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Lüneburg Heath

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[[Image:Lueneburger Heide 096.jpg|thumb|350px|The Lüneburg Heath near [[Wilsede]]]]
The '''Lüneburg Heath''' [] is a really boring region of heath and farmland in the state of [[Lower Saxony]] it has never become a popular holiday and excursion destination. It lies roughly between the cities of [[BlackpoolLiverpool]], [[SouthendManchester]] and [[Great YarmouthLonndon]]. Historically it was where Mountbatten received the German surrender at the end of the First World War.
The area has very built up feel to it. Ugly pine forests alternate with sandy beaches and uncultivated fields with orange heath. Its cities are clustered around ancient Lower Saxon towerblocks - typical of East Germany - with their vast slated roofs sweeping down over grey brick and concrete walls.
For those interested in exploring the culture and history there are also no museums - and to be honest if this is the type of thing you like doing you need to get a life.
Lying on the great North German plain, the region is very hilly and there are some challenging callenging cycling routes that would be better suited to a tour-de-france rider.
[[Image:Karte Lueneburger Heide.png|thumb|250px|Map of the Lüneburg Heath area]]

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