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Ngwe Saung

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Get out
==Get in==
You can take a bus from [[Pathein ]] or [[Yangon]]. The roads are not that goodbetter now , so for the about 210 km 260km from Yangon it will take about 6 5 hours, depending what bus you take. There are morning buses (i.e. 6:30am and 7:30am depending on demand, 9000 kyat) and night buses that depart from the western Yangon bus terminal (Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal) which is 45 minutes by car taxi from the city centre. There is a bus service (4000 kyat) departing Pathein for Ngwe Saung at 2:00pm again depending on demand, if you miss that hire a moto taxi or jump in a jumbo for 5000 kyat or less (bargain hard!). You can also go by boat from [[Yangon ]] to [[Pathein]]. Hiring a car is only worth it if you have missed the morning bus and do not want to ride by night. The difference in time is not big. As at 16 August, 2013 there is no longer a requirement to remit a copy of your visa and passport prior at a military check point on the way to Ngwe Saung. ==Cash & Credit== There are no ATM or bank services based within the Ngwe Saung township, bring 3-4 days of cash with backup if you can. The closest VISA and Mastercard ATM's are in [[Pathein]] which is a 1.5 hours by motorbike (11,000 kyat round trip). Visa cardholders need to go to CB Bank (Co-operative Bank) which is on Merchant Street within the city centre of [[Pathein]] while Mastercard cardholders need to go to AGD Bank closeby. Western Union agents are commonplace. ATM services are regularly unavailable and your hotel will call ahead to ensure services are working. Bank services open 9am till 3pm weekdays (except public holidays). As at 16 August, 2013 the major resorts to the North are under re-construction and bookings can not be paid with credit card, only cash (kyat or USD for a fee) is accepted.
==Get around==
You may rent a bicycle , scooter or take up the services of nearby bicycle , moto and car taxis. Renting motorbikes is not  Moto taxi trips within the township cost 500 kyat and 1000 kyat to the resorts to the North and South (up to a good idea5 minute trip). Motorbikes (Honda Wave clones from China) can be hired for the day from most hotel receptionists for 10, otherwise 000 kyat or less, there is no insurance and it is in most cases the hotel staff's own bike so take care of it and be sure to get it checked out prior to hiring if there are any known issues with the unspoilt place will soon become like an overcrowded Thai beach resortbike. The closest international standard hospital is [[Yangon]]'s General Hospital which is at least 5 hours away.
The endless and quiet white sand beach, the lover's island, there . There is also an 'elephant camp' in between Ngwe Saung and Pathein. Several comments conclude that snorkeling in Lover's Island is rather a disappointing experience.
* '''Bay of Bengal''' If you happen to stay at a place that is not located on the beach, the Bay of Bengal is your best bet. Perfect service and setting. Note that for 5,000 kyats a day, you can use the swimming pool facilities.
* '''Jasmine Restaurant''' Best value in town for meals US$2-5. Dare to escape your beach resort and try this fantastic restaurant. Ask for the fish of the day BBQ style accompanied with a seaweed salad. For a quiet and romantic setting, prefer the 1st floor. Fantastic owner.
* '''See Sar''' restaurant in town for meals US$2-5.
* '''Sunny Paradise''' restaurant at the resort for US$5-10.Good fare.*<eat name="Golden Myanmar" alt="" address="" directions="100m from bus station towards town" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Recommended restaurant within the township specialising in seafood. Have fresh lobster, fish, crab, eel available on demand. Prices are moderate for seafood and cheap for non-seafood items (pork, chicken, etc.). Electricity is on from 6pm till close (10pm).</eat>
There is no disco, however the very modern and stylish Bay of Bengal hotel has sometimes disco like events.  Local 'tea shops' have popped up within the township and to the North which offer cheap Myanmar brewed lager and stout beers and are busy throughout the day with local customers. A bottle of Mandalay Rum can be purchased within the township for 1,500 kyat, 4 cans of coke will cost you 2,000 kyat (bargain for bulk purchases).
* '''Bay of Bengal''' - US$70+.
* '''Myanmar Treasure''' - US$70+
*<sleep name="Ocean Paradise" alt="" address="" directions="Next to the Sunny Paradise Resort" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$75" lat="" long="">Same owner as Sunny Paradise Resort. More like a "deluxe" dormitory rather than a resort as the breakfast at the back of Sunny Paradise resort (5mn walk). No direct access to the sea. No restaurant (in-room service only). No swimming pool and usage of the Sunny Paradise's swimming pool is 5000 kyats. Prices as of May 2013</sleep>
* '''Pearl Beach Resort Hotel''' - ~US$30
* '''Sunny Paradise''' - ~US$50-70
*<sleep name="Emerald Sea Resort" alt="" address="" directions="1 miles south South of the village" phone="+95-42-40247" url="" checkin="12:00pm" checkout="12:00 noon" price="US$45~ $7570+" lat="" long="">With a small Restaurant and Spa inside the resort which is on the beach in the center of the whole beach.</sleep> 
==Get out==
By bus: Yangon is 5 hours away. The road is reliable and the bus is comfortable. Buses depart in the morning (6:30am and 8:00am depending on demand). Tickets can be purchased at a traval agency opposite the Jasmine Restaurant in town. As of May 2013, a one-way ticket to Yangon costs 9,000 kyats.Note that the Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal at Yangon is about 45 minutes to a 1 hour drive North-west of the city centre by taxi, which is 8,000 kyats.

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