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The Wire Tour

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Continue east on Lexington and turn left onto Fremont. You are now in the thick of The Terraces, a mixed use public housing complex that replaced the once blighted and now demolished Lexington Terrace high rise public housing projects, which served as inspiration for '''Franklin Terrace''', the high rises controlled by the Barksdale Organization.
Make a left on Saratoga St and then a right onto Arlington Ave. When you reach Lafayette Ave, turn right and look immediately on your left right for the church where Bubbles attended '''AA Meetings'''. You can't miss the brightly painted red doors. Continue east on Lafayette to '''Pennsylvania Ave''' and turn right. While not a filming location, it's worth a short drive down the street to get a sense of history. Pennsylvania Ave was once the heart of African-American culture and commerce in the city, but still has not quite recovered from the devastation of the 1968 riots following the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. In recent years, though, things have been slowly but surely improving.
Turn left on Preston St to enter the '''McCulloh Homes''', the low rise housing projects that served as location for much of the drug trade in Season One. It's hard to see from the street, but '''The Pit''', where D'Angelo plied his product is just behind the fourth building on the right.
Turn left on McCulloh St to continue your tour through the McCulloh Homes and look left in the middle of the first block for the '''harmonica and dance statues''' of a boy and girl, featured several times throughout the series.
Continue up McCulloh to Lanvale St and turn left. On the third second block look right for '''Bethel Church''', which was home to one of the prominent and politically powerful church groups throughout the series. Go another At the end of the block and turn right onto Division St, then turn right back onto Lafayette, then left back onto McCulloh. Right on the corner with Wilson St is '''Carlton C Douglas Funeral Services''', which served as the West Baltimore headquarters for the Barksdale organization throughout the first three seasons.
Time to turn around to get back to Lafayette—make a left on Wilson, a left on Druid Hill Ave, and then a left back onto Lafayette Ave. This will take you into the relatively small neighborhood of [[Baltimore/Midtown|Bolton Hill]], which while not featured on TV, is undoubtedly Baltimore's most beautiful old neighborhood, former home to the Sage of Baltimore, HL Mencken, and a great place for a little aimless drive.
At the north end of Bolton Hill is Mt Royal Ave. Turn right and head back east into [[Baltimore/Midtown|Midtown]] until you reach Maryland Ave. Turn right, then left on Chase St, and then left again onto N Charles St. This section of Charles St has as good a claim as any to being the hippest stretch of Baltimore, largely unknown to anyone but locals. Immediately on the left is the '''Brewer's Art''', quite possibly the best spot for dinner and drinks in the city, and the swanky place where Marlo was seduced by Devonne. Mark this place down for a later point in your trip—it's a true local favorite and for good reason.
Head north on Charles past '''Penn Station''', where Herc made his abortive arrest of Marlo, and its giant Male/Female Statue. Once you reach North Ave, look right for '''Pearson's Florist''', where Bodie headed into "the back room" to get his gangsta flower arrangement for D's funeral. Look left for an oft-filmed location of New York Fried Chicken. NYFC begs a bit of background. It started in New York, run by Afghan immigrants, under the name Kennedy Fried Chicken, looking to impersonate both the initials and the look of the giant Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. KFC objected to this, and has tried, rather unsuccessfully, to stamp out all instances of that name. Owing to the Afghan connection, the franchise found itself in recent years investigated for terrorist connections, but fear not the chicken—the investigation was baseless and yielded nothing.
Turn left on North Ave and then right into the parking lot of the distinctive '''North Avenue Motel''', where Omar shot Brother Mouzone. Incidentally, you're near another fine food establishment that, while not a filming location, was referred to several times in the first season as a favorite place among the gangsters for their delicious coddies, '''Sterling's Seafood''' (401 W 29th St). To get there, just u-turn back on North Ave, then turn left to head north on Charles St to 29th, turn leftagain, and drive eight blocks. Here it's time to hop out and get yourself some delicious food. The coddies may be an obvious choice, but there's a whole long list of seafood items worth your while. (To get back to North Ave, just turn left, then left again onto 28th, then right on Maryland.)
Turn around and head east on North Ave until you reach Guilford Ave and turn right. Look right down the alley for '''Bubbles' garage''' in the later seasons. Keep going and once you pass Lanvale, the '''Tilghman Middle School''' from Season Four will be on your right, now a Montessori school.
Turn left on Oliver Federal St , then turn right on Greenmount Ave to get to the entrance of '''Greenmount Cemetery'''on your left. This was the setting for many scenes in ''The Wire'', some of the more memorable of which include D's funeral, the first meeting between Omar and McNulty, and the fateful meeting between Stringer and Colvin, where the former betrays Avon by giving up the safehouse location. It's certain to be open for cars M-Sa 8AM9AM-4PM (other times are unreliable).
Coming out of the cemetery, turn right up Greenmount, left back onto Federal St, and then left onto Lafayetteright on Barclay St. The northeast corner with of Barclay and Lanvale should be instantly recognizable as '''Bodie's Corner''', where he ultimately met his end. Turn right up Barclay Head straight back up to North Ave, turn right, and that's it for the North Central!
Make a left onto Patterson Park Ave to reach '''Collington Square Park''', where the big '''East-West Basketball Game''' went down. Continue north on Patterson Park Ave for two blocks. The '''Saveland Food Mart''' on the left was used in a particularly disturbing scene, where Marlo stole a lollipop in plain view of the security guard, just to show that he could. The guard went to talk to him outside, asking him why he had to do that, to put his job in jeopardy for no reason. And for that act of bold honesty, Marlo later had him killed.
Turn left here onto Federal St, and you will see a very distinctive and beautiful building just behind the Saveland—the recently renovated '''American Brewery Building'''. Just behind the building is an abandoned area where the school kids hung out and played throughout Season Four. Turn right onto Gay St to head northeast. Turn left back onto North Ave and look left for the shop that replaced the former, identical '''The Rim Source''', Marlo's store. At the end of the block, turn left onto Patterson Park Ave.
===Far East===
[[Image:Far East Wire Tour map.png|thumb|360px]]
Head ''way'' down Patterson Park Ave all the way past '''Patterson Park''' and turn left onto Eastern Ave. Look left for that crazy pagoda. At the end of the park, turn left onto Ellwood Ave. Just past Gough St, on the left a little ways into the park is the spot where Vondas would meet up with Prop Joe and later Marlo to discuss business. It's The benches face away from the street, but they had rotated them to face eastwards when filming. This is a nice time to hop out of the car and stretch your legs. Afterwards, keep heading up Ellwood all the way to the Pulaski Hwy (US-40) and turn right to head to the [[Baltimore/East Baltimore|far east of the city]].
Just past Conkling St on Pulaski is the '''Executive Inn''', where the Co-op would meet up under Prop Joe's aegis to organize their now peaceful drug trade. You have got to be '''hungry''' by now, so it's time for some '''Chaps Pit Beef''', which will be on Pulaski on the right shortly after the second overpass. If the interior looks familiar, it should, as there was a great little Baltimore scene at the main picnic table, where Wee-Bey piled the potent horseradish on his pit beef sandwich. His friends told him he was in for a world of hurt, but the ever tough Bey responded, "the trick is not to give a shit." Bad move—he cried from the pain! Chaps is generally considered to have Baltimore's best pit beef, a sort of local "barbecue" producing a very soft roast beef sandwich, which begs for onions and horseradish. It is properly ordered rare. There are plenty of other good dishes, though, so make sure to eat here!

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