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Saxon Switzerland

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The '''Sächsische Schweiz''' (Saxon Switzerland) is an area in [[Saxony]], Germany.
About 30 km (18 mi) upward the Elbe River from [[Dresden]] this is a mountain area made of sandstone. Bizarre stone formations and spectacular views are only some a few characteristics of this region that is ideal for hiking, but also for a relaxed day out. For those who like nature, it is surely the most beautiful landscape in Saxony. It can get crowded along the river at summer weekends, if you don't like this, try the colder days. In late autumn or even winter you will nearly be alone outside the villages. There are also many rock castles and caves within the region, most worth a visit. Further up stream along the Elbe/Labe one enters the Czech Republic. However, the rock formations and the natural spender continue and this region is known historically as the Bohemian Switzerland or "Böhmische Schweiz" in German.
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