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[[Image:Rhode_island2.jpg|thumb|Narragansett, Rhode Island]][[Image:Narragansett_beaches2.gif|thumb|Beach villages of Narragansett]]'''Narragansett''' is in [[South County (Rhode Island)|South County]], [[Rhode Island]]. It includes the beach villages of Galilee, Scarborough, Point Judith, and Bonnet Shores. Families and students enjoy Narragansett especially in the summer because beaches are so close! After spending all day in the sun, there are many restaurants to sit down, relax, have some drinks, and eat some good food while hearing the ocean waves hit the shore.
Narragansett history in a nutshell - the bay and town took the name of the Indian nation that lived in Rhode Island, the name means “people of a small, narrow place.” Point Judith and Galilee were inhabited primarily by farmers and people in the fishing industry. Today Narragansett is home to shops, beaches, restaurants and marinas. The town is scarcely 20 miles long and less than 2 miles wide.
*'''Galilee''', Corner of Galilee Rd and Great Island Rd. Southeast side of Great Island Bridge. Linked concrete planks
*'''Monahan’s Dock''', East side of Ocean Rd. at South Pier Rd. Concrete steep drop, good for putting in jet skis and kayaks.
*'''A and J Jet Ski Rental LLC''', 145 Boon St, +1 401- 284-1990
*'''Billington Cove Yacht Club''', 557 Pond St, South Kingston, RI- +1 401-783-7883
 *'''South County Museum'''<see name="Black Point" alt="" address="Ocean Rd." directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A scenic spot popular with fishermen, Strathmore Streethikers,''+1'' 401-783-5400. Established in 1933and bird watchers located just down the road from Scarborough State Beach, Black Point is the South County Museum is devoted perfect place to go for a walk on the history nice day. Open from dawn to dusk and culture free year round, it offers a great view of southern Rhode Islandthe coastline, and the tide pools in the area also help to make the location interesting. Visitors should be careful since the rocks can experience become very slippery, however, and swimming is not recommended as the water is quite deep and very rough.</see> *'''Indian Head''', One of the most famous landmarks in Narragansett is a HUGE wooden sculpture of a living history farm and six buildings devoted Narragansett Indian head. This sculpture is located right next to blacksmithing, carpentry, printing the playground and textilesis lit up at night.
*'''Narragansett Towers''', 35 Ocean Road. (''parking available along Ocean Rd. or at Narragansett Town Beach''), ''+1'' 401-782-2597. Spanning Ocean Road and overlooking the town beach, the Narragansett Towers are all that remain of the Narragansett Pier Casino. The casino was constructed between 1883 and 1886, and was Narragansett's biggest attraction at the turn of the century. However, after two fires and a few hurricanes, the Towers are all that remain. Today they host a wide variety of events, and are an extremely popular venue for weddings. [[Image:narragansetttower.jpg|thumb|Narragansett Towers]]
*'''Point Judith LighthouseNarrow River''', Located on Point JudithWhile taking a stroll down Narragansett Beach, follow RT 108 South to Coast Guard Station. This picturesque lighthouse marks past the west side of Dunes Club, you’ll see the entrance to Narrow River, which runs all along through Narragansett Bay and is a popular destination among locals and visitors. First lit in 1857, feeds into the lighthouse remains an active aid to navigationbay. The lighthouse and surrounding buildings are closed This is a great little area to the publichave a picnic, just take a walk, but the grounds are open during daylight hours and feature take a number of benches and lawns to enjoy the scenery from.little swim, kayak, or even canoe!
*'''Newton Rocks''', Take Ocean Rd. to Newton Avenue. This giant rock cliff, located right down the road from Narragansett beach, is a great place to hang out and have a picnic. This picturesque spot looks over the bay and coastline of Narragansett and you can even see a great view of Block Island.
