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'''Turin'''[] (Italian: ''Torino''), a large city of about one million inhabitants, is set in the [[Piedmont]] region of northwestern [[Italy]], a one-hour drive from the French border and slightly more than that from the Mediterranean sea. It's famous for being the home of Italy's royal family. Today, Turin, with its fine, aristocratic atmosphere, old world sophisticated shops, grand boulevards and palaces, leafy parks, and several art galleries, is an increasingly popular tourist resort. The 2006 Winter Olympics, and its status recently as World Book Capital have promoted tourists to visit this beautiful and underestimated Italian city, with which has a lot of culture longstanding cultural and artsy stuffartistic history.
[[Image:Torino.jpg|thumb|Piazza Savoia's obelisk and Mole Antonelliana]]
Turin was the first capital of modern Italy, and was the host of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. While it's not a famous tourist destination like [[Florence]] or [[Rome]], the setting is pleasant, with the Po River flowing through the city, the genteel hills overlooking the city and scattered with pleasant villas and surrounded by the Italian Alps off in the distance. This is why the famous architect Le Corbusier defined Turin as "the city with the most beautiful natural location in the world".
Turin is an important city of technology and industry, and the FIAT automobile company is based here. (The 'T' in the name stands for Torino; F I A T = Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, which translates as: Italian Automobile (manu)Factory Turin. ) It was also the birthplace to many important cultural and political movements in Italy.
Turin inhabitants are well known across Italy for their understatement and composure and the city reflects this attitude.
Turin's international airport is placed 15 km north of the city and is named after Italy's former President Sandro Pertini. It is located in the town of Caselle, connected to Turin city by a convenient motorway.
The main carriers to reach Torino from abroad are Lufthansa, Air France , Turkish Airlines and Alitalia if flying from Rome or Naples [], Italy's flagship airline, which operates flight from some European and Italian cities. Caselle is also a destination for some low fares airlines, for example Ryanair and Easyjet. The airport is connected to the city by train (to the station of Porta Dora, which is useless. Arriving at the Porta Dora really is like arriving in the middle of nowhere.), bus (with a regional bus service, which is long) and taxi (30 euro one way to city centre at December 2010).
The SADEM bus service runs every 30-40 minutes from the airport to Torino's Porta Nuova train station. It costs approximately 5 euros, and tickets may be purchased If you buy a ticket at a ticket kiosk inside the airport terminal, it will cost 6.50 euros. If you buy it on the bus, it's 7 euros. If you bought the Turin + Piemonte Card, the ride is only 5 euros. The voyage from the airport to the center of the city takes approximately 40 minutes.
Turin is also reached from Malpensa airport, which may be cheaper to fly to. There is a bus service running five times daily between the city and the airport []. The ride lasts 2 hours and costs 18 20 Euros (as of April 13thMarch 11, 20072012).
===By train===
Turin has three main railway stations, '''Porta Nuova''', '''Porta Susa''' and '''Lingotto FS'''.
Generally speaking, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa are stations dedicated to mid-range and long-range trains. Porta Susa (under renovation) serves trains to all northern regions of Italy ([[Milan]], [[Venice]], [[Aosta]], and also [[Paris]]), while Porta Nuova serves expecially especially trains to the south ([[Genoa]], [[Florence]], [[Rome]], [[Bologna]]). You'd better check in advance where you need to go. Many trains also stops in both stations. All trains coming from/going to the south of Turin, depart from Porta Nuova via Lingotto FS.
All stations are managed by Trenitalia [], the Italian state railways.
Porta Nuova has a '''luggage storage''' service by the platforms on the ground floor. Prices: €5 for the first five hours per item, then by hour, €0.70. You'll need to show a photo ID when leaving the luggage; paying upon collection.
===By car===
====But which bus?====
That's a good question. [ Comprehensive bus mapsNetwork map] are somewhat rarer than hen's teeth in Turinis available at the GTT website. Supposedly it's an integrated transport system for buses, trains, coaches and trams. Certainly trams The map shows all the bus and buses are one tram lines and the samemetro line.
You're pretty safe in Turin with every bus or tram. The stops are clearly marked with yellow signs and maps of the city and public lines. If it seems a very long list your stop will be highlighted in grey and buses go from the bottom to top direction. If it seems a rather short list with just the highlights you probably see an arrow pointing down on the left of the sign, showing stops go from top to bottom. It takes a bit of getting used to!
vSome Some of the more modern and popular trams and buses have onboard indicators and announcements of the forthcoming stops. But don't bank on it.
