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Puerto Galera

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Again, read don't tout. You will not be allowed to add this listing if you keep using 1st-person language and doing a sales pitch, but your account may be blocked if you continue.
There are many restaurants near Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera and Sabang Beach.
* '''[ Hemingway's Bistrot, Certified Angus Beef® Restaurant]''' <eat name="" alt="" address="Sabang Beach" directions="" phone="+63 920 2060 553 or +63 43 287 3560" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Hemingway's Bistrot on the west side of Sabang Beach/ Puerto Galera. Please have a look at our new site and we look forward to providing you the finest cuisine and first class service on the beach! Please come and visit us and enjoy a wonderful culinary adventure and celebrate a fantastic evening with your friends!</eat> e-mail: mailto:[email protected]
* <eat name="Le Bistro D'Agathe" alt="" address="Muelle Pier" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">A French restaurant that also has a bakery for fresh baguettes, croissants and other French pastry.</eat>

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