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Western Greenland

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'''Western Greenland''' is in [[Greenland]]. This is the part of Greenland, you would probably think of, if you've only seen the typical media picture. Large icebergs floating in the ocean or dogsled trips across the ocean from one small settlement to another. Fish and sharkmeat hanging outside small colorful houses and the constant barking of dogs in the background.
*[[Maniitsoq]] - (Danish: Sukkertoppen)
*[[Oqaatsut]] - (Danish: Rodebay)
*[[Paamiut]] - (Danish: Frederikshåb)
*[[Sisimiut]] - (Danish: Holsteinsborg)
*[[Uummannaq]] - (Danish: Umanak)
Suaasat is their national dish. A soup usually made out of rice, onions, bayleaf, seal, or whale, reindeer, or sea-birds.
Petrified Greenland shark is also eaten. Not as big as it is in Iceland. Definitely an acquired taste. The Icelandic name of the dish is Hákarl.
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