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Bethel (Alaska)

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Try dogWe will write: ·Commercial Fish For Salmon -Go Hunting: moose, caribou, ptarmigan, geese, ducks, rabbits, bears. Best hunting spots: Northeast of Bethel, Behind the Bethel Airport by about a mile. -mushing in Kuskokwim 300: In the winter, or salmon fishing you can go dog sledding & compete in Bethel’s annual Kuskokwim 300 were you race to the village of Aniak & back to the city of Bethel with a dog team & a race sled. Also you can go to the town’s basketball games during the high school basketball season. -Pinky’s Park: it used to be a small park for kids, you can still go to the place where it used to be, some remains are still there, it is unknown when it was taken down. It used to be a hangout spot for a lot of teenagers and then it became the cities most hazardous spot due to muffed up teenagers going there to do some bad stuff. like to ride BMX. There are really good bikers at the summerskate park. Some aren’t so good and some are great.

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