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Get around: Updated ticket prices
Both SAS and Norwegian have several flights per day scheduled from [[Stockholm]] Arlanda airport to Lulea airport (fewer during weekends), and with a flight time of about 1 hour 10 minutes it may be preferred over the 14 hour night train.
The airport is situated in Kallax (and thus is commonly called Kallax airport), and lies about 5 km from Luleå city centre, which is accessible via shuttle bus [http://www.flygbussarnaswedavia.secom/enlulea/to-from/bus/default.asp] or taxi. The shuttle bus to the center costs 45 50 SEK each way, and it's departures are based on the flight schedule.
There are as well scheduled flights to [[Kiruna]]/[[Tromsø]] (Nordkalottflyg), [[Pajala]] (Nordkalottflyg), [[Umeå]]/[[Östersund]] (Nordic Regional), [[Gothenburg]] (City Airline), [[Sundsvall]]/[[Borlänge]] (Direktflyg), [[London]] (one flight every Saturday, SAS), [[Riga]] (AirBaltic) and [[Murmansk]]/[[Archangelsk]] (Archangelsk Airlines).
==Get around==
A fast, cheap and comfortable way of getting to the different parts of the city, is by using the local bus traffic (LLT). Local buses are usually 20 25 SEK per trip. If you plan on making more than 4 trips, buy a 3-day tourist pass from the tourist office, which allows you unlimited travel on local buses for 80 100 SEK.
At weekends you should be able to catch a night-bus from most local traffic bus stations about once every hour between 0.00 and 3.00, at a raised cost.
The Luleå archipelago is worth a trip.
The archipelago is available through tour boats during the summer.
Klubbviken at the island Sandön is a pleasant stop with a nice beach.
Gammelstad is the old church village. It is a part of our national heritage and is originaly the main city.
Due to the land rising (the land was pushed down during the last icetime) its harbour got unusable and the new city was established nearer the sea.
The church was made in 1492. Same year as Columbus discovered America.
Shopping, Europe´s first and largest (in 1955) indoor shopping mall is in the town centre.
==Get out==
*'''Gammelstads kyrkstad''' [] (Gammelstad Church Town) is a [[UNESCO World Heritage Site]] about 10 km north west of Luleå, on a former small island in the delta of the Lule River. At its centre is an early 15th century stone church surrounded by 408 cottages. The town was built to house church visitors from the surrounding countryside, who lived too far away to get back home before nightfall. It can be reach by local bus.
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