*'''Indian HeadPettaquamscutt Cove National Wildlife Refuge''', One This 200 acre refuge preserves habitats such as tidal salt marshes, tidal sand flats, grasslands, and shrublands. It is home to a large diversity of wildlife and has been identified as the most famous landmarks important black duck migratory/wintering habitat in Rhode Island. It can be accessed through the Narrow River by canoe or small boat. Contact- Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA), +1 401-783-6277. *'''Point Judith Lighthouse''', Located on Point Judith, follow RT 108 South to Coast Guard Station. This picturesque lighthouse marks the west side of the entrance to Narragansett Bay and is a HUGE wooden sculpture of a Narragansett Indian headpopular destination among locals and visitors. First lit in 1857, the lighthouse remains an active aid to navigation. This sculpture is located right next The lighthouse and surrounding buildings are closed to the playground public, but the grounds are open during daylight hours and is lit up at nightfeature a number of benches and lawns to enjoy the scenery from.
*'''Narrow RiverSouth County Museum''', While taking a stroll down Narragansett BeachStrathmore Street,''+1'' 401-783-5400. Established in 1933, past the Dunes Club, you’ll see South County Museum is devoted to the Narrow River, which runs all along through Narragansett history and feeds into the bayculture of southern Rhode Island. This is Visitors can experience a great little area living history farm and six buildings devoted to have a picnicblacksmithing, just take a walkcarpentry, take a little swim, kayak, or even canoe!printing and textiles.
*'''Pettaquamscutt Cove National Wildlife Refuge''', This 200 acre refuge preserves habitats such as tidal salt marshes, tidal sand flats, grasslands, and shrublands. It is home to a large diversity of wildlife and has been identified as the most important black duck migratory/wintering habitat in Rhode Island. It can be accessed through the Narrow River by canoe or small boat. Contact- Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA), +1 401-783-6277.==Do==
*<see do name="Black PointBass Rock" alt="" address="Ocean 52 Bass Rock Rd." directions="Go down Bass Rock rd and park in the parking spots there is a trail at the very end of the road follow that to Bass Rock" phone="None rocks don't have phones" url="" hours="24-7" price="Free" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A scenic spot popular with fishermen, hikers, and bird watchers located just down the road from Scarborough State Beach, Black Point This is the perfect place to go for a walk on large group of rocks over-looking the nice dayNarragansett Bay. Open from dawn to dusk This spot is used for fishing and free year round, it offers hikes. It has one rock that is flat at a great view of the coastline, and the tide pools in the area also help 67 degree which is perfect to make the location interestingwall runs. Visitors should be careful since Also is a nice romantic spot during the rocks can become very slippery, however, and swimming is not recommended as sunset because it right on the water is quite deep and very rough. </seedo>
*<do name="Open Mic Night @ Perry's Bar & Grill" alt=Do"" address="140 Point Judith Rd Ste 2 - 7" directions="" phone="401-284-1546" url="" hours="7am-1am, Event @ Wed " price="" lat="" long="">Do you like that genuine blues sound? Are you a performer of the blues, or simply one who really enjoys listening to it? If so, head over to Perry's on Wednesday nights, bring a few friends who can play a guitar and your other standard instruments, and talk to someone working that night; you'll be on the que for the stage in no time. Or, simply come and mingle with those bar-hoppers who, like you, enjoy this classic genre of music.</do>
[[Image:Narragansett.jpg|thumb|Narragansett Town Beach]]
If you are looking to potentially join a beach club there are two beautiful ones in town:
*Bonnet Shores Beach Club (175 Bonnet Point Road Narragansett, RI 0288Rd.)*The Dunes Club (137 Boston Neck Road,Narragansett, RI 0288Rd.)
The above beach clubs offer certain amenities such as pool, restaurants, and private events for members only.
Other options for beaches in Narragansett are:
*Narragansett Town Beach: Located at 77 Boston Neck Road, Narragansett, RI 02882Rd.- A family oriented beach that allows you to either buy a parking and beach pass, or pay daily fee of $7/a day to walk on to the beach $15/day for parking. Dog friendly beach. Most likely the best beach in Narragansett but can become extremely crowded.
*Scarborough State Beach: Located at 870 Ocean Road, Narragansett RI, 02882Rd.Also offers season passes as well as daily parking passes, however if you can find a parking spot nearby, it is free to walk on to the beach. Big waves when there is a storm.
