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Pittsburgh/North Side

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By public transit
From Downtown, any of the 11, 16, and 500 Port Authority bus routes are good, frequent routes which will bring you directly to the North Side. The 54C will get you directly from the [[Pittsburgh/East End-North|Strip]].
The Port Authority is also currently at has just finished work on extending the "T" light rail line underneath the Allegheny River, with two stops serving the . The North Side near Station puts you within easy walking distance of PNC Park and the Andy Warhol Museum, while the Allegheny Station serves Heinz Field, respectively. It is expected to be completed in March 2012the Carnegie Science Center and Rivers Casino.
===On foot===
[[Image:PB210038.JPG|thumb|300px|Mexican War Streets]]
*'''<see name="Allegheny Commons''', " alt="" address="south of North Avenue Ave between Brighton Road Rd and Cedar Avenue, ''Ave" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 330-2569, [" email="" fax="" url="]. Daily " hours="6AM-11PM. daily" price="Free">Pittsburgh's oldest park, the commons is a historic and very lovely park with lush green lawns, sculptures, and a small lake among its many shady trees. Free.</see>**'''<see name="National Aviary''', " alt="" address="Allegheny Commons West, ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 323-7235, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="10AM-5PM every day of the year except Christmasdaily" price="$10 adults, $9 seniors (60+), $8. 50 children (2-12), free for under 2">The only "national" aviary in the entire country, this small but splendid place has lots of exotic birds to enjoy - eagles, penguins, lorikeets, parrots, flamingos, etc. A couple of exhibits allow you to stroll through with birds flying around you, and the aviary offers a constant program of feeding times and bird shows to enjoy throughout the day, bringing you even closer to their lovely birds. $10 adults, $9 seniors (60+), $8.50 children (2-12), free for under 2.</see>
*'''<see name="Andy Warhol Museum''', " alt="" address="117 Sandusky Street, ''St" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 237-8300, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="Tu-Th,Sa-Su 10AM-5PM (Fridays open until , F 10AM-10PM), closed on Mondays M and major holidays. " price="$15 adults, $9 seniors, $8 students/children">This seven-floor museum is like no other art museum, to say the least. The collection covers Warhol's entire life, and as you walk through the galleries you'll hear the sounds of Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones, opera singers, classic Hollywood movies and many other influences on Warhol's career as you view celebrity portraits, films, room installations, album covers, and many other works from one of America's greatest pop artists. $15 adults, $9 seniors, $8 students</children.see>
*'''<see name="Carnegie Science Center''', " alt="" address="1 Allegheny Avenue, ''Ave" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 237-3400, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="Su-F 10AM-5PM, Sa 10AM-7PM" price="$17.95 adults, $9. 95 children" priceextra="some exhibits extra">A great place to learn about science, this huge (four floors) museum has exhibits aimed toward both children and adults dealing with many aspects of science and technology. Some of the highlight exhibits include a model railroad village, an aqarium, a robot exhibit, and numerous theaters and stages for science demonstrations, as well as a large-screen theater. Another attraction is a World War II submarine, the ''USS Requin'', moored in the Ohio River just aside of the Science Center itself. $17.95 adults, $9.95 children (''some exhibits extra'').</see>
*'''<see name="Children's Museum of Pittsburgh''', " alt="" address="10 Childrens Way, ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 322-5058, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="M-Sa 10AM-5PM, Su Noonnoon-5PM. " price="$11 adults, $10 children/teens/seniors, children under 2 free">A children's museum with a pretty wide variety of great, interactive exhibits, including a recreation of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, a hall full of optical illusions, a waterplay area, a stage, a workshop full of pulleys and gears, as well as plenty of art and outdoor exhibits. $11 adults, $10 children/teens</seniors, children under 2 free.see>
*'''<see name="Mattress Factory''', " alt="" address="500 Sampsonia Way, ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 231-3169, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="Tu-Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 1PM-5PM. " price="$10 adults, $8 seniors, $7 students, children under 6 free">The Mattress Factory is a museum of contemporary art that exhibits room-sized works called installations. $10 adults, $8 seniors, $7 students, children under 6 free. </see>
*'''<see name="Mexican War Streets''', [" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">These streets are so called because they were named for the battles and generals of that war by the original developer in 1848. Today they are notable for fine examples of the restoration of old urban homes.</see>
*'''<see name="North Shore Riverfront Park'''. " alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Situated along the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers, this park offers a chance to get close to the rivers and enjoy excellent, unobstructed views of downtown. A trail runs the length of the park, which stretches from the Carnegie Science Center to beyond downtown, and there are numerous lawns and public artworks, as well as boat tie-ups and facilities for canoes and kayakers. The '''Water Steps''', just west of PNC Park, is a large interactive fountain which children often play in during the summer.</see>
[[Image:Allegheny Observatory 2007b.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The University of Pittsburgh's Allegheny Observatory]]
*'''<see name="Riverview Park''', " alt="" address="on Riverview Avenue Ave just off Perrysville Avenue, [Ave" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">A large wooded and hilly park with an extensive network of trails, a swimming pool, a playground, and great views of Pittsburgh.</see>**'''<see name="Allegheny Observatory''', " alt="" address="159 Riverview Avenue, ''Ave" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 321-2400, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="Free tours of the observatory are offered from April through the end of October with an advanced reservation">Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the [[Pittsburgh/East End-South#Pitt Campus|University of Pittsburgh's]] Neoclassical observatory, completed in 1912, was home to several historically significant astronomers such as Samuel Langley and John Brashear. The observatory is still actively engaged in conducting astronomical research. Free tours of the observatory are offered from April through the end of October with an advanced reservation.</see>
*<see name="St. Anthony's Chapel" alt="" address="1704 Harpster StreetSt" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""> Located on Troy Hill, this chapel, dedicated to "The Wonder Worker" Saint Anthony of Padua, houses the largest collection of relics outside the Vatican.</see>
*'''<see name="Washington's Landing''' (''" alt="Herr's Island''), " address="just off Ohio Street St under the 31st Street St Bridge. " directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">A small island located in the Allegheny River just off the North Shore, Washington's Landing is a small, mixed-use community with lovely views of the river and Downtown. A trail runs along the island, and the island is also home to a large marina [] as well a rowing club []. You can get there by driving up Ohio Street to 31st Street and getting off just before the bridge, but another option is to walk or bike up the North Shore Riverfront Trail past Downtown, which allows you to experience a very scenic stretch of river, then enter the island via a pedestrian-only bridge at the southern end of the island.</see>
* <drink name="Firewaters" alt="" address="120 Federal St" directions="" phone="+1 412 323-4688‎" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Just across the street from PNC Park, this bar generally caters to the sports crowd (there's some interesting sports memorabilia on the walls and a few TVs always switched to ESPN or the local game), but it has a very nice atmosphere and the bar food, which is mostly BBQ, is pretty good.</drink>
* <drink name="Penn Brewery" alt="" address="800 Vinial StStreet" directions="Off Troy Hill Road" phone="+1 412 237-9400" url="" hours="M-Sa 11AM-Midnight" price="" lat="" long="">Penn Brewery is an authentic German beer hall Craft brewery serving various ales and restaurant in a beautiful historic old brewery buildinglagers brewed at this location. Great beer, great Offering traditional food, favorites from Germany and Eastern Europe and some evenings great music. Also hosts an annual Oktoberfest.</drink>
[[WikiPedia:Northside (Pittsburgh)]]

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