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Central Russia

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* [[Bogolyubovo]] - a small village east from [[Vladimir]], a [[UNESCO World Heritage site]] for its 12th century white stone monastery and churches.
* [[Ethnomir]] (EthnoWorld) - the only tourist ethnic village in [[Russia]] at the moment. The idea is to model different various traditional world cultures at the single place.
* [[Kulikovo Pole]] - one of 3 Russian primary battlefields. There, at the south-east of modern [[Tula Oblast]], Prince Dmitry Donskoy's army for the first time defeated the Tartar Horde in 1380.
* [[Lake Seliger]]
* [[Meschera]] - a vast forested area including parts of [[Moscow Oblast]], [[Ryazan Oblast]] and [[Vladimir Oblast]] with 2 national parks, numerous amazing lakes and the unique endangered animals habitat.
* [[Optina Pustyn]]
* [[Plescheevo Ozero National Park]]
* [[Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve]]- a protected forested habitat in the south of [[Moscow Oblast]] with the unique bison farm.
* [[Yasnaya Polyana]] - the beautiful estate and museum of a famous Russian writer, '''Lev Tolstoy''', located to the south from [[Tula]].
Central Russia is within easy striking distance of [[Belarus]] and [[Ukraine]], both centers of ancient Kievan Rus. One of the world's most fabulous tourist destinations, [[Saint Petersburg]], is just an overnight train ride from [[Moscow]]. Moscow is also the starting point for most journeys on the [[Trans-Siberian Railway]], which takes travelers to destinations in the [[Volga Region]], [[Urals]], [[Siberia]], and the [[Russian Far East]], as well as non-Russian destinations such as [[Mongolia]], [[Pyongyang]], and [[Beijing]].

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