*Roger Wheeler State Beach: Located at 100 Sand Hill Cove Road, Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882Rd.- Similar to Scarborough, being a state beach it is free to walk on, but you have to pay for parking (weather seasonal or daily). This beach is also a good family beach because the break wall offers minimal waves. Has a view of boat going in and out of Galilee. Within walking distance to many restaurants and shops.
*'''Warm Winds Ltd.''', 26 Kingstown Road, ''+1'' 789-9040. Experience one of the largest surf shops in the Northeast. Sells surf accessories, clothing, sandals, and every type of board you can think of. Including surf, skate, body, skim, snow, and wake boards!
*''' Yawgoo Valley Water Park''',:160 Yawgoo Valley Rd,Exeter, RI 02822Various basketball courts are located around Narragansett. this skiing mountain turned water park Any day of the week in the summer, is well worth the drive to Exeter for time you can find a day pick up game of fun in the sun for the whole familybasketball going on. With 3 pools and 2 water slides this water park will not disappoint! *'''South County Commons''',- Located on Route 1 Feel free to join in South Kingstown this mini outdoor shopping center offers everything from a Entertainment Cinemas Movie Theatre, Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop, Central Nails and game or shoot hoops on your own! A Royal Tan salonsvery popular court is located on Boon Street, Calvittos Pizza and Bakery, Applebee’s, as well as several specialty boutiques and moreclose to the Narragansett sea wall.
===Other Activities===
*'''Narragansett Ocean Club Roller Skating Rink''' *Narragansett Ocean Club Roller Rink: 360 S Pier Rd Narraganett, RI 02882 Offers public roller skating, skating lessons and birthday party planning. Perfect for a rainy summer day in South County.
*'''Adventureland''', <do name="Adventure Land" alt="" address"112 Point Judith Rd., ''" phone="+1'' 401-789-0030, " [].lat="" long="">In the heart of Narragansett lies Adventure Land theme park. Bumper boats, go-karts, mini-golf, carousel rides and batting cages are activities offered. The park is considered one of the most enjoyable for boys and girls of all ages to experience in the state of Rhode Island. Located just minutes from the Narragansett town beach, Adventure Land is a popular destination in the summer months. Spend an entire afternoon testing your skills in their batting cages, racing your friends and family on their state-of-the-art go-karts, soaking and squirting your "enemies" on their bumper boats, or relax on their 18 hole nautical themed mini-golf course. Summer Hours: Open 10:00AM to 10:00PM daily, weather permitting. Fall Hours Weekends only from Labor Day through mid-October. This past summer Adventure Land opened a carousel room where you can play arcade games, ride on the carousel, or enjoy treats such as ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, and more! The go-kart clubhouse now sells Del's Frozen Lemonade for those who are looking for something light, sweet and refreshing. Prices: Go-Karts:1 Ride- $6.00, 6 rides- $30.00. Mini-Golf: $7.00 (kids under 6- $6.00). Bumper Boats: $5.00. Batting Cages: $2.00/15 Pitches, $5.00/60 Pitches. One carousel ride: $2.00, 10 carousel rides: $18.00. For a taste of everything Adventure Land has to offer, try buying a bracelet. For $19.00 the bracelet allows one go-kart ride, one bumper boat ride, one mini golf game, and 15 pitches in the batting cages. Great family fun!</do>
*'''The Towers Dancing''', 35 Ocean Road, ''+1'' 401-782-2597, All summer long there are dances and dance classes held right in the Towers.
*<buy name="Warm Winds Ltd." alt="" address="26 Kingstown Rd." directions="" phone="401-789-9040" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Warm Winds surf shop opened its doors in 1973 and is now one of the largest and oldest surf shops on the East Coast. Warm Winds provides products and expertise for all of your surfing, skating, and snowboarding needs. The shop hosts a variety of events year around from movie premiers to surf and snowboarding contests. Group and private surf lessons paddle out daily and run well through the summer. Call in, or visit the website provided for more information.</buy>
* '''The Special-T shop''', 30 Pier Market Place # A, ''+1'' 401-782-4945, []. Located in the Pier Marketplace in Narragansett. This shop features tees, sandals, sweat shirts, jewelry, screen printing and custom embroidery.