All buses are divided into urban and suburban. In Turin the urban tickets allow you to hop on and off of as many town buses as you like within and hour 90 minutes of validating your ticket(fare at 1,50 € in 2012). Suburban tickets cost a little more (valid for 70 minutes) and can get you anywhere up to 20km on some routes(1,70 € in 2012). They are also valid for trains within the same area. There's a bit of confusing overlap with some areas appearing to be both urban and suburban. If in doubt buy the suburban ticket, it's a lot cheaper than a fine.
You can also buy your tickets in a 'blocchetto' of 10 5 or 15, which works out a reasonable amount cheaper. There are daily (or 2-day or 3-day) tickets for town travel as well as various weekly and monthly combinations.If you plan to stay thee days and explore the city a 3 day pass is recommended and costs 10 euros valid in all the urban network and all means of transport.
====Blue is the color====
This also applies to the blue buses between Porta Nuova and Turin airport. There's a kiosk and two vending machines (usually out of action) at the airport and cafes near the terminal in Turin where you can buy tickets for five euro. In theory the bus driver should be able to sell you a ticket but don't bank on it.
*'''Torino Passand Piemonte Card''' Torino and Piemonde Card is certainly worth its money if you plan to visit most places on the "See" section below. Using the three day(72 hours) option and paying 29 euros you have free access to all the museums and and other attractions of the city listed above. You also can use free the Venaria Reale bus service, which is operated by GTT, to travel to Venaria and see the restorated Palace. Of course the entry to the Palace is also covered by the pass(2 days 25 euros,5 days 34 euros,7 days 37 euros). Also don't miss the opportunity to use the Navebus service and take a boat tour in the river Po. This service is also operated by GGT and is included in your pass. As of July 2012 the Torino and Piemonte Card does not included free travel in the public transport.The best option is to buy a separate pass for that.However the Card entitles you with free travel from Dora Station to Torino International Airport, service operated by GTT.As mentioned the Card is very attractive and cost effective if you plan to visit the top attractions of the city. Trip with chain train to Superga is also included with the small fee to reach the top of the church and a guided visit to the tombs of the Savoy Royal family.
===By bicycle===
The City of Turin has recently completed a network of bicycle paths throughout the city. However, a lot still has to be done, and cycling outside the paths (and sometimes even on them) can be quite tricky.
From 2010 is active , a service of bike-sharing service provided by a company named ToBike is all across the city center. ToBike is the name of the company that provides the service. It's very difficult to find the way to have a ticket if you are not resident. It is possible to buy a ticket at the Tobike shop located in Via Santa Chiara 26/F.
===By car===
*'''Pronto Taxi''' Tel: +39-011-5737
*'''Radio Taxi''' Tel: +39-011-5730 *'''EuropTaxi[]''' Tel: +39-011-19839026
*'''Turin Airport''' Tel: +39-011-9914419
*'''Main Railway station - Torino Porta Nuova''' Tel. +39-011-547331
Turin's main attractions include important baroque palaces and churches, a regular and attractive street grid, an extensive network of arcades, famous coffeeshops and a number of world-renowned museums.
* '''Mole Antonelliana'''. Turin's landmark building was completed in 1888 as a synagogue. The 167.5-meter tower is the highest work of masonry in Europe and it now contains one of the finest cinema museum of Europe. A lift is available to reach the top €6(Prices July 2012). ** '''The National Cinema Museum''', []. The museum opened in July 2000 in the building that has come to symbolize Turin. The exhibition space covers 3,200 square meters and spans five floors. The themes of the floors are the Archaeology of Cinema, the Video Camera, a collection of cinema posters, video installations (including a number of small rooms screening clips on themes such as Turin in the movies, love stories and experimental film), and The Great Temple (where you recline in comfortable red chairs and watch classic Italian films projected on giant screens overhead). In a spectacular setting the museum offers artifacts from the collection of the Maria Adrianna Prolo Foundation including magic lanterns, optical illusions, photographs, drawings, models and other curious items. Amongst a fascinating array of other movie memorabilia, be sure to check out the original cape worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman. If you're a certain age, that's incredibly exciting!€9. If you plan to visit both of them then Cinema+Lift ticket costs €12.(Prices July 2012)
* '''Museo dell'Automobile '''(Also ''Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia'', ''Biscaretti'' for short.), Corso Unità d’Italia 40, [http://www.museoauto.orgit/website/en]. The collection houses over 170 vehicles, from 18th-century carriages to Formula 1 racers, and lots of gorgeous red sports cars. The museum reopened in March 2011 after a three years long renovation that transformed it in one of the hot spot of the city, a "must see".
