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Alternatively, there are marked camping areas around the huts. There is a popular, inexpensive tent camping area around Banderitsa close to the restaurant and water source, about 20-30 minutes walking slightly downhill from Vihren hut/chalet.
If you arrive too late to make it up to Banderitsa or Vihren huts from [[Bankso]], there are places in Bansko to stay that offer fairly cheap rooms during the non-ski season. A place only about a minute walk north (toward town) from the park entrance called '''Apartment House Comfort''' offers single rooms with nice amenities (internet, no breakfast) for 20 lv, or 15 lv pp for a double. Surely, similar deals could be found in other hotels.
It would be great to have more information about coming from [[Sandanski]], though. Update this if you learn anything!
==Stay safe==

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