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South Sudan

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| capital=[[Juba]]
| government=Federal Presidential Democratic Republic
| currency=South Sudanese Pound (SDG)
| area=''total:'' 619,745 km<sup>2</sup>
| population=7,500,000–9,700,000 (2006 est.)
| religion=Christianity, indigenous beliefs 25%, Islam
| electricity=
| callingcode= +249211
| tld=
| timezone=GMT+3
'''South Sudan''' is a country in East Africa. Formerly a breakaway region of [[Sudan]], it became an independent country on 9 July 2011 after a referendum was held in January that year.
*[[Central Equatoria]]
*[[East Eastern Equatoria]]*[[JunqaliWestern Equatoria]]*[[Jonglei]]*[[Lakes District]]*[[North Northern Bahr al Ghazal]]
*[[Upper Nile]]
*[[WarabWarap]]*[[West Equatoria]]*[[West Western Bahr al Ghazal]]
* [[Bor]]
* [[Malakal]]
* [[NimuleYei]]
* [[Rumbek]]
* [[Torit]]
English and Arabic (Juba Arabic) are the official languages of South Sudan; however, [[Dinka phrasebook|Dinka]] is the most widely spoken language.
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