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Glacier National Park

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Several of the park lodges have restaurants, but better options may be found outside of the park in the towns of [[Babb]], [[Polebridge]], [[West Glacier]] and [[St. Mary]]. Note that if you want to purchase specialized backpacking food some of the camp stores in St Mary, Rising Sun, West Glacier, and other major points of entry sell a limited selection. By the end of the season (early September), however, be advised that most of these stores will be closing and your choices will be grim or nonexistent. Therefore, bring your own food if possible.
*<eat name="Glacier Gateway Outfitters" alt="" address="612 Hiway 49" directions="Across from East Glacier Lodge" phone="4063385560" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Native American Guided Horseback Tours and Wagon Rides. East Glacier Park, Mt and St. Mary, Mt. Age 7 and up for horse back tours, any age for wagon dinner rides. Visit our web site at</eat>
*<eat name="Equine Management Wrangler School" alt="" address="Hiway 49 East Glacier, Mt" directions="Accross from East Glacier Lodge" phone="608-633-3300" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Learn how to be a Horse Wrangler and Guide 14 day course with certitications. School taught against the backdrop of Glacier National Park, on the Blackfeet Reservation. Visit our web site for course information.</eat>
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