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Wikitravel talk:Country surgeon Expedition

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:::Good idea, I did the Netherlands before and Suriname now. Perhaps I'll do a few others later. Why are some countries bold? Are they considered more important?
:::Also, did you talk about those guidelines for see and do yet? The [[Suriname ]] article has a [[Suriname#Do|bunch of natural reserves under "do"]], but I included the main natural sights also in see. Frankly, I'm wondering if those descriptions under "do" aren't copies from elsewhere, considering the limited content of the rest of the Suriname article and the fact that highly similar text can be found on other websites. I guess there's no way to find out if they got if from us or if someone copied it here, right? [[User:Justme|Justme]] 07:12, 9 September 2011 (EDT)

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