* '''The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist''', ''Duomo di San Giovanni''. The Cathedral's Chapel of the Shroud houses the controversial '''Shroud of Turin''', which is stored in a vault below the Duomo. It is only displayed by papal decree, and the last time it was shown was during the Jubilee Year of 2000. The next time it is slated to be shown is between 10 April - 23 May 2010. Information about the shroud, viewings, and reservations can be made at the official site [].
*<see name="Egyptian Museum" alt="" address="Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6" directions="" phone="011 561 7776" url="" hours="" price="€7.50" lat="" long="">Houses the most important collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts outside Cairo. Founded in 1824 by King Carlo Felice after acquiring archeologist Drovetti's collection, the museum contains 30,000 exhibits. It documents the history and civilization of Egypt from the paleolithic to the Coptic era through unique exhibits and collections of objects d'art, articles of daily use and funeral furnishings (including the Altar of Isis, the canvas painted by Gebelein, the intact tombs of Kha and Merit, and the exceptional cliff temple to Ellesjia). It is also intelligently laid out and the exhibits are lovingly preserved. Despite a big renovation is currently taking place, the museum is open every day except mondays and 25th December, ticket € 7,5. The end of the works is scheduled for 2013.</see>
* '''Palazzo Madama''', Piazza Castello. Recently re-opened after a long refurbishment, it is attracting many tourists. It was home of the Queen, and is a mix of medieval and baroque rooms. There's a room with red sofas to take a rest after the visit, with a magnificient chandelier, and a cafeteria in one of the rooms. Contains plenty of art depicting Christ in various stages of life (and death) and some fascinating scenes of life in Torino in times gone by.Ticket € 7,5(prices July 2012).
* '''Palazzo Carignano''', Via Accademia delle Scienze 5 (close to Piazza Castello).
* '''Valentino Park''', the biggest park in Turin central area. This park is situated along the Po river and in its area you can find the Valentino Castle, and the Medieval Village (Borgo Medievale).
* '''Cathedral of Superga'''. On top of the hill near Turin, this cathedral was built in thanksgiving for a victorious battle against French. Today, it houses the tombs of the House of Savoy. In 1949 a plane carrying the entire Turin FC team crashed near the cathedral, killing one of the greatest football teams ever. At the crash site a plate memorializes the dead. The top of the hill offers the best view of Turin, with the magnificent Alps in the background. You can reach the top by car but also by a little chain-train. Ask for the '''Trenino per Superga'''.Chain train with return € 6.Take the straicase inside the church to reach the top,€ 3 (July 2012).
* '''Castello di Rivoli''', []. In the small town of Rivoli, east of Turin. Houses one of Europe's most important Contemporary Art Museums. The Castle of Rivoli is a unfinished XVIII castle that stands on top of Rivoli hills. '''Corso Francia''' (France Road) is one of the world's longest streets and was built because of the desire of the House of Savoy to connect Royal Palace in the center of Turin with Rivoli Castle. You can reach it by bus or taxi.
* '''La Venaria Reale''' []outside the town of Venaria, 10 kilometres north east of Turin. Restored to the baroque magnificence that inspired it when it was built in the mid 17th century for duke Carlo Emanuele II di Savoia, the Reggia of Venaria Reale was inaugurated in October 2007, after two centuries of abandon and decay, and eight years of intense restoration. In the first year since it opened to the public, Venaria Reale has welcomed approximately 1.000.000 visitors becoming one of the most popular spot in Italy. The enormous palace, which has a surface area of over 80,000 square metres, contains some of the most outstanding examples of European baroque architecture: the enchanting Salone di Diana, designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the solemnity of the Galleria Grande and the chapel of Sant’Uberto, and the immense complex of the Scuderie, designed by the 17th century genius, Filippo Juvarra. The Gardens now represent a close combination of ancient and modern. Venaria Reale, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is at the centre of the circuit of Royal Residences in Piedmont. To get there: Venaria Express” shuttle bus operated by GTT (freephone number: 800 019152 Bus: routes 72, 11 (freephone number: 800 019152 - Train: Turin-Ceres line (freephone number: 800 019152 - Car: Torino Nord orbital road, Venaria or Savonera/Venaria exit. GTT bus ticket with return € 5.Entrance to the Venaria 15 €. (July 2012)
* '''River Po Park''' []The Piedmontese part of the longest river of Italy is protected as a natural park. Its benches ar full of interesting and unexpected views onwards the town and the hill and are enriched by the Castle of Valentino, Medieval Burgh and Gran Madre church, which mirror on river Po.