* '''Cigar Box Ltd.''', 855 Point Judith Rd. ''+1'' 401-792-9307, For those who are looking for that fine cigar, Cigar Box Ltd. is the place for you. They offer a wide selection of some of the best cigars. Nothing beats a good cigar for those backyard BBQs, fishing out on the boat, or relaxing in the sun.
* '''Seven Ply''', 148 Boon St, ''+1'' 401-789-4333, []. Located in downtown Narragansett near Crazy Burger, you will find one of the areas retailers of skateboards, surfboards, SUP boards, wetsuits. *<buy name="Roch's Market" alt="" address="1475 Main St" directions="" phone="401-822-2660" url="" hours="M-Sa 7AM-9PM, Su 7AM-8PM" price="" lat="" long="">Very small grocery with a nice deli.</buy>
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*<eat name="The Sweet Spot" alt="Sweets" address="256 Great Island Rd" directions="" phone="+1 401-782-1646" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Delicious homemade ice cream and desserts. The mud pie ice cream is fantastic.</eat>
*'''Aunt Carrie’s Seafood Restaurant''', 1240 Ocean Rd., ''+1'' 401-783-7930, []. One of the oldest seafood restaurants in Narragansett. They are very well known for their clam cakes and chowder. They offer three different types of chowder, all made fresh. Aunt Carrie’s is very affordable and provides a great atmosphere. Entrees-$10.95-$24.95
*'''Certa’s By The Sea''', 5 Angell Road, +1 401-783-1254
*'''Champlins Seafood''', Great Island Rd., ''+1'' 401-783-3152. 11AM-8PM. Known for their great lobster and clambake. Seafood cuisine. Has a casual, family atmosphere. Offers take-out, and outdoor dining on either the patio or deck, and has a view of the ocean. They offer fresh seafood all year round. Their winter hours, however, are limited, closing as early as 4PM. This is an extremely popular choice when it comes to seafood.
*'''IGGY'S Doughboys & Chowder House''', 1157 Point Judith Road, ''+1'' 401-783-5608, []. One of the most popular places to get seafood in Narragansett, Iggy's is a local favorite, and the line for ordering can stretch around the corner during summer. The food is worth the wait though, as anyone will tell you. Along with seafood favorites such as fish and chips, chowder, clam cakes, and stuffies (stuffed quahogs), Iggy's also serves classic American food such as hamburgers and hotdogs, and the doughboys are a delicious dessert. Open seasonally, from March to September or October, Iggy's offers awarding-winning and affordable food for lunch and dinner. Customers can choose to take their food to go, eat inside, or eat outside on the provided picnic tables. Prices for the seafood vary according to the market, but you can usually get a pretty good meal for $8-$15.
*'''Monaghan's''', 190 Ocean Road, +1 401-782-2524. [ Website] Located right down the road from the Narragansett Town Beach and the Towers, and with beautiful views of the water, Monaghan's offers seafood that rivals local favorite Iggy's, with delicious stuffies (stuffed quahogs) and clam cakes, as well as American classics such as hamburgers and hotdogs. Food is available for takeout, or you can eat outside on one of the provided picnic tables. Open daily during the summer, usually until around 4pm, but check the website for seasonal hours. $4-$23
*'''Nordic LodgeHammerhead Grill''', 178 East Pasquisset Trail, Charlestown, RI1230 Ocean Road, +1 401-783789-45156159, [] Located just down the road from Scarborough Beach and Point Judith Lighthouse, the Hammerhead Grill offers casual dining with great views of the open water. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all offered. The menu carries the standard seafood favorites including their award winning New England clam chowder and a variety of favorites from the land as well. The Hammerhead Grill is also available for large party functions as they have three floors of bars built for entertaining.
*'''Bamboo Garden''', 944 Boston Neck Rd., ''+1'' 401-788-8085. This small Chinese food restaurant is very simple but has very tasty food. Perfect spot for a simple night out or a night in with their speedy take-out.
*'''China Express''', 554 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI, +1 401-782-8330
*'''New Dragon''', 80 Pt. Judith Rd.,''+1'' 401-783-1110. Casual dining, serves great Chinese dishes.
