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European rail passes

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The complete list of trains with compulsory reservation you can find at InterRail website [].
Detailed city to city connections are listed on the Raildude [] website. Showing the exact reservation fees and always options to avoid them by using other connections with reservation free train types.
The '''InterRail''' [] pass allows any person who has been a legal resident in Europe (so not ''just'' the EU!) or any of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia for at least six consecutive months ('''not travelling on a visa, or military personnel living on a base'''), to travel throughout Europe by train.
===Types and prices===
The actual pass is a booklet the size of an airline ticket, each page filled with rows and columns. The front page will state the validity of the ticket (zones and time) and your personal details, which must match the ID you are using (usually a passport). Using it is very easy: whenever you board a train, write down date and time, where you're going from, where you're going to, seat or couchette, and the train number. When the conductors come to check tickets, show them the pass and they'll (usually) stamp that row. That's it! If you manage to run out of pages — a sign that you're travelling way too much — you can get extra ones added on at any larger train station. Your InterRail pass cannot be refunded if lost or stolen, so guard it carefully!
Also note the one big exception of InterRail: '''travel in your home country is not included'''[]. Most countries do, however, grant a 50% discount for the trip to the nearest border. The same discount also applies if traveling from zone to zone through a country outside the pass. 
'''Eurail''' [] is a variety of rail passes which cover travel in a total of 22 23 countries in Europe: Austria (including Liechtenstein), Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, CzechiaCzech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (including Monaco), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
Intended for foreign visitors to Europe, the pass is similar in scope to Inter Rail, which is exclusively for European residents. Eurail Passes and Eurail tickets may not be sold to residents of European countries, Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
==See also==
* [ Rail Europe]
===Eurail Global Pass===
The '''Global Pass''' covers unlimited travel in all 22 23 countries. They are available in fixed-length versions of 15 or 21 days, and 1, 2, or 3 months of consecutive-day travel, or Flexipass, that allows the passenger to choose 10 or 15 non-consecutive days of travel within a period of 2 months.
* '''Global Pass Adult''', for first class travel
For 3-10 days of travel in a 2 month period between two bordering countries connected by train or ship.
Available combinations are: Austria-Croatia/Slovenia, Austria-CzechiaCzech Republic, Austria-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Austria-Switzerland, Benelux-France, Benelux-Germany, Croatia/Slovenia-Hungary, Denmark-Germany, France-Germany, France-Italy, France-Spain, France-Switzerland, Germany-Switzerland, Greece-Italy, Hungary-Romania, Italy-Spain, Portugal-Spain.
===Eurail National Pass===
Pricing naturally depends on the exact variation: a flexible 5-day 3-country Youth Select Pass starts at $265, a consecutive 15-day Global Youth pass can be yours for $415, while a "travel as much as you can" consecutive three-month 1st-class pass would set you back a whopping $1789.
There are no Senior rates for Global or Select passes, but '''Senior rail passes''' are sold for specific countries or regions -- France, the Balkans and Scandinavia. These passes are available in 1st-class only, and cost little more than 2nd-class passes.
Unlike Inter Rail, there are no limitations regarding the starting country, and there are no discounts for travel outside the selected zones.
==Balkan Flexipass ==
==National passes==
Some countries, for example , Great Britain, CzechiaCzech Republic, Germany , and Switzerland, offer they their own one-country pass. See train travel section of the concrete specific country for more information.

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