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Southeastern France

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* [[Rhône-Alpes]]
* [[Languedoc-Roussillon]]
* [[Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur]]
* [[Aix-en-Provence]] {{-}} city of water, city of art.* [[Avignon]] {{-}} well known for its Palace of the Popes where several popes and antipopes lived from the early 14th to early 15th centuries.* [[Cannes]] {{-}} home of the rich and famous, host of the annual '''Cannes Film Festival'''. * [[Grenoble]] {{-}} large academic centre where the Winter Olympic Games of 1968 took place .* [[Lyon]] {{-}} France's second city with a history from Roman times to the Resistance* [[Marseille]] {{-}} big harbor and the heart of the Provence.* [[Nice]] {{-}} a major resort on the French Riviera and the gateway to [[Monaco]].Italy
==Other destinations==
* [[Corsica]]
* [[La Ciotat]] Birthplace of the cinema and of the game of petanque, a thriving town half-way between Marseille and Toulon. Easily accessible by road, rail and by sea, a fantastic place to base a visit to the area. Great for beaches, walking, sightseeing, touring. Best source of information is the mairie's website [[http//]] or the office du tourisme
Marseille has the capital of European Culture for 2013 and La Ciotat is hosting several events.
[[en:Southeastern France]]
[[ru:Юго-восточная Франция]]
[[he:דרום מזרח צרפת]]

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