*<see name="Armeria Reale" alt="Royal Armoury" address="Piazza Castello, Turin, Italy" directions="" phone="011543889" url="" hours="1" price="" lat="" long="">Turin's Royal Armoury contains one of the best exhibits of arms in Europe, dating back to the 16th century. The collection was put together in 1833 by sardinian king Charles Albert.</see>
* '''Porta Palazzo market''' situtated 5 minutes walking from Piazza Castello, at the very beginning of the multi-cultural quarter, is one of the biggest, various cheapest and cheapest market most diverse markets in europeEurope. Turin has very a lot lots of street markets, all around the city, that serves thousand serve thousands of people everyday (they are open every morning and all day long on saturday). Porta Palazzo is the best, expecially for foodstuffs, cheap clothes, housewares, ethnic products, handicraft exibitionshandicrafts, craftsmen, and second-hand stuff. The markets are open every weekday morning and all day long on Saturday. On Sunday Porta Palazzo houses a smaller flea market. Take a walk there, keep safe you poketstrack of your wallet and pockets, and explore his various, muticulturalits multicultural, colored humanity.
* A trip to Superga by chain train from Sassi to see the magnificant view of Turin from there. Sassi is reached by tram 15(As of July 2012 the tram is temporary out of service and the path of the line is serviced by buses).
* A walk on Via Roma from Porta Nuova Station to Piazza Castello through Piazza San Carlo to see how elegant this city can be.
* Have a break in one of the historic cafes located around Piazza Castello, such as '''Mulassano''' or '''Baratti & Milano''' (established in 1873).
* Try to play [[Play '''hit ball]]''', a sport born in Turin in 1986 and today the very specialty of the city. Various associations provide free trialtrials. ASD SINOMBRE  * Eat a lot of ice cream (gelato). The italian ice cream is probably by far the bestin the world. Post a message on your wall on facebook You order sizes of portions: piccolo (small), media (medium) or send them an emailgrande (large). However, the piccolo is pretty large for most people already. Mostly, and for free the piccolo you can join themchoose up to 2 flavors (gusto), participate in one of their training for the media up to 3 and visit for the only hit ball arena in grande up to 4. But check the rules of the worldlocal store.
The '''University of Turin''' (''Università degli Studi di Torino''), main campus is located just off Via Po, []. Is Founded in the 16th Century and located in Turin, it is a public university with all the main major faculties, located in Turin that was founded in the 16th Century. Also well known is the '''Politecnico di Torino''', a university the Polytechnic of engineering Engineering and architectureArchitecture. The Politecnico This last has multiple campuses, including one in the 'Castello di del Valentino ' (in Parco the ValentinoPark) and two outside the city center, one on Corso Franciawhile another, dedicated to Automotive Engineering,the other is in located within the 'Lingotto for automotive engineering where once a ' Complex which used to be the principal Fiat factory lied; their main campus is on Corso Duca degli Abruzzi.
*<eat name="giusti mauro" alt="" address="via maria vittoria Maria Vittoria 21" directions="4 blocks east of via romaRoma" phone="011.8170604" url="" hours="" price="below market" lat="" long="">frequented by almost only italian diners , because it accepts only cash. The menu does not vary between lunch and dinner. closed Closed 2p.m. to 7:30p.m. no nonsense, but good basic regional food at reasonible prices.</eat> *<eat name="" alt="" address="Via Morgari 16/a, Torino" directions="Zona: San Salvario" phone="0115794274" url="Basso Trenta Caffè dell Orologio" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Basso Trenta Caffè dell Orologio, Via Morgari 16/a, Zona: San Salvario, Torino.Tel: 0115794274. The place is large and very beautiful: it still possesses its original character, which deeply impresses anyone entering it for the first time. The lovely ambience and great staff make one feel their enthusiasm about everything on the menu.</eat>
* '''Obelix''', Piazza Savoia. This bar served serves a nightly 'aperitivo- ' (aperitif) meaning that, with the purchase of a beverage you receive one receives unlimited access to a food buffet, much the same way as 'tapas' are in Spain. During the this aperitivotime, all drinks (-from water to cocktails) - cost the same price, which is about EUR 8. The aperitivo starts It begins at around 18:00 and ends when the food runs out, usually at around 21:00.
