocktails are really well made.
* '''Sunset Bar''', Air Batang (''Nazri's place''). Serves a variety of homemade pizza ranging from RM10-15, sunset bar is right on the beach.
Most of Tioman's backpacker accommodation is to the north of the island, with numerous budget chalet operations clustered around '''Salang''' and '''Air Batang''' (sometimes also referred to as '''ABC''' - although this is the name of the resort at the northern end of the beach, not the beach itself), and to a lesser extent '''Tekek'''. Dorm beds start about RM 20, single rooms (huts) around RM 40 and up. Amongst the most popular are:
* '''Coral Reef Chalets'''[], Kg Tekek. RM40-RM80 onward.
* '''Babura Seaview'''[], Kg Tekek. RM55 onward.
====Air Batang====
* '''Mokhtar's Place''', Kg Air Batang. RM30 onward.
* '''My friend's place''', Kg Air Batang. RM25 onward.
 * '''Nazri 2'''[], Kg. Air Batang. RM80 onward. ☎ +60 9 4191329  
* '''South Pacific''', Kg Air Batang. RM45 onward.
* '''Y & P chalets''', Kg Air Batang. RM20 onward.
* <sleep name="Mawar beach chalets & restaurant" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="about RM30">mosquito screen, fan, only 1 power outlet/fan, clean, no towel/soap/repellent/trashbin/blanket</sleep>
* '''Salang Indah Resorts''', Kg Salang. RM50 onward. ☎ +60 9 419 5015, no wifi
* '''Salang Pusaka Resort (Khalid`s Place )'''[], Kg Salang. RM45 onward.
* '''Puteri Salang Inn''', Kg Salang. RM30 for a hut with fan and mosquito vent. Free coffee. 2°52'27.79"N, 104° 9'16.51"E.
* '''Y & P chalets''', Kg Air Batang. RM20 onward. * '''Paradise Point''' is right on the beach. ☎ +60 94193145, +60 13 746 2787 May collect you if you phone ahead. ====Juara==== * '''Juara''', a A quieter beach on the east coast, also has a selection of budget rooms at similar prices. * '''Beach Shack Chalet''', Kg. Juara, RM45 onward. ☎ +60 9 4193148. Tioman Surf Centerseason from November through February (monsoon)* <sleep name="Mawar beach chalets & restaurant" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="about RM30">mosquito screen, fan, only 1 power outlet/fan, clean, no towel/soap/repellent/trashbin/blanket</sleep> * <sleep name="juara mutiara resort" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="single room fan or ac RM30/100"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Juara Mutiara Resort" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="single room fan or ac RM30/100"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Beach Shack Chalet" alt="" address="Kg. Juara" directions="Southern Juara beach" phone="+60 9 4193148" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="RM40 onward">Basic huts and restaurant right on the paradise like beach, Tioman Surf Center</sleep>
* '''Paradise Point''' is right on the beach; six rooms with fan and attached bathroom (cold shower), double (RM30), triple (RM60). ☎ +60 94193145, +60 13 746 2787 May collect you if you phone ahead.
* '''Paya Beach Resort''', Kampung Paya (''south of Tekek''), []. A typical Tioman resort featuring an almost-private beach, a particularly good restaurant, a swimming pool, a dive shop and chalets of varying standards. The crumbling Standard chalets are poor value, the newer Superiors are much better. Get a package here as the rack rates are extortionate.
* '''Nipah Paradise Resort'''. A nice small bay in the south of Tioman, with only two small resorts, the beach and a creek. Nipah is the right beach for people, who want to get away from it all because there is not even a public telephone! The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, most of the travelers are backpackers who put up at Nipah Beach Chalets. The second resort - Nipah Paradise - is a paradise haven for the backpackers. It offers small cheap challetschalets. The nice owners offer a two days trekking tour through the jungle to the peak of Gunung Kajang, Tioman's highest peak (1038 m).
* '''Nazri's Place''', ☎ +60 9 4191329, []. You can camp too there with the price of RM3 person per day. Ask to build camp next to pizza "hut" near beach. This camp place will suite for 2 tent (4 man tent). There are field behind for more tent, but it is far a bit from beach.