*'''Ocean View Chinese Restaurant''', Mariner Square, Pt. Judith Road, +1 401-783-
*'''Kabuki''',:91 Old Tower Hill Rd Wakefield, RI 02879. Kabuki is a modern Japanese restaurant offering everything from classic sushi to Kabuki’s original rolls to Japanese interpretations of delicious American dishes. A unique dining experience with an upscale setting. Offers 15% off for URI students.
*'''The Drunken Clam''', 1200 Ocean Rd., ''+1'' 877-801-0357. 12PM-12AM. A brand-new bar and restaurant where you can fill up on tasty Italian cuisine and refreshing beverages. They feature daily specials everyday of the week so you can enjoy great food and drinks for less.
*'''Italian Village''', 195 Main Street, Wakefield, RI, +1 401-783-3777
*'''Turtle Soup''', 113 Ocean Rd., ''+1'' 401-792-8683. Italian restaurant located right across the street from the beach.
*'''Pancho O’Malley’s''', Mariner Square, Pt. Judith road, +1 401-789-2299
===Steaks and Burgers===
*'''Casey’s''', 191 Old Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI, +1 401-789-9714 *'''Charlie O’s Restaurant''', 2 Sand Hill Cove Road, +1 401-783-1608 *'''Chellos''', 515 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI, +1 401-783-0008 *'''Crazy Burger''', 144 Boone St, ''+1'' 401-783-1810, []. Cafe and juice bar. Breakfast is served until 4pm. Wide variety of different burgers to choose from and other entrees as well that will satisfy everyone. Serves vegetarian and vegan entrees also. Entrees-$12.95-$18.95 Burgers-$7.95-$9.95 *'''General Stanton Inc.'''It is also BYOB, 4115B Old Post Roadbring your own booze, Charlestown, RI, +1 401-364-8888 *'''Markos Kabob and More''', 126 Boon Street *'''Starboard Galley''', 190 Ocean Road, +1 401-782-1366they do check IDs.
*'''Picnic Basket''', 20 Kingstown Rd., ''+1'' 401-782-2284. Sandwich and sub place. Huge variety of original sandwich creations. Always a long line which demonstrates their popularity and value. Call ahead from the beach and pick up your sandwiches for a quicker visit.
*'''Amalfi''', 1 Beach St., ''+1'' 401-783-3550, []. European, Mediterranean cuisine. Has fresh seafood and various meats. Prices range from $10-$30. Has a liquor license, a patio with a view of the ocean, and hosts banquets.
*'''Camden’s Restaurant''', Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI
*'''The Carriage Inn''', Route 1, North Kingstown, RI, +1 401-294-2727 or +1 401-884-6242
*'''Mariner Grille''', 140 Point Judith Rd., ''+1'' 401-284-3282 [] 11:30AM – 10 or 11PM. Portions are good and the price is right. Causally upscale restaurant featuring steaks and fresh seafood. Entrees- 11.99-25.99
*'''Spain of Narragansett''', 1144 Ocean Rd, ''+1'' 401-783-9770, []. Offers fine dining right on the ocean in Point Judith Region. The menu offers varieties of chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetarian options, as well as a large selection of wines. The prices for entrees are $10-35.
===Pubs and Taverns===
*'''Bon Vue Inn''', 1230 Ocean Road
*'''PJ's Pub Dining''', 135 Boon Street, +1 401-789-3200
*'''The Mew's Tavern''' [], 456 Main St, Wakefield, ''+1'' 401-783-9370, five minutes from Narragansett. Their claim to fame is the great food, along with their 69 brews on tap. Entrees $8-30.
*'''Pier Pizza''', 13 Pier Marketplace, ''+1'' 401-792-9393. Located directly across from Narragansett Beach, this location has become a favorite of many vacationers. Surfers, beach goers and families can be found in and around the Narragansett store in the summer. Their pizza is made by hand with the freshest ingredients. Their thin crispy crust and large slices are attention grabbers. They also have grinders and calzones.