* '''Gennaro Esposito''', Via Passalacqua 1/g (near Piazza Statuto). 011 535 905. For about 15 euros, sit at one of the few tables and one of the best pizzas in Turin.
* '''Locanda Belfiore''' []
*'''Trattoria Decoratori & Imbianchini''', via Lanfranchi 28, 10131, Torino, Tel. +39 011.819.06.72, fixed menu 24 euros, beverages excluded. Near the Gran Madre Church.
* '''A Livella''', Corso so Belgio 50/A, 011 86 00 173. Stylish restaurant with moderate prices.
* '''Fratelli la Bufala''' [] Not your usual pizza place. Everything around buffalo products : Pizza with buffalo mozzarella, buffalo cheese, buffalo steaks, even deserts with buffalo cream. Very high quality and very good service. Pizza around 10 EUR. Others around 12-15 EUR. Don't forget to eat the buffalo mozzarella as a starter.
*'''Caffe al Bicerin''' is home to the classic Torinese drink,the Bicerin. A mix of coffee, hot chocolate and cream, it is a wonderful treat on a raw winter day. Located in the small but scenic Piazza della Consolata, across the square is the elaborate Baroque church, Chiesa della Consolata.
*<drink name="Birrificio Torino" alt="" address="Via Parma, 30" directions="" phone="+39 011 2876562" url="" hours="20:00-2:00" price="" lat="" long="">Brewpub restaurant. Four regular Birrificio beers brewed on premises. Good menu with recommended matched beers. More restaurant than pub. Can be very busy.</drink>
*<drink name="Caffè dell'Orologio" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">* '''Caffè dell'Orologio''', Via Morgari 16/a, Zona: San Salvario, 0115794274. Una sola filosofia, quella del vivere bene, sentendosi sempre a casa. Il locale è grande e bellissimo, è rimasto con l'impronta originaria e colpisce chiunque ci entri per la prima volta. Lovely ambience and great staff you felt they were excited about everything on the menu.</drink>
*<drink name="Basso 30" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">* Basso 30, via Sant'Agostino 30/a - Torino - 011/5788288. Due modi di bere, mangiare e oziare fino a tardi. edit</drink>
* '''Hosteling International Torino''' [] Via Alby 1 (across the river from the city center in the area called La Collina) +39 011 6602939. Just outside the city center and up a fairly steep hill, Torino's main youth hostel is services by Bus #52 (get off across the river, after the obelisk). It's clean, quiet and includes breakfast, but there is an afternoon lockout. EUR 14.50 for dorm-room accommodation.
* '''Serenella''' [] Via conte Luigi Tarino, 4 (Center) +39 011 837031 Double from EUR 42. Clean and nice. Good prices for Turin.
*'''Bed and Breakfast Let e Colasion''' [] - Corso Brunelleschi 46, 10141 Turin, phone +39331.23556228083226. Free parking, near the Metro and the ring road.
*'''Bed & Breakfast Torino Inn''' [] Via Nizza, 50 - Located 150 meters far from the Subway station 'Nizza'. Private bathroom. Free WiFi.
* [[Moncalieri]]
Turin is home to two football clubs , Juventus and Torino , both playing in Serie A and B respectively. Juventus are the most successful club side in Italian domestic football and have won the UEFA Champions League twice in their history , while Torino also have a proud history. They both Juventus play at the Juventus Stadium in the north of the city while Torino play at the Olympic stadium Stadium constructed for the 2006 winter gamesWinter Games. While the teams are currently in different divisions, the rivalry is intense, so one would exercise caution when wearing their colours (Juventus wear black and white, Torino a brownish red) when the other side is playing. Wearing the colours of other Italian sides (AC Milan, Internazionale, Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina and Napoli in particular) when they are playing Juventus should also be avoided, especially the colours of the two Milan sides and Fiorentina.

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