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Tips for flying

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Excess baggage
Make sure you always check the actual rules of the airline you are flying with. With an abundance of codeshare flights it is easy to assume that the luggage allowance will be the same as the airline you are booked through, or the airline indicated by the flight code, however it is the rules of the actual airline operating the flight that apply. If you are a frequent flyer with status be particularly careful, as any increased baggage allowance you have when flying with your airline will usually not apply to the codeshare flight.
Unless you own a business that does a lot of shipping, you probably won't have access to an industrial scale designed to weigh baggage and large packages by resting them on top of the scale. Nevertheless, there are a couple ways of methods of accurately weighing your bags. One way, The easiest is by purchasing to purchase a cheap luggage scale that consists of a handle, a small electronic scale, and a large hook. Simply hook the scale to the handle of the bag, and lift it up using the scale's handle. The weight will be shown on the display. Avoid buying a "hook" scale that won't measure beyond the airlines' surcharge limit (e.g. 50 lbs.), or can't switch between pounds and kilograms. You can also indirectly use a scale intended for weighing your body. First weigh yourself holding your bag completely off the ground, then without the bag, and subtract out the latter. However, this can be inaccurate if the scale is placed on a carpet or other soft surface. Also, be sure to "zero" the scale when its empty, and step onto the scale a few times after it's been picked up and moved to another location. It may then need to be reset to zero again.
If you find you are taking more baggage than allowed, check with the airline to see what the cheapest way of carrying it is. Sometimes additional baggage allowances can be pre-purchased, especially online where discounts may be given. Excess luggage fees are heftier if the excess weight is detected at the airport than if pre-arranged and pre-purchased.

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