*'''Calvitto's Pizza & Bakery''': 91 Point Judith Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882. Calvitto’s is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Conveniently located in Salt Pond Plaza near Stop and Shop, Calvittos offers everything from “bakery pizza”, to regular thick crust pizza, to traditional Italian desserts such as cannolis, to pre-made italian classics such as fettucini alfredo.
*'''Island Deli''', 855 Pt. Judith Rd., ''+1'' 401-284-0636. "Fill Y'er Belly" with delicious super sandwiches, soups, fresh salads, premium meats and cheese, and breakfast sandwiches. Perfect if you are looking to pack a lunch and have a picnic on the beach!
* '''Rhody Joe’s Saloon''' is a popular bar and grill with an overarching theme of New England Sports. Though technically located in Wakefield, RI, Rhody Joe’s can be found just off the exit for Narragansett. Excellent customer service and delicious entrees help maintain Rhody Joe’s pristine reputation. Prices are moderate though many deals are offered such as 25 cent wings during a New England sports game. The contemporary bar and atmosphere attract the nearby University’s students and Rhode Island locals alike. 515 Kingstown Road Wakefield, RI 02879. (401) 783-0008.
*'''Red Stripe''', 91 Point Judith Rd., ''+1'' 401-792-3200, []. Mon-Sat. 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM. Sun. 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM. A casual restaurant, serving traditional American food. Family friendly atmosphere and has both indoor and outdoor seating.
===Water Front Dining ===
*Turtle Soup: 113 Ocean Road,Narragansett, RI 02882. Turtle Soup is literally right across the street from Narragansett Beach’s Seawall offering a beautiful view indoors or outdoor seating on the front lawn. This restaurant offers a wide variety of food including seafood, pasta, burgers, salads and soups.
*The Coast Guard House: 40 Ocean Road Narragansett, RI 02882. This restaurant, also located on the Seawall of Narragansett Beach. Indoor and outdoor bars as well as a deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in addition to it’s seafood based menu makes for a true fine dining experience. This restaurant features live music as well as lunch, brunch and dinner menus.
*Cap’n Jacks: 706 Succotash Road RI 02879. This casual dining seafood restaurant is located just before East Matunuck Beach. Cap’n Jacks is a kid friendly restaurant that still offersyou the elegance of waterfront dining. Delicious seafood and reasonable prices. Also, Cap’n Jacks is known for their desserts and has a bakery in the restaurant with unique sweets.
*Matunuck Oyster Bar: 629 Succotash Road RI 02879. With the Oyster Bar’s small exterior, you may drive right by the place. With a raving reputation for delicious locally raised shellfish and a breathtaking view this waterside shack may be South County’s best kept secret.
*'''Nana's Ice Cream & Gelato Café''', 28A Pier Market Place, ''+1'' 401 782-2705, []. 12PM – 11PM. Established in 1985. Walk across the street from the Narragansett Town Beach for ice cream. They carry 30 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt. The also have 16 different flavors of Italian gelato. A great spot for a mid-day snack or and after dinner treat.
*'''Ben & Jerry’s Narragansett''', 855 Point Judith Rd., ''+1'' 401-792-3370. They carry all the popular flavors that are loved by all.
*'''Sweet Twist''', 12A Pier Market Place, ''+1'' 401-782-1006. Perfect shop that will satisfy your sweet spot.
*'''Brickley's Ice Cream & Cakes''', 921 Boston Neck Rd, +1 401-789-1784. Tantalizing ice cream specialties are the focus at this eatery
*'''Dunkin Donuts''', 231 Old Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield, RI. Best donuts and coffee around. *'''Honey Dew Donuts''', 1237 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield RI. Delicious pastry and donuts *'''Moo-Moo's Ice Cream''': 106 Point Judith Road Narragansett, RI 02882. Right across from Salt Pond Plaza, with several flavors of soft as well as hard ice cream. With a lighting seating area for night time, this is a great place to beat the heat.
*'''Charlie O's Tavern on the Point''' [], 2 Sand Hill Cove Rd , ''+1'' 401-782-2002. A popular hangout offering food and drinks, frequented by college students during the school year and by beach goers in the summer.
