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Understand: Fiorst of Rossendale
In the fourteenth century this area was Royal Hunting Park - the original Forest of Rossendale. Parts of the park's boundary are still clearly visible around Helmshore, which lies a mile or so south and west of Haslingden was itself.  Haslingden became a mill-town during the Industrial Revolution, but few signs of its textile heritage are now immediately apparent. However, on closer inspection the visitor will find a number of cotton mills remaining - mostly without their chimneys, and either derelict or taken over by other businesses. The town has a slightly neglected air, although recent improvements to Higher Deardengate where the original cobbled road setts were restored, and a replica Big Lamp erected, have smartened up parts of the town centre.
It is the birthplace of the composer '''Alan Rawsthorne''' (1905-1971).

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