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[[Image:CapitalMuseum.jpg|thumb|250px|Capital Museum]]
* <see name="Capital Museum" alt="首都博物馆; Shǒudū Bówùguǎn" address="16 Fuxingmenwai St (复兴门外大街16号; Fùxīngménwài Dàjiē)" directions=400 m E of Muxidi Metro Station (Line 1)" phone="+86 10 6337 049163393339" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Tu-Su 9AM-4PM" price="Free, tickets must be reserved three days in advance on the official website">New high profile history and art museum located in an impressing building. Exhibits include the history of Beijing and artifacts from throughout China's history.</see>
* <see name="Prince Gong's Mansion and Garden" alt="公王府花园; Gōngwángfǔ Huāyuán" address="14A Liuyin St (柳荫街14号; Liǔyìnjiē" directions="" phone="+86 10 6616 814" url="" hours="9AM-4PM" price="Entrance ¥20; Performances ¥60" lat="" long="">The mansion displays the life of princes during the Qing dynasty. The garden is packed with Chinese tourists. The mansion stages Peking Opera and magic shows now and then.</see>
* <buy name="Beijing Capital Times Square" alt="首都时代广场; Shǒu​dū​ Shí​dài​ Guǎng​chǎng​" address="88 Xi Chang'an St (西长安街88号; Xī​cháng​'ān​jiē​)" directions="" phone="+86 10 8391 3311" url="" hours="9:30AM-9:30PM" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Shopping center focusing on international brands.</buy>
* <buy name="Grand Pacific" alt="君太百货; Jūn​tài​bǎi​huò​" address="133 Xidan North St (西单北大街133号; Xī​dān​běi​dà​jiē​)" directions="" phone="+86 10 6612 6888" url="" hours="10AM-10PM" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Has a good selection of less expensive brands and attracts primarily younger shoppers. The shopping mall appears bright and clean and it is usually not to too crowded. Here you can find makeup, clothes and sports. Restaurants include Bread Talk, DQ, Pizza Hut and Sizzler.</buy>
* <buy name="Joy City" alt="大悦城; Dà​yuè​chéng​" address="130 Xidan North St (西单北大街130号; Xī​dān​běi​dà​jiē)" directions="" phone="+86 10 6651 7777" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">This mall opende in 2008 is the largest in Xidan and you can find almost everything here including an enormous cosmetic shop. The building has an impressive glass facade and inside the feel is spacious despite the hords of locals browsing here.</buy>
* <buy name="Xin Hua Bookstore" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></buy>
* <buy name="Zhongyou Department Store" alt="中友百货" address="176 Xidan North St" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Has a lot of fake brands (mostly clothes). Very cheap if you bargain hard.</buy>
===Other places===
* <buy name="Xizhimen" alt="西直门 Xīzhímén" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">One of the most popular markets for locals is located in '''Xizhimen''', next to the zoo. To get there, in front of the zoo (Beijing Zoo stop on subway line 4) there is a new huge building, which is just another big market, but behind it, there is the wholesale market, with the best prices, and a lot of genuine goods (clothing). This market is much more local than others listed here, and is perhaps not ideal for the less adventurous traveler. There is also a similar market nearby in the pedestrian underpass under the parking lot at the Yushuguan Bridge with good bargaining possibilities.</buy>
*<buy name="Sihuan Mixed Goods Market" alt="四环综合市场; Sìhuánzōnghéshìchǎng" address="Sihuan Hutong, Deshengmenne St (德胜门内大街四环胡同; Déshèngménnèi Dàjiē Sìhuán Hútòng)" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="7 AM - 7 PM" price="" lat="" long="">Raw food whole sale market.</buy>
* <sleep name="Red Lantern House" alt="" address="5 Zhengjue Hutong, Xinjie Kou" directions="" phone="+86 10 66115771/66169477" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Dorms from ¥50, singles from ¥130, doubles from ¥160" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">This hostel is spread over three buildings, but all have a good reputation. The "West Yard" is a beautiful courtyard house with indoor and outdoor areas for socialising. It has a great friendly atmosphere. The courtyard at this hostel's center is a great place to hang out, talk to new friends or just sit by yourself and read. Located in a hutong. They offer airport pickup for ¥160.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Xu Yard Guest House" alt="" address="No 59 Xinjiekou Dongjie St" directions="10 minutes by foot from Jishuitan subway station" phone="+86 10 83222026" phoneextra="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Single rooms from ¥288" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A charming old-Beijing style courtyard inn.</sleep>

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