* '''Panuba Resort''', ☎ +60 7 7996349, []. Located at a very small kampong about 200 m north of Air Batang and the second last ferry stop. This kg has now been subsumed by an adhoc collection of accommodation structures that climb the rocky headland. The growing technical prowess of the builders results in a mixed grill of style from Malaysian hut to alpine chalet, and a switch from environmentally sympathetic timber to more intrusive concrete, the remnants of previous structures being carelessly preserved. From RM45 to RM140 en-suite, A/C, kettle (but no tea or coffee) breakfast, and a view from a balcony. In front is a 100 m beach which is great for swimming at the top half of the tide, and a reef for snorkling. Restaurant kampong grown fruit and drinks. Tiger beer at RM5 and red wine, sold from the snorkling gear hire shop.
* '''Swiss Cottage''', ☎ +60 9 4191642 []. Swiss Cottage, where Tioman Dive Centre [] is based, was one of the first chalet operators on Tioman. The resort has a variety of rooms built around a central area which is shaded by trees. It has a relaxed feeling and is a great place to hang out. The resort has 5 types of room, all of which are fan cooled, except for the Long House Aircon, - Terrace A/C rooms and Garden View Chalet A/C. Fan is usually sufficient given the beach front location . All rooms are with bathroom and hot water shower, breakfast is included in the price.
* '''Tioman Paya Resort''', []. Located behind the Paya Beach Resort, this resort is in need of upgrading. The chalets have hot water, A/C and TV. However, the A/C in the chalets are of the 1980s model that can vibrate strongly. The toilet is not what you expect to see in a mid-range resort, and the towels and blanket are very worn out.
* '''Ella Place'''. Located at the northern end of Salang Bay and one of the quieter options in Salang. A few small, simple chalets all face the sea. Each chalet has a fan and an attached bathroom with cold shower, while some also come with air-conditioning.
* '''Impiana inn'''., []. located in southern side of genting Impiana Inn started operation since 1985. We have has 18 units of chalets including 2 honey moon honeymoon suites, 1 family room & 16 standard rooms.
All rooms come with air-cond, water heater, in-house coffee-making and basic amenities. Impiana Inn is also the first and the only tioman Tioman resort with hemodialysis facility.Impiana inn is an ideal place to relax and take in breathtaking sunsets every evening, the resort is lies on unrivalled natural and landscaped surroundings on the spectacular rain forest with an uncompromising standards of service.
* <sleep name="Berjaya Tioman Resort" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+60-9-419 1000" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">18 hole golf course, Ayura Spa, and a wide variety of restaurant and bars.</sleep>
* '''Berjaya Tioman Suite''', tel. ''+60''-9-4191000, []. 7 blocks of fully furnished units comprising 1-bedroom studios, 2 bedroom family suites and 3 bedroom penthouses. Located on the On a hill, with most of the rooms are facing the sea and a swimming pool. Shuttle transfers every 10 min to Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort.  * '''Japamala Resort''', []. A very private and intimate resort with just 12 villas and chalets, a beautiful beach and 2 amazing restaurants, Tamarind Terrace & Mandi Mandi. Note that there is no mobile network coverage at Japamala which makes it an ideal getaway from the rest of the world. Impeccable service from its attentive staff.
* '''Bagus PlaceJapamala Resort''', at the Southern tip near Minang, []. Recently built chalet A very private and intimate resort run by young Europeans as an eco-resort. Private beachwith just 12 villas and chalets, with a small number of simple beautiful beach and tasteful luxurious chalets2 amazing restaurants, Tamarind Terrace & Mandi Mandi. Starting Note that there is no mobile network coverage at a whooping RM850 a night this resort still manage to get fully booked for many monthsJapamala which makes it an real getaway from the rest of the world. Impeccable service from its attentive staff.
* '''Bagus Place''', at the Southern tip near Minang, []. Recently built chalet resort run by young Europeans as an eco-resort. Private beach, with a small number of simple and tasteful luxurious chalets. Starting at a whooping RM900 a night this resort still manages to get fully booked for many months.
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