*'''Bonvue Bon Vue Inn''', 1230 Ocean Rd, ''+1'' 401-789-0696. Popular Located near Roger Wheeler Beach, Bon Vue is a great place to hear live music and cheap drinks. Bon Vue has three floors all over looking the ocean, and open to porches in the summer months. Also popular hangout for college students during the school year.
*'''The Coast Guard House''' [], 40 Ocean Road , ''+1'' 401-782-0700. A popular hangout offering food and drinks, frequented by college students during the school year. Looks over Narragansett Town Beach to watch the summer sunset. During summer/early fall they have dancing on an outside 2nd floor deck. There can really be an age variety here (anyone 21+). ===Coffee===
*'''Podhead Café''', 18 Kingstown Rd., ''+1'' 401-789-7993. Upside: Hot and iced coffee, espresso, and Italian gelato. Very quaint and relaxing spot to get a cup-o-joe. Downside: A little pricy.
*'''Coffee N’ Bagel Connection''', 1175 Boston Neck Rd., ''+1'' 401-782-9920‎. Local coffee shop in Bonnet Shores that serves Allie’s Donuts and freshly bakes their bagels and pastries every morning. The They also have a wide variety of flavored coffees. They are the perfect little spot to stop and grab breakfast on the way to the beach of take a quick trip though their drive threw. Excellent customer service and reasonable prices. *'''Jitters Cafe''': 530 Tower Hill Rd North Kingstown, RI 02852. A quaint cafe serving sandwiches, muffins, bagels and coffee with wild flavors such as chocolate covered strawberries flavored coffee.
*'''Port O Call''', 2 State Street, ''+1'' 401-783-2900. On Fridays has $5 pitchers, $2 mixed drinks, $2 Bud and Bud light bottles.
*'''Charlie O’s Tavern On The Point''', 2 Sand Hill Cove Road, ''+1'' 401-782-2002. Offers a wide variety of choices on the menu, featuring seafood and American styled dishes. Perfect if you want to grab a bite to eat and watch the game or play some pool. Has drink specials daily. Entrees-$10-$20. If you are looking for a great place to meet people or go with your friends, Charlie-O's is the place. Thursday nights are free pool nights. Sunday is $5 pitchers of Sangria. Who can forget about Happy Hr. going on during the week from 4-6 p.m. TVs line the walls so you don't miss a beat of your favorite team in action. The great staff is always at your service.
*<drink name="The Sweet Spot" alt="" address="256 Great Island Road" directions="1 block from Point Judith-BI Ferry" phone="+1 401-782-1646" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Delicious ice cream and desserts. The mud pie ice cream is fantastic!</drink>
*<drink name="Cool Beans Cafe" alt="Coffee" address="18 Kingstown Rd." directions="" phone="(401) 789-9500" url="" hours="7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m." price="$3.00-$10.00" lat="" long="">This cafe is located directly in Narragansett Pier next to Picnic Basket and across from Trio Restaurant. They are known for there abundant coffee selection, iced/hot espresso drinks, paninis and other affordable deli style sandwiches. This modernized indoor/ outdoor cafe is equipped with Wi-Fi and plenty of seating. If you sit down and enjoy your coffee their, they offer free refills. Open 7 days a week, Cool Beans Cafe is always an option.</drink>
+'''TLC Coffee Roasters''', 3362 Kingstown Rd, West Kingston, Rhode Island 02892, TLC has debatably the best coffee around. All of their beans are imported and roasted on site. The delicious Java you may indulge in is served within two weeks of being brewed, and their breakfast sandwiches are made with fresh eggs, not microwaved. A stop here for a cup of Joe is highly recommended!
'''The Lighthouse Inn of Galilee''', 307 Great Island Road, ''+1'' 789-9341, []. Two story, newly renovated hotel with 100 Poolside and Harborside rooms. Walking distance of shops, beaches, and restaurants.
'''The Village Inn Hotel and Conference Center''', 1 Beach Street, ''+1'' 783-6767, []. Located along Narragansett Pier, offers 62 luxiourious luxurious guest rooms featuring a gourmet restaurant, spa, and poolalong with wifi.
