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Cedar Point

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Roller Coasters
Cedar Point is one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks, having begun in the year 1870 as a beach resort on the shore of Lake Erie. Today it covers 364 acres and is home to some of the tallest, fastest rides in the world including '''Top Thrill Dragster''' and '''Millenium Force''' which are considered by many to be the best feeling in the world (make sure you keep your hands up throughout the entire ride). All up it contains more than 75 rides. Without doubt Cedar Point is the best amusement park in the world. It is a '''MUST''' for any serious thrillseeker out there with the second largest number of roller coasters ever found in a single amusement park (17 16 altogether with the opening of Maverick in 2007 and second to Six Flags Magic Mountain with 1817). Although its primary attraction is the assortment of coasters, the park has rides and other attractions, including kiddie rides, water rides, a traditional arcade, award-winning musical shows, and a PEANUTS-themed ice skating show, etc. The park also offers access to the lovely beach on Lake Erie -- something which has been attracting visitors since its inception.
Two separate attractions are part of Cedar Point but not included in the general admission. '''Soak City''' is an outdoor water park; '''Castaway Bay''' is an elaborate indoor waterpark. '''Challenge Park''' features four attractions: 'Ripcord,' 'Skyscraper,' 'Challenge Racing' go kart tracks, and 'Challenge Golf', a fantasy miniature golf course.
==Admission and Discounts==
Cedar Point's 2011 Admission prices are as follows:[]
*'''Cedar Point Funday''' ''Ages 3-61, 48" and taller.'' '''$47.99'''
===Discount Admission===
In addition to the discounts for seniors, combined days, children and military mentioned above, other discounts are available to Cedar Point. []
*'''Resort Guests''' Reduced admission prices are available for guests of any of the hotels on the Cedar Point property, see the website for more details.
Roller coasters, rides, water park, Challenge Park, Lake Erie. The Cedar Point blog has confirmed that no new rides are coming New for the 2009 season, but there will be a few in-park improvements on the way as well as a peek at the new Cedar Fair corporate HQ. Some of the updates will include some new signs that are sure to impress around the park, including an LED screen going in at the causeway. A new ride sign for Magnum XL-200 will go up to promote the fact that this will be the ride’s 20th anniversary. The old fountain near Raptor on the midway will also be removed to make way for a new interactive water sprayground area2012 is Dinosaurs Alive! and Luminosity.
*<do name="Soak City" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""> A water park that cost extra money by Cedar Point. Like Cedar Point, this is owned by Cedar Fair.  
===Roller Coasters===
* '''Blue Streak''' - ''the'' roller coaster when it was built in 1964; A Classic "Out and Back" wooden coaster.
* '''Corkscrew''' - the world's first coaster to take riders upsidown 3 times; spans the midway.
* '''Disaster TransportGatekeeper''' - enclosed free-rolling bobsled The world's tallest and fastest winged coaster.opening in 2013
* '''Gemini''' - two trains run side-by-side for most of the course, one inevitably beating the other. This Coaster also has a wood structure, but Steel-Tublar Tubular Track.
* '''Iron Dragon''' - a suspended coaster.
* '''Wicked Twister''' - the world's only double-twisting impulse coaster and the world's tallest and fastest inverted coaster. This coaster on the beach uses LIMs to launch out of the station five times (forward three times and backward twice), reaching a top speed of 72mph and traveling up two 215-foot-tall twisting towers, each spiraling 145 degrees.
* '''Wildcat''' - a steel family coaster with curves and drops; cars seat four.
* '''Woodstock Express''' - a "kiddie" coaster that the whole family can ride.
* Snake River Falls
* maXair
* Space Spiral
* Skyhawk
* Thunder Canyon
* Sky Ride
* Shoot The Rapids
* Wind Seeker - NEW FOR 2011Windseeker
===Children's Areas===
====Planet Snoopy - New for 2008====
* Woodstock’s Whirlybirds
* Snoopy’s Express Railroad
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