'''Ocean Rose Inn''', 113 Ocean Road, ''+1'' 783-4704, [] A romantic upscale Victorian Inn overlooking Narragansett Bay that has its own restaurant with panoramic views of the ocean serving Italian and seafood cuisine. The rooms are styled Victorian as well as contemporary.
Narragansett is located not far from the University of Rhode Island where college students live during the school year. These students rent out houses usually for a nine month period. When summer approaches all these houses are available and look for people who need a place to stay to enjoy all of what Narragansett has to offer. Staying for a weekend, a week, a month, or even the whole summer, getting a cottage rental is well worth it!
'''Durkin Cottage Realty''', 815 Point Judith Road, ''+1'' 401-789-6659, []. Leading , family owned realty business in Narragansett that helps you find winter, summer, or yearly rentals. Popular amongst college students to find Winter Rentals starting in September-May. Summer rentals are based weekly, ranging in price according to bedroom, location and distance from water. Here you can find beachfront properties, water view properties, and residential properties. Not only does Durkin accommodate rentals, but also sales in the Southern tip of Narragansett. Open 7 days a week until 7 pm, Durkin's friendly, knowledgeable staff is willing to answer any questions you may have. Call and set up an appointment to view any of the houses, or visit their in depth website and view interior and exterior photos of each property managed.
'''Lila Delman Real Estate''', 41 Ocean Rd., ''+1'' 401-789-6666, []. Offers year-round rentals, vacation rentals, beach houses, student rentals and summer rentals in Narragansett. Their wide spectrum of homes include cottage rentals by the ocean or beach, Victorian oceanfront estates, beach homes with docks on ocean access salt ponds, beach houses, river front homes and more.
*'''Maury Loontjens Memorial Library,''' 35 Kingstown Rd., ''+1'' 401-789-9507, []. They aim to serve the informational, educational, and recreational needs of the Narragansett community. They have a large variety of books, movies, magazines and the have a public computer lab and free wireless access for laptop users.Monday – Thursday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm, Friday 10:00-5:00 pm From Labor Day to Memorial Day, Saturday 10:00 to 2:00 pm, After: Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 pm, Sundays (October-April) 12:00 to 4:00 pm.
*[[Port of Galilee]], A beautiful and authentic New England Fishing Port.
*[[Block Island]], The beautiful small Island has great beaches, spectacular bluffs, and cute local shops. Great restaurants, groceries may be expensive if staying longer then a day. A wonderful day trip by ferry boatferryboat. The ferries leave port in Galilee.
*Visit nearby [[Newport (Rhode Island)|Newport]], a mere half hour drive from Narragansett. From Route 1 North, follow route 1 until the Newport exit, follow 138, over the Jamestown and Newport Bridges (toll is required. Plenty of things to do, both day and night. Downtown shopping, beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, historical sites and great bars are among the many things offered in Newport.
*[[Providence]], Providence, Rhode Island's capital city, is a great day trip. From Route 1 North, follow route 1, route 1 will become route 4, merge onto 95 North and follow until you reach the Downtown Providence exits. Lots to do, including the Providence Place Mall, Thayer Street on the East Side, many great restaurants, Federal Hill (Providence's Italian section), and much more.
*[[Providence Place]], Opened on August 20, 1999, is an urban shopping mall in the central part of Providence, Rhode Island, near the Rhode Island State House and Providence Station. Composed of three main floors, the mall is connected via skyway to the nearby Westin Hotel and Rhode Island Convention Center.
*[[Thayer Street]], In Providence, this is a popular destination for students of the area's nearby schools of Brown University, RISD, and Providence College. It is located in the College Hill neighborhood on the East Side of Providence. Brown's graduate housing and some classroom buildings are on Thayer street.
*[[Federal Hill]], This neighborhood has a salient role in the history of Providence due to its central location within the city. This part of Providence is best known for its Italian American community and abundance of restaurants.
*[[Mystic (Connecticut)|Mystic]], Connecticut is about a half an hour drive from Narragansett. From 138, take the 95 South exit towards Westerly, follow into CT and take the Mystic exit. Lots of historical sites to see, great seafood restaurants, also has a